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Hey can you guys add the Drop down favorites and hisitory book and downloads reading list menu from the old edge to add it to this one please

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This is great feedback. Are you looking for a way to access your favorites and history withough having to open a new tab?
Yeah just like the normal edge works

@Elliot Kirk One of the things that I dislike most about Chrome is the inablilty to open and pin my favorites list to the right-hand side of the browser, just like you can in IE and now Edge.  Open your favorites once and it is always at hand.  No extra clicks to open a new tab, no extra clicks to open a folder from the favorites bar.

I would also like to have the pin to the right functionality added please.
I totally understand that @stedsch. I use that all the time myself. I will make sure that your feedback is heard by the owners of history / favorites.

The fluidity of this in Edge should be ported to new edge. The icon should also be in the taskbar but not as a fav icon having 2 is confusing make it a control pannel icon or something.



@Elliot Kirk 

Yes please, can't understand how people live with how Chrome handles bookmarks.

Look at Firefox for example and add something similar. (Added screenshot)


Also please don't add too many buttons to the UI unless we can customize everything like in Firefox. Already tired of the profile and feedback button in the top right corner. Buttons you rarely ever use and they just clutter the interface. Could easily be added to the hamburger menu.

that would be a nice addition

@Elliot KirkWe definitely need the favorites system from the old Edge with the menu next to the address bar and the really nice larger font/graphics on the pull down menu.  The way Chrome handles bookmarks is atrocious and it's one of the top reasons I don't use Chrome.  This is a nice way to differentiate yourselves from Chrome, otherwise you are going to have a lot of users ask themselves why bother with the new Edge if they can just use Chrome.  

@Elliot Kirk Everyone in this thread seems in favor of this idea, but I mentioned in another thread that I didn't love how cramped it felt. Since this seems to be a popular request I'd like to share some additional thoughts.


Maybe if the sidebar's size could be adjustable it would feel less cramped. Also in Edge Stable the sidebar is used for a lot of things including settings and extensions (although those are not a part of the sidebar interface used for Favorites/Reading list/Books/History/Downloads, but rather they were their own individually separated sidebars). Edge Stable felt like it had less in terms of settings where Edge Canary as of writing today feels like it has many more options (which is great by the way!) and I feel like trying to cram that many options into a small sidebar, especially if it can't be resized or popped out into a full size tab/window would feel really clostrophobic.


I like that in Edge Stable the sidebar can be pinned, but without being able to resize it or pop it out to a full size tab/window the sidebar in Edge Stable wasn't pleasant for me personally. Hopefully since the sidebar interface seems so desired it can be improved on if it is implemented into the new Chromium based Edge!

Thank you all for your feedback on bookmarks / favorites. We understand that they way we handle this affects all users as their bookmarks are where many people begin their browsing. It is also an area where personal preferences vary widely. We will likely experiment with various layouts, collecting feedback and telemetry to try and get the best fit for the largest number of customers. Please keep updating and offering us your feedback, we are listening.


I agree. Hate to admit it, but I feel how EdgeHTML handles/displays favorites/bookmarks is far superior. I know it's all a love-hate type of thing. But it's one of my top personal preferences for using IE or EdgeHTML over other browsers.


I totally forgot about it, until I looked at this new version and got completely frustrated. Now this is a GUI type of thing (I think), so I personaly believe that MS should consider sticking with with the same layout as they have done. If person doesn't like how it's done, there are other browsers to choose from (which is a good thing).


Sometimes trying to apease EVERYONE isn't a good thing, sometimes you end up alienating a majority just to placate a vocal minority.



Edge is based on chromium so ellipse [ . . . ] (top right of address bar) is where all access to all functions are based. Since new Edge (dev) is based on chromium, that is where ALL "setings," "history," "favorites,  "extensions," "downloads," etc will be located in the "new" Edge.


It uses the ellipse to be visually compatible with chromium/Chrome instead of the dual "dueling icons." Less busy, one access point, simpler, easier.



That would be a huge shame if MS left out the way the old Edge handled bookmarks, IMO that's one of the absolute top reasons I used it over other browsers.  To have to dig into menus just to get to a bookmark, especially if I'm doing a lot of browsing is inefficient, inelegant and very frustrating at best.  I've always hated how Chrome handles bookmarks this way.  Instead of being simpler, as you put it, it just makes more work. 


