[FIXED 90%] Sync: Broken

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UPDATE: it's Fixed for most people but there are still users who are having problem with the sync.




Both Canary and Dev having broken sync since yesterday


this is in Version (Official build) dev (64-bit)

Annotation 2019-09-13 170259.png


This is in: Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)

Annotation 2019-09-13 170346.png


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My syncs are working correctly... 





Good for you! there is nothing much left to do in my end that i haven't tried already. gotta wait for fix.
Chrome Canary is on ver 79, hope Edge Canary gets the upgrades too soon

Same here. No connection to server -> no syncing

Ah, by the way is your Edge a new installation or an existing on?

Same here on a new Edge Beta installation.
But it's working on an old Edge Dev installation 

@hichaam @François-Frédéric Martin 


hi, my sync options are back. can you check yours see if it's back for you too?

Broken here for me as well. Seems like it's across the insider channel sync because it's broken in the Android app as well.

Edit: Add broken iPad sync to the list.

@HotCakeXSyncing is back as of today. Maybe it was there yesterday too, but I didn't check.

Thanks, yes it's been working since yesterday :)
It is still broken for you?

It's working for me as well.

That's great!
Yeah, unfortunately it's still broken for me.

Edit: As of 5 minutes ago it's working on the iPad again. Android and PC are still a no go.
Edit 2: My PC is accepting the sync from the iPad, android still stuck on "Can't sync (0x4)".
I would say that confirms not broken anymore, but still an issue somewhere for android. 
Edit 3: All fixed. Did a fresh sign in to all devices and it's good to go.
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