Features that were native to Edge shouldnt have to be "Re-thinking.."

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After today's build a stream, it is sad to see that features that were native to Edge are going through an evaluation or "Re-thinking" aspect. Features such as "Set aside tabs", "tabs preview", "ink notes" and "favorites hub button". I can only hope that this re-thinking nonsense is just a fancy word of redesigning it for implementation but overall removing it is bs and asinine. I fail to see the reasoning behind just adding the features and let the users choose to enable them. 


Long story short, if you guys want any of these features ("Set aside tabs", "tabs preview", "ink notes" and "favorites hub button") to be implemented before Microsoft removes them because of hairbrain excuses as "not many people want them" (which is bs), upvote and repost asking for the features. 

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@Meier23   As far as I am concerned, it is a given that Edge Chromium should have the features/functions that Edge (Classic) had, unless Microsoft can demonstrate that the user base for a particular feature/function was so low as to be insignificant. 


In this regard, let me suggest that Edge (Classic) had four advantages over Chrome:  (1) Edge (Classic) was tightly integrated into Windows and Microsoft's ecosystem, (2) Edge (Classic) was tightly integrated into Windows Defender and was remarkably secure (independent kernel, administrator mode blocked, etc.), (3) Edge (Classic) had features/functions that Chrome lacked, and (4) Edge (Classic) was much more user configurable than Chrome.


Edge (Classic) was a superior browser to Chrome because it had additional features/functions, better security, better user configuration.  Edge Chromium should be that, too.


If Microsoft builds "Microsoft Chrome", swapping out Google ecosystem features and substituting Microsoft ecosystem features, maybe adding a bell or whistle here and there, and that is all it does, why would anyone now using Chrome want to change?

Hey, tom, you have some great points and I totally agree with you about the feature set and imo also Edge (classic) was better than Chrome for me. As far as users using Chrome over Edge-chromium, its because this new version of Edge was supposed to be still "Edge" but with a different web/rendering engine underneath (chromium engine). I personally don't want a Chrome clone, I want Microsoft Edge with Edge Features, with whatever web standards "norm" exist for this generation browsing; so that Microsoft doesn't have to suffer the will of lazy/devious web developers not supporting the platform because of their "personal" preferences and ultimately not wanting to do additional work.

In retrospect why would anyone use Edge-Chromium if its basically the same thing as chrome? If they are taking away features from Edge-Chromium and are just falling in line with Chrome, there is no need to switch from Chrome to Edge-Chromium.

From my understanding of the original post about adopting chromium, Microsoft said that they would only be adopting the chromium engine along with keeping/enabling the Edge (classic) features and looks, and at this point, it seems like that is not true.

@Meier23 "From my understanding of the original post about adopting chromium, Microsoft said that they would only be adopting the chromium engine along with keeping/enabling the Edge (classic) features and looks, and at this point, it seems like that is not true."


That was my understanding, too.  And based on the build conference, I'm starting to wonder how committed Microsoft is to the features/functions that distinguished Edge from Chrome and Firefox.


On a related note, I'm worrying (I hope needlessly) about whether Microsoft is committed to keeping Edge Chromium as secure as Edge (Classic).  Edge Classic was very secure, and Microsoft kept moving it in that direction.   It isn't clear to me whether that is going to be the case going forward.


Two things make me wonder. 


(1)  Chrome can be run in administrator mode.  Edge (Classic) cannot; Edge (Classic) will not open in administrator mode, period.  Granting administrator privileges to a browser is dangerous, because anything (malware, for example) opening through the browser can inherit administrator privileges.   Edge Chromium can, like Chrome, be run in administrator mode, although, unlike Chrome, Edge Chromium warns users about it.  Is Microsoft going to shut down administrator mode Edge Chromium, or not?  And if not, how does Microsoft plan to protect against inherited administrator privileges if users ignore the warning?


(2)  Microsoft announced yesterday that Edge Chromium will allow Internet Explorer to be opened in a tab.  I can see the business rationale for that, but what does it mean in terms of security?  Internet Explorer is not a secure browser, and Microsoft has been openly advising Windows 10 users to avoid using it.  So how does Microsoft plan to implement IE within an Edge Chromium tab and keep the browser secure?


Questions like that give me pause.  I don't believe that Microsoft is going to compromise on security, but I intend to keep a very close eye on how this develops.


In any event, thanks for your initial post.  I'm going to sort out my "top ten" list of features that I want migrated over the next few days, and I'm going to make sure that I put in a Feedback request for each and every one of them.

@Meier23  yes, if this doesn't have Microsoft's good features, just the same as google chrome. Nobody will use this edge .   

A thing to keep in mind is that Edgemium is still *very* new. It's going to take months of work to bring back the old Edge features, and to do that the implementations have to be evaluated to see how it can work with the new Chromium stuff, which could also take a lot of time. I believe they'll get there eventually, but it won't be soon. A ton of work has to happen yet.


@EbonJaeger wrote:

A thing to keep in mind is that Edgemium is still *very* new. 



And there it is folks.. Edge's new name... "Edgemium"  I like it!!!!    
Upvote by me!


Dennis5mile  Ya have ta have a little humor here..... 

@Dennis5mile I'm glad you like it! I think I saw someone else here use it a while back, so I'm not sure I can claim all the credit for it, sadly. :p

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