How Will Chromium-based Edge (ChrEdge) Roll Out When Released?

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Hi Edge Insiders!

Can you give any insight into how you will 'ship' ChrEdge when it's released?  Will it be pushed as part of a Windows update and overwrite "Edge Classic", or will it be a separate download that users have to manually install and switch to using?


Ideally I'd like to see it pushed as an overwrite as it greatly simplifies the upgrade path for users...



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I've read/heard that when the stable version is released it will override and permentally delete out the old Edge. In other words the old Edge will be gone, and the new Chromium version of Edge will be it's replacement. However someone on here that works for Microsoft can confirm if it's officially true or not.

@ItalianAce  Any links?  I haven't been able to find an answer online beyond analysts own speculation...

It most likely will be included in the Windows 10 20H1 set to be released in the spring of 2020.
from the leaked Edge insider stable build it looks like they are using the same icon for the new Edge, so they want to make the transition as seamless as possible.
have to wait for official response though to be 100% sure and as of right now there is none


Josh, in the earlier stages some of us suggested it might come with 1909.  But, it was soon realised that wasn't realistic. Ergo, unless it is released on its own (unlikely), the obvious next most likely, logical time would be with 2003.



I'm only a MS Partner not, employee.  But, it is my understanding & expectation that Edge C will replace Edge.  In actuality Edge replaced IE & Edge C is replacing edge. (Ignore for this discussion that IE's lingering in the shadows)  Anyway, yes that is the idea, that new is replacing old.

The thing some of us suspect is Edge Insider Builds may continue after the non-Insider release.  Same as people like myself work on Win10 Insider Builds sort of behind the scenes for the next version of the OS.  And, thus, Edge would continue to improve & develop, same as we do with & for the OS.


Yeah 1909 is too soon, that build is going into release ring in 1 month, no time for testing out anything new, only to fix the bugs.
It's good to see Microsoft partners in the forum cause i Am too!
but anyway, yeah i agree 20H1 is the most probable build for the final replacement.
Microsoft officially named it:
and from the release date, it looks like it's gonna release in the first half of 2020 rather than in spring of 2020, that gives them even more time which is good.



@HotCakeX wrote:
Yeah 1909 is too soon, that build is going into release ring in 1 month, ...

Just FYI, 1909 was released last week - I got it on 8 September:



I believe the Edge channels will continue after stable is released. It's what I got from how the wording is on their channels such as Beta being updated every six weeks, and Dev every week, and so on.


Google Chrome has the same channels for their browser and has been doing this since 2011. Although they market it as more like four browsers you can choose from with Canary being unstable at times (which it isn't) but having all the new bleeding edge features that may or may not move forward to Dev and Beta with Beta being the most stable before stable version with the next set of features ready to roll over to Chrome stable. They have all four for Android too as I have Chrome Canary on my Android along with Edge. You can also download and use Chromium which is the off the truck raw version that's even before Chrome Canary but unless you do a batch file with a self-built auto-updater it has to be manually updated every time.


I suspect Microsoft will carry on the channels for those that want to continue being beta testers for Edge. I think once Edge Stable is released a lot of users will just use that, but there's a lot of us that like to use the beta and alpha of software and insider programs. Firefox has Firefox Nightly which is updated almost nightly (like Canary) and is popular for developers and people that like trying out new features before hand. (I no longer use Firefox, It never appealed to me).


I'm also in the Windows 10 Insider Program. But I opted for the slow ring. We're in 18362.10019 right now.


As they say...Rock on! Hehe.

Well, this is disheartening...

" Two IE11s, two Edges. Is Microsoft really going to let its browsers multiply like rabbits?

In the short term, yes. "

Well this is just SO bad. i'll just delete the classic Edge with Powershell and get rid of the IE on my system and others that I manage. I still hope this won't happen in the end..



Please, take note as to the age of that article... it is from back in May.  At least, some of what it says is not valid or quite accurate... can partially be due to changes since May.  Also, the article is not from Microsoft & it smells of some 'guess-work' suggesting what the writer 'thinks' is coming.  BUT, do note, the article (& its content & references) are 4 months old.  Wouldn't treat it as 'gospel' not, then or now.




A few thoughts:


(1) Channels.  I agree that Edge Canary, Dev and Beta channels are likely to continue after Edge Chromium is released.  That's the Chromium development/testing/rollout convention, and Microsoft will probably follow suit.


(2) Internet Explorer. Microsoft has contractual obligations to enterprise customers to maintain IE for years to come, and Microsoft has indicated that the company will not renege on those obligations. While it is likely that IE Mode in Edge Chromium will fulfill Microsoft's obligations in most cases, obviating the need to maintain IE as a standalone browser in those cases, it is also probable that Microsoft will continue to maintain IE as a standalone browser supported within Windows 10 Enterprise builds during the contractual lifecycle to meet its obligations to other enterprise customers. I would not be surprised to see a bifurcation with respect to IE going forward, with IE available as a standalone browser in Enterprise builds but removed from Home and Pro builds.  See Lifecycle FAQ — Internet Explorer and Edge for additional information.


(2) Microsoft Edge. We know that Microsoft has tested a rollout process for Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro builds in which installation of Edge Chromium removes Edge (Classic) from that Start menu. (See, for example, "Edge Deletes Edge" and the discussion surrounding the so-called "Stable Version", which, if installed, behaved similarly.) That testing (and the responses of Microsoft employees in "Edge Deletes Edge" discussion, suggests that Edge Chromium will replace Edge (Classic) when it is rolled out, at least for Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro users.


(3) Rollout Plans. We have no information at all about when and how Microsoft intends to roll out Edge Chromium. Microsoft, to my knowledge, hasn't said a word other than that Edge Chromium will be rolled out when it is ready, and not a second beforehand.


Most current speculation in the trade press suggests that Edge Chromium will be rolled out in the Spring of 2020, perhaps in conjunction with the May 2020 Windows 10 Update (20H1).


To me, it would make sense to roll out Edge Chromium independent of the May 2020 Windows 10 Update, because of the complexity of moving Favorites from Edge (Classic) to Edge Chromium (the last thing that Microsoft needs is a botched rollout), and for that reason my guess is that Edge Chromium will be rolled out independently of the update.



I have said the same previously as you have here Tom and I fully support & concur with all you have stated.  It is exactly the understanding we (or I) have had for quite a while... including guessing @ a release date & whether with 2003 or not.  And if the tradition is for more than a Canary after the GA release, um, ok, cool; makes it much like various "tracks" for Windows & other products doing 'Insider' projects.


All and all the great part is almost anyone can still use it in it's beta stages if they download it from the Edge insiders page. Without having to wait for the official release. A lot of videos on Youtube are advertising as such. Unlike in the past where beta testing was limited to a few selected few and everyone else had to wait no matter what. I guess if you know anyone that's eager to use Edge C now than point them to the direction of the Edge Insider page and let them pick which version to try (although I still think Dev and/or Canary are the better at this date in time, at least into Beta catches up a bit). It won't be the stable version but it will hold them over into the official version released. 

Maybe Microsoft will create a process that automatically syncs Edge classic data with the new Edge chromium to give users easy transition between browsers without losing anything.

the guy in the video keeps talking about giving users flexibility..multiple times mentioned that and to have 2 IE and 2 Edge. honestly he has a point. for those people who have never tried this Edge insider browser it will be a shock to see it as their default browser starting build 20H1. maybe the final replacement will happen in 20H2 or something..


Thanks, that's great advice and we've already begun doing that.  We've also updated our products so that they recognize the Chredge user agent string as a unique browser.

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