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Can we get the choice on whether or not we want to show just the icons or labels or both for the favorites bar?   I know I've posted this before, but I'm no longer finding it.  As you can see by the image below it makes the favorites bar very long when you have a lot of links and folders that contain lots of links in them.   

Edge Dev

Fav Edge Dev.jpg


Edge Public

Edge Public.jpg

Same exact number of links and folders...  Edge Dev has a drop down on far right to show the rest of the links/folders on the favorite bar where on Edge Public they are all able to be displayed and when you hover pointer over the folder/icon link, it shows the name of the folder/icon link...., nice and neat.    I like the compact version... without label names...


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I agree, just waiting for this option in the Dev release to use Edge full-time.


Still pushing for this to happen.....

Any word on it in the works......


Hello @Dennis5mile, I think the same as you. I leave the link of another post that believes precisely asking the same feature.

There is No option to show only the icons of the Web stored in favorites.

Hopefully it will be added soon.


Greetings and thank you very much.

Do we have any word on this feature request?




I agree, Favorites Manager or Bar Editor should allow to mark favorite names as Hidden, so they only show in Tooltips on mouse hover.

@Dennis5mile Hello everyone, I wanted to inform you that in the version Canary the option to show only the icon in the favorites bar is now available.


Captura de pantalla (2)_LI.jpg






















Thank you to everyone and the team behind Edge.

@Ismael Martinez 


Does it still show Favorite's name and URL on its icon's mouse hover?

Very good...  This is great, however, this only applies to links on the favorites bar and does not apply to the folders on the favorites bar.

@Ismael Martinez  
As you can see here in these 2 pics..

Icon Link

Icon only link.jpg


Icon folders

Icon folder links.jpg

Hiding Icon names would be great if it worked for everything in the Favorites bar, like it does in Edge Classic/Public


my 20cents worth


Yes it does..


@Dennis5mile Exactly, it was just to inform you all that part of the feature request we're asking for is already being implemented. Of course, it is also lacking that the name of the folders, even the icon, can be hidden.



@Ismael Martinez 


You can hide a folder by dragging it from the Favorites Bar in Favorites Manager. A separate such option is not needed.

Hide the folder name not the folder.
Who said anything about "hiding folders"?

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