How do you submit a Microsoft Edge Insider Addon to the Microsoft Store? (Edge Chromium Extension)

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What would be the process for submitting a browser extension for the new chromium-based Edge to the Microsoft Store.


There are a bunch of extensions already in the store, however I can't find any information on how to add one: https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/insider-addons/category/EdgeExtensions


We have a number of accessibility apps and extensions in Google Chrome that would be great for Microsoft Edge

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Same question here; we'd like to add 1Password X to the Microsoft Edge's extensions store, it works great there. 

I am not sure. I will look into this for you.


joining this request, we at StickyPassword would like to also submit our extension, it's ready.



@Deleted, @MikeT_1Password @JiriH  - we setting up the new submission process for extensions. We will have more details soon!

@Balaje_Krishnan Please, make the extension publishing process as simple as possible, like in other stores (Chrome and Firefox). Previous process with manual operations, command line tools, digital signings etc. was not good.

@alexanderby  - yes; that is our goal to keep the submission process as simple as possible and in line with other stores.





We also joining this request and would like to submit our extensions 

"Click&Clean" and "Magic Actions for YouTube". Any news on the new

submission process for insider extensions?

I would also like to know how to publish. I have an extension called WinchPass that bridges iCloud Keychain to Windows.

Here it is on the Chrome Store.

@Elliot Kirk 

@Balaje_Krishnan Hi, would also like to submit PerfectPixel add-on https://www.welldonecode.com/perfectpixel/ to Microsoft Edge's extensions store. 

Any news? I'd like to bring my two extensions to Edge, too!



Any news on how can we submit extension to the store? How did the other developers published the extensions that are now available to be installed.



These links talk about the current version of microsoft edge. The question was about the new chromium based Edge. As the title says "Microsoft Edge Insider Addon"

@timbru @andreibatinas @WellDoneCode @yhl452493373 @HotCakeX@Vladas @alexanderby @JiriH @igormaka @MikeT_1Password @Balaje_Krishnan  This process has taken us longer than we imagined it would.  We are still working on it though, and will hopefully be able to give details soon.

Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk can you also advise on the payment workflow as well.


Chrome, for example, supports (even encourages) the use of self-managed licensing flows due to the potential of depending on client-side javascript to verify payment/licenses and that the Chrome Web Store may not be appropriate. I've seen old Edge policies suggesting it enforces MS Store usage for all payments so wanted to confirm that we'd all need to write Edge specific extensions if wanting to publish paid extensions to the Edge (Chromium) store.


It would be advantageous to not be forced to do this, especially for existing Chrome extension developers wanting to publish to Edge as well.

@Elliot Kirk Hi, any news regarding the submission of chromium extensions to the Microsoft Store?

@Elliot Kirk 
It appears that Jan 15th is the release date and a "release candidate" type of build is going public today:

Do you have an update in regards to the Store?

Thanks, Michael

No worries, just take your precious time, you only failed 2 browsers so far due to ridiculously overcomplicated processes and frameworks for community submissions, third time's a charm I guess.

@AlexT2594 Hi, you can upload your Edge extension here: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/dashboard

Register developer account, then from the projects select Microsoft Edge.

I have uploaded same ZIP file with extension as for Google Chrome. It looks like they are not approving yet, I am waiting in review state for 6 days.

@pospichalalesare you certain this already refers to the new Edge instead of the old one?

The previous version of extensions worked a bit differently as I know. They were acting as store apps and the process was a little bit different.
I am not completely sure but think it could be a new version.
Last time Microsoft said that when they are ready they will post more about it
news important like this will definitely appear in here
and they will most likely create blog posts and articles to address extension developers' questions

We are in process of testing the new submission process and will have more details to share soon! As we get closer to release, we will announce in Microsoft Edge Insiders website (https://www.microsoftedgeinsider.com/). Stay tuned!

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