It's not Edge if it doesn't have these features!

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Please don't ship the new Edge out of beta without these features:

from most important to less in my opinion

1. Set Tabs Aside

2. Ask Cortana

3. Better Integration With native Windows 10 features (for example: native share dialoge, Acrylic material etc...)

4. The Shelf UI for bookmarks, history & downloads etc...

5. Add Notes (Inking)



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Also, show just the Icon on Favorites Bar.
Yes All this plus "old Edge" has a much more slick menu for settings and favroites than "new edge does" please use that with a bit some transparency on the right most pane and material transparency to the left. Also Cortana sidebar sould hole the system theme and offer some fluent design.

I agree that the current Edge has some very unique Features that are missing now. For me, from the ones @Deleted mentioned "Set tabs aside" and "Inking" are the most important ones, but I also want to add the possibility to pin to the start menu or to the task bar. I heavily rely on this and hope we do not have to wait ages like when transitioning from IE to Edge ...

@Deleted I personally liked the Reading List and Reading View as well, I'm not seeing the option for those in this version? Maybe I am missing something.

@twelles reading view is listed in the "coming soon" section



Set Tabs Aside is my most frequently used Edge feature. That's what keeps me from using other browsers. My 32" screen is shared by two Edge windows, each having their own sets of tabs. I want to be able to set aside my tabs real bad.

@Deleted + all of the replies!

This is great feedback.  We started with the fundamentals and will continue to ship features out as fast as we can.  Please continue to update your builds and let us know how we are doing.


@Deleted I couldn't agree more.  I started using Edge as my daily browser as soon as it was released on Windows 10 and even prefer it on iOS to Safari.  The main reason I used Edge is because it is a smarter, more well organized browser than Chrome.  The current build is just chrome with a new name.  I think it will need to be stated over and over again that we still want Edge and not another Chrome.  Great start!

no the current microsoft edge doesnt have cortana on it.



I would add proper implementation of fluent UI. Currently it is just chrome with a few bits on that don't really do much!



A usefull feature. I wonder if anyone, like me, is looking at new edge and wondering if there is a whole load of point over chrome? It seems that retaining settings and tabs between devices is the only thing. Well Chrome can do that. I'll miss things like the notes and good feeling touch support and a decent ui on my surface if things don't change....

Don't forget the little tab previews!

Add tab previews, epub, pdf, OneNote features that were built in to UWP. And yes, epub, even without the books store, because it's the only native epub reader windows has and it works way better than anything else in the Microsoft Store.
I second that fully: inking, pin to start and task bar. And most importantly "Share"!


Absolutely. The look, feel and features of "old edge" are what pushes me to use it. I love how well it integrates with the rest of the system, from the acrylic and theme matching to the inking and setting aside tabs. It truly blends and belongs on the system.

What would make "new" edge the best is just "old" edge using blink rather than edgeHTML.

What I fear is that most people will see the new edge and pass it up to download chrome simply because of the logo.


I feel the same, but I think "ask cortana" was annoying. I want it to be optional, but I agree, it definetively shoud be an option, or its not Edge!

+1 for Set tabs aside & Inking
didnt realize Edge Dev was missing Cortana until i saw this post, but its also missing the ability to choose between "Save" and "Save As" when downloading content

@rjansen85 Edge on iOS is not the same Edge as on Windows. Edge on iOS is a skinned version of webkit/safari.  Edge on Android is similarly already built around Blink (Chromium).  Edge on Windows 10 was/is the outlier.  This is one of the reasons why performance on mobile (Android/iOS) has already been at parity with the other major browsers for a while.


I see the decision here to be in perfect harmony with Microsoft's plan to abandon a unique mobile ecosystem and focus more on services.

@benpal -- Yes, share! I had forgotten about that. I send stuff that way to my wife who has her own office.



Gee, you guys. Did you even bother to read the initial press release -- this is still very early days for the new Edge, with lots of features known to be currently missing. Chill out, they will come.

I think Microsoft should bring back the old file download dialogue box. (Run, Save/Save as, Cancel)
Hopefully Set Tabs Aside feature if it comes will also add syncing support. Currently I can only have my Set Tabs Aside collections on single machine, but I don't have same saved tabs across devices.

It would be even more useful to have sync support. Maybe even include Timeline support for it.
Also needs:
- Timeline integration
- Easy to Pin website to Start or Taskbar (especially for Web Apps, hopefully with Live Tile support for Pinned Websites/Web apps)
- Continue to "devices" (currently not with Edge UWP but is available only on Edge mobile apps in Android and iOS)
I would love to see inking first honestly. I can get extensions that do most the rest, setting tabs aside is easily done with an extension, but inking the way old edge did is probably my favorite feature of it. And the old pdf features. Edge is the best pdf reader on windows

@Chris Cochrun , I can't deny the use of inking on Edge, specially over PDF files. I used inking to put notes on PDF manuals and textbooks when using the old PDF Reader from Windows 8/8.1, and would use Edge's inking space to do the same if necessary. I still use it to highlight stuff on webpages or help giving instructions to other people through chat. There's nothing like doodling arrows and circles/boxes to get the idea through.