I also hope MS isn't trying to be visually compatible with Chromium/Chrome, I would hope they take their browser in the direction they want to instead of just being a clone, otherwise they are going to have a hard time convincing existing users to switch to their browser.  Differentiation is where it's at, and that's a big reason why most of us chose the old Edge as our browser of choice. 

That is one of the biggest flaws that the "original" Edge got wrong? No easy, good way to manage favorites was built-in. And the 3rd-party favorites manager's were horrible at best.

Ctrl+Shift+O opens the Favorites manager. EZ. Just hope the team improves the experience so that it is as good as chromium/Chrome. It needs to be responsive and include drag and drop to be useful and navigate the folder tree.

The old Edge was adopted by too few people and was unsuccessful. Google kept messing with how web-page rendering functioned and made Edge less than optimal, so the move to Open-Source chromium to eliminate that problem.

The UI will be all Microsoft and most user's will see minimal differences in the end (I suspect). The data tells Edge developers what UI features were previously used and which were eye-candy.



"That is one of the biggest flaws that the "original" Edge got wrong? "  I didn't say that, or are you saying that?  The way favorites/bookmars were handled was one of the great things that HTML Edge got right.  It was efficient and elegant and miles ahead of what Chrome and Firefox still have today.


"No easy, good way to manage favorites was built-in. And the 3rd-party favorites manager's were horrible at best."  I beg to differ, HTML Edge's favorites/bookmarks built in system was excellent, easily the best among all browsers.  


"Ctrl+Shift+O opens the Favorites manager. EZ."  That's an awful way to  navigate favorites/bookmarks IMO.  It's not a terrible way to actually manage them, although I would opine that just dragging and dropping through HTML Edge browser was much simpler.  But to have to press Ctrl Shft O  and open a new page EVERY single time I wanted to navigate to a favorite is just awfully involved.


"The old Edge was adopted by too few people and was unsuccessful. Google kept messing with how web-page rendering functioned and made Edge less than optimal, so the move to Open-Source chromium to eliminate that problem."  Completely agree, but that has very little, if anything, to do with what we are talking about.  In just a week or so of using Chromium Edge I think it's great.  Just to expound on HTML Edge's low numbers I really doubt that a complete Chrome clone will sway many users to switch to Edge, especially if Google uses MS's code for smooth scrolling/zooming.  If I'm going to be subjected to an inefficient way to handle my favorites I might as well stay with Chrome. 


I have several hundred bookmarks. I don't use Edge and instead use FireFox only because it fits those bookmarks tightly on the left side (reduced mouse movement and similar to Adobe Acrobat Table of Contents setup). Plus it's easy to manage those bookmarks via dragging.


I'd sure like to use Edge but without that pinned bookmark's not in the cards.


Sorry, I think we're talking about different things? Favorites display vs. Favorites management?


Edge Favorites display was good IMO, not great.


New Edge still easy to add favorites, access Favorites Bar and "Other"Favorites.


Edge Favorites management was horrible and not intuitive. Drag and drop worked but wasn't responsive, sluggish and inaccurate, IMO. That's why there were attempts to develop third-party apps to manage Edge Favorites. Power user's could use admin tools, but that's not a typical user.


The "Hub" is what every one seems to miss but the New style ellipse, or hamburger menu icon gives you most of what was on the Edge Hub. anyway? OK change the link icon to the "Hub" icon but keep chromium menu, it is cleaner design and keeps everything  in one place. I never used Reading List or Books? Add 'em if you want.


Edge was adopted by a very, very small share of Windows users. Ranged between 8-12% generally. Edge dev and Edge canary are "developmental" and datametrics will guide UI development. I think the team will add Reading Pane, Fluent Design (likely) and many other features in the weeks ahead.


I liked Edge, I used Edge (along with other browsers to stay fluent with their UI, etc). Edge wasn't adopted. Google messed with Edge rendering. Edge adoption hit a plateau, or was droppimg. Using chromium rendering puts the New Edge browser in the mainstream and, bonus, open-sourced. Less likely to be messed with by the "Not Evil" Empire. Better extension base, too.




Yes you're right, my mistake.  Favorites display from HTML Edge is what I'm advocating.  Fully agree that HTML Edge Favorites management was abyssmal.  Favorites management in chromium Edge seems ok and an improvement.  Still needs the ability to select multiple favorites when moving or deleting, especially because the import system stupidly shoves all your imported favorites into its own folder instead of respecting the layout you had on the source browser.  Also needs to respect dark mode. 


