Implementing The Stopping Of Auto Play Audio/Video

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I'll surely be glad when the developer's of this browser finally add the option to stop the auto playing of audio & videos. I know it's 'supposedly' going to be added..I know I can hardly wait !! I know while using firefox it works GREAT !!


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It is being tested as you speak....  I have it on my version of Canary...

Screenshot (190).jpg


Screenshot (191).jpg



Screenshot (193).jpg




Hi @Dennis5mile@Davy49, it must be part of a controlled roll-out or experiment, as I don't have it on any of my systems yet.  Thanks - Elliot

hhmm, should I maybe not post features when I'm in the controlled roll-out participants?

Hi, I had this new design for a at least 30 mins but then after a browser restart or system restart (not sure), it went away..
would it be possible to moving forward the Edge team share with us the details about this and how the controlled roll-out is managed?
for example for Windows insider features, they explicitly mention that a specific feature is only available for English speakers and U.S residents.





There is a post in the Articles section of this forum on this subject posted by @Elliot Kirk .  Here is the link for it.  Controlled-Feature-Roll-outs



Yeah i've seen it before but it says nothing about which countries get the features first. i know for a fact that the features availability differs by the country and also Elliot Kirk asked users if they are not receiving the Share button, send him a message saying where they are from.

@Dennis5mile ,

I guess I'm one of the unlucky user's that aren't fortunate enough to be on the controlled feature rollout list. But for those of us that aren't..I did find this extension in the google play store that seems to work fine : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/autoplaystopper/ejddcgojdblidajhngkogefpkknnebdh


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