But by experience Edge can't really work very well with all types of PDF files. It struggles a lot rendering very complex PDFs with intricate vector graphics and details, which are common in architectural reports, civil engineering projects and territorial planning. Those absurdely complex files are much better delt by Adobe's Acrobat DC, which render and scroll those pages much faster and efficiently than Edge, which almost crashes under the load.

1 2 and 3 are no killer features. Low prio for this stuff.
I would say Windows integration is must be implemented on first release as this what makes Edge experience more native and offers some advantage compared to other web browsers. Things like Share, Timeline, Compact Overlay (Picture-in-Picture), and Inking features.

Aesthetics like Fluent Design may not be the most functionally necessity to have a usable web browser, but it helps the overall user experience and makes the new Microsoft Edge truly native to Windows 10 than leaving it liking a third-party web browser. Personally I don't expect an Acrylic Tab Strip since there maybe a technical limitation implementing it since this new Edge Chromium uses older Uxtheme titlebar/non-UWP titlebar. Maybe Acrylic material can be done, Idk. Though Reveal Highlight effects on menus and buttons are more possible, especially when we look at Google Chrome featuring Material Design's pulse effect when you click toolbar buttons. If its possible to tweak that effect to look like Reveal Highlight, then that would be awesome!


I prefer the edge fluent design.

Also, cortana feature should be optional. Here's why, cortana does not support some languages. (It will be a waste of space for me since i can't use cortana in my native language)

@19lmyers I hate this so called feature 'preview tabs' the most.

@Deleted For such an early preview, you can't expect more things than the fundementials... As i said multiple times that new features and existing features from the old Edge will come soon, in the incoming days, weeks or months.


I use that a lot actually....  I teach English online in live classrooms... Whenever I come up with a word that I need defined I just hit that "Ask Cortana" button. ;)


I use that a lot actually....  I teach English online in live classrooms... Whenever I come up with a word that I need defined I just hit that "Ask Cortana" button. ;)



I would like to see the ability to directly open an InPrivate window from the right-click menu of the taskbar icon.

It's already there at least in Canary builds. Actually most of the basic web browser features are already here in Edge Canary, thanks to being based from Chromium.


@archtech wrote:
It's already there at least in Canary builds. Actually most of the basic web browser features are already here in Edge Canary, thanks to being based from Chromium.

@archtech You can't from the taskbar icon right-click menu in Edge Canary. The only ways to open an InPrivate window in Edge Canary is from the ... menu or <ctrl-shift-n>. If I want to go straight into InPrivate mode with first launching a normal mode Edge window, I can't do it today. You can do it with the old Edge and IE.

@Al Grosser What version do you have? Maybe there is a bug? Can anyone confirm?


I agree too. Without that resources the new Microsoft's Edge is not the same.



You can implement a lot of the fluent design parts without it being a UWP program. I've done as much in my own development. You could, of course, fake it without using the actual fluent API calls as I have had to do in places.


But the issue is that the new browser is not built using standard windows controls or, as with the old edge, .NET Core controls. This means that new Edge will NEVER implement fluent UI in it's current implementation. What we don't have, what I was hoping for, is a chromium rendering window inside a UWP / .NET controlling program. I don't think this is technically impossible but when it comes to extensions and addons there may be issues. 


I suspect that this may be what blocks several other features that I suspect we will never see too. I don't think we'll see pinning to the start menu for shortcuts. I don't think we'll see the excellent pen annotation implemented and I don't think we'll see a decent fluent UI. All of these things will need major changes to the chromium engine and underlying UI classes that I don't think is in the MS development plan.


I really hope I am proved wrong and they are going to put the extra effort in to make it fit properly. But I doubt it.

Frankly I'm not interested in 1, 2 or 5. I really want 3 though. I've been hoping that since Microsoft adopted Chromium for Edge, they'd start cleaning up code and making it more native.

@Deleted I especially agree with items 1 and 2. Set Tabs Aside was an awesome feature. I also really appreciated Ask Cortana, which was much more elegant than simply "Search Bing for ...."



Agree with "Tabs Set Aside" feature.


Also, "Inking," "Reading Pane."

Cortana "is" "should be" done. Explorer search should be used from taskbar search box, or Windows Key > [type]. or Start Menu > [type]. Few liked the Cortana tendency to "butt-in" inappropriately.

@oneberto If you navigate to the favorite it should update the icon. I had to do that for every single one after installing the chrome Edge...



Thanks ... great Edge feature



The dev and canary versions I have installed today and are current, and do update the favorite's icons?


I had the issue with the original Edge not updating icons? If I re-added a favorite, it would display the correct logo and then I had to delete the favorite link without the logo?


This seems to be an issue the Edge Team needs to get right as its one of those idiosyncracies in the UI appearance that held Edge down as a preferred browser.



I'm using the Dev biuld (


For me I just had to click on a favorite that was missing the icon and it to load to get the icon updated automatically.

same here

Microsoft Edge is up to date
Version (Official build) dev (64-bit)
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