This would have been ok in HTML Edge if MS didn't needlessly hide the location of favorites.  There was a decent favorites management app that I used that wasn't half bad, but I forget the name of it at the moment. 


Windows File Explorer is the model [when FE is repaired to function as File Explorer should] with full respect for tree and folder layout, and the ability to select and copy, move, paste and/or drag and drop just like File Explorer.

I think we agree much more than we disagree?
Keeping the Favorites management in the style of IE-11 through the File Manager is the way to go. Trying to manage hundreds of business-related Favorites with a back-end database will cause a huge number of users to stay away. That is the main reason sooo many people are hanging on to IE-11, not for the browser itself but for the favorites management system.


@JamesSantaBarbara   Yeah definitely agree.  HTML Edge would have had decent bookmarks management if MS just didn't hide the location of the favorites in file explorer, I really don't know why they make stupid decisions like this.  I'm assuming favorites are still hidden in chromium Edge, I haven't been able to find them at least.  

@Elliot Kirk 


It would be fantastic if Favorites can be accessed just like in Edge (orginal). That ensures a clean design, no clutter. I do not use a Favorites bar and I don't like the Menu tree in Chrome either.



Although I have been mistakenly referring to "settings" menu as the primary access pint for Favorites, etc., I correct this as the primary access point should be the "hamburger?" menu, or ellipse [ . . . ].


Is the "ellipse,' [ . . . ] actually called a hamburger menu? I thought a hamburger was 'stacked?' Or is the ellipse called a hamburger  menu now the standard?


The 'Other Favorites" folder on menu should be retitled to "Favorites" so as to reduce the confusion as to what is accessed. "Manage Favorites" should be at the top of that drop-down menu  and the "Favorites Bar" should be included for easy access points.

Add an option to show the Star on the toolbar for the Favorites menu.

@ppoppppe This is similar to the Edge Insider Builds where you have to click on the menu then it opens in a new tab.

Hi maybe this is the wrong place for it, but how do I remove all my favorite bookmarks in edge dev all at once

Hi all:

My English is bad. Sorry.

I've been using the new chromium edge for a couple of weeks now. It is still in its infancy but it has a very interesting future.

I have read all the comments about the favorites and I agree with many of them.

Good management of favorites is fundamental. Neither chrome, nor firefox do it well (they make it horrible). I still use IE11 as much as I can for this reason. Neither the current Edge improved the management of IE11 favorites.

For this reason, I consider it fundamental, in order to differentiate itself from Chrome and Firefox, that the new chromium edge itself allows a good management of favorites as did its two predecessors (Edge and IE11).

My support to return a management like that of IE11 (or similar) to the new edge chromium.

Thank you

P.D: I found the extension "Neater Bookmarks". I do not like it but it is the closest thing I have found to what I need.


(En español)

Hola a todos:

Mi ingles es malo. Lo siento.

Llevo un par de semanas utilizando el nuevo edge chromium. Todavia esta en pañales pero tiene un futuro muy interesante.

He leido todo los comentarios acerca de los favoritos y estoy de acuerdo con muchos de ellos.

Para mi es fundamental una buena gestion de los favoritos. Ni chrome, ni firefox lo hacen bien (lo hacen horrible). Sigo utilizando el IE11 todo lo que puedo por este motivo. Ni el Edge actual mejoro la gestion de favoritos del IE11.

Por ello, considero fundamental, para diferenciarse de Chrome y firefox, que el propio nuevo edge chromium facilite una buena gestion de favoritos como lo hacia sus dos antecesores (Edge e IE11).

Mi apoyo para que vuelva una gestion como la de IE11 (o similar) al nuevo edge chromium.


P.D: He encontrado la extension "Neater Bookmarks". No me gusta pero es lo mas parecido que he encontrado a lo que necesito.

The ability to select multiple favorites to perform Drag&Drop on would be nice.



Me too I am very interested to have the button favorites (and the menu) as is the case on IE and the "old Edge"

@Deleted Yes we need that. Choosing between "Always / Never / New tab" is certainly not an adequate option. I'd suggest to plop a drop-down button next to the plug-ins icons, in the right top side.

yes, make favorites droplist like in classic Edge \ IE11

I also agree with this. I've enjoyed the chromium version a lot, but I miss the favorite button from the old Edge that you could just press and then everything was there, now you have to search with the hamburger bar or have a bar at the top that steals screen estate like back in 2000.

