Feature Request: Display Open/Save As option for files just like old Edge/IE


When opening files from websites, display the Open/Save As UI just like the old Edge instead of downloading the files like Google Chrome.


Liked the old Temporary Files folder that IE/Edge managed instead of cluttering my downloads folder.

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Agreed. I would also like to the see the Run option as in old Edge.

Yup agree too, although I am not sure if there is an option to enable that or not in chrome @CodeDJ 

@Abdelhak Smara Chrome never supported it - people have asked for it over the years but they didn't think it was necessary. Hopefully MS will bring best of both. They are only using Chromium the rendering engine. I assume the download manager is their own code or can be.

@CodeDJ In Settings -> Downloads, there is an option to ask where to save every file when downloading, is this not what you are talking about?

Nevermind, I think I answered it myself after thinking about it, you are asking for the "Open" option that appears so that you can open the file without having to pick a place to save it permanently.

@Aaron44126  Yes. Also, IE and Old Edge download those files to a temporary folder and clean it up automatically on a schedule (I think).

@Aaron44126 Thanks for the tip about downloads setting. It helps me with my biggest gripe with downloads. Having the open and run menu like before would still be even more useful.

Hey @CodeDJ, @Aaron44126, The ASk me everytime setting will just pop open a file dialog. We currently do not have anything similar to the current version of Edge's Open where the file is downloaded to a temporary directory. I have sent your feedback on to the people who own this feature. Thank you for taking the time to offer us your feedback, please keep it up.
Thank you,

@CodeDJ I am not a UI or UX designer by any means but I had a crack at imagining what the download pop-up would look like on new Edge. Thoughts and Opinions are always welcome!

mockup2.pngDownload Concept



@Cameron_Bush looks good. The overall feature of having a bar like that and the download happening in a temp folder (not cluttering my downloads folder) is what is required.

@Cameron_Bush  This is great. I they would implement something like this then it would be awesome. Great design.

@CodeDJ Also note, in Windows Storage Sense settings (Settings -> System -> Storage -> "Change how we free up space...") there is an option to clean files out of the "Downloads" folder automatically if they have been there longer than a set number of days.

The actual behaviour of the save dialog is really weird, with the "legacy" Edge you can easly choose to save to default location or select a custom location, with the new Edge you are always prompted for a location or never prompted (and save to the default).


Also when the download ends with the "legacy" Edge you have the three options (run, open folder, show download) Immediately available instead of having to click on the ellipsis (the 3 dot) button and choose show folder, which is the thing that i do the most.


This download behavior isn't really strange at all, it is exactly as Chrome/Chromium behaves.  Hopefully, Microsoft enhances the download experience over the next few months before this browser is properly released to be in more line with what IE/Edge users are used to.


I know, and that's the point (and the problem): the download experience of the new Edge, at this time, is exactly as in Chrome/Chromium.

I hope that Microsoft will implement a download experience more in line with the current Edge experience, and I know and understand that this requiere some time to be implemented.


But with my comment I only want to put out some others regressions that we found and give feedback to Microsoft about these, given some use cases and provide more context so to enable Microsoft to understand why we would like that these issues be addressed by Microsoft in the near future and plan how to address these issues

i hope that these feature will coming soon

I also want to see this function again: Klick a file to download = Open, Save, Save as.

Especially direct opening of a download is very important.

Opening a file from the browser is very important for me as well.
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