This is my one hangup with all browsers except Firefox, and a reason I stay with Firefox. I have the ability to put the Bookmark toolbar items alongside the URL bar. I have one folder called bookmarks that is an easy drop-down. It saves precious vertical space as I do not have to have the bookmark bar.

Annotation 2019-06-07 155314.jpg

There are Chrome extensions that mimic this somewhat, but they look and run terribly. Get the ability to do something like this and you'll have 1 permanent Edge user.

@Deleted totally agree!

@Elliot Kirk The current Edge handling of Favorites is far better than Chrome's and Edge Dev or Canary (I use both for testing).


I also want "Favorites Bar" to be just one entry ("folder") under Favorites, not to subsume all Favorites. That's ridiculous and frustrating! I mean this is a Borg menu -- "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated -- into the Favorites Bar". I mean, C'mon! :D

.The Chrome variety of browsers keep the bookmarks in a database buried in the OS. It is impossible to actually manage the bookmarks outside of the browser as in IE- 11 browser  versions and before. Simply having a way to access the bookmarks to make changes directly from the file explorer would be a huge benefit to us business managers keeping tabs on hundreds of bookmarks for our company. Using a drag & drop management from a sidebar is just not efficient to users with a sizeable number of bookmarks. 

And speaking about placement of the sidebar. I speak English and most Western language speakers read & write left to right. The natural eyeflow is left to right. Placing the side panel with favorites on the right side interrupts the way Western readers think. I suppose it's ok of those who read right to left, but all studies show efficiency and cognitive retention go with the movement of the eyes. New teachers and instructors learn that first semester.

That said, if a switch could be placed in the Settings menu to flip the side panel from one side to toe other, that would greatly help efficiency for the individual user and how his cognitive brain works.

@Elliot Kirk Yes please, I want to go to one of my other favorites without having to open a new tab (just like it was possible in "old" Edge). 

Does the Microsoft taf read this topic ?
Since the time this "feature" is requested :)

Another request for getting the favorites button back from classic Edge.

It was one of the things that made edge a lit better than chrome on a tablet.

- On a tablet I don't have screen-space to waste so a bar is out of the question

- On a tablet I can't expect to have a keyboard either so no keyboard shortcut can be used


Therefore the "old" button is needed. If the display of the button can be controlled through a setting it would please both the ones that wants and whose that don't like the button.


On a longer term I would like to see all of that toolbar - it makes Edge unique - nót just a Chrome clone.

I agree. People who speak mainly English read left to right. The bookmarks panel on the left keeps the visual movement intact of moving left to right. People who have studied this say starting the visual activity in the same direction is mentally more efficient. This is why numbers and alpha are on the left. Paragraphs begin on the left. And thus, moving from a bookmark to the corresponding text should remain left to right. Placing the bookmark panel on the right is counter to English speaking people. For those in certain Asian and Arab countries who use right to left writing, then they should have the option to read their browser according to their language.
This is absolutely the way to handle it. I work for a global energy company. Our campus in Houston has 8,000 employees, and tens of thousands scattered around the globe. Having to move hundreds of project-related bookmarks around is common. Trying to do that with the internal jso database is next to impossible. Keeping bookmarks (favorites) in a folder in the Explorer allows corporations and businesses to manage large numbers of bookmarks in bulk. Plus, it's easier to go directly to a specific bookmark inside the Explorer and modify it's properties instead of digging down through the database inside the browser itself. We often need to modify bookmarks and move them without even opening the browser. It is common for us to move large folders with bookmarks from person to person, project to project, and job change to job change. Otherwise we would have to insert thousands of bookmarks into each computer in our offices and force the individual employee to sort it out. That's an impossible task. If at all possible (and I know it is) please try to incorporate an easy system - such as the favorites folder - for bookmark management.
"Windows File Explorer is the model [when FE is repaired to function as File Explorer should] with full respect for tree and folder layout, and the ability to select and copy, move, paste and/or drag and drop just like File Explorer." TOTALLY AGREE SANTABARBARA ! If the New Edge is being developed just for home users and mimics the existing Chrome clones, then use it as it is. But if the new Edge is to be marketed as the Go-To browser for business, then is has to have an efficient way to manage the bookmarks, such as the IE-11 system. Being able to manage hundreds, even thousands of bookmarks together through the File Explorer is soooo much better than having the open the browser and dig down through the hidden database just to find a single bookmark.

@Ries van Moorselaar @Elliot Kirk 

Elliot, here in this thread is more, again, speaking to wanting things that are part of (current) Edge... its toolbar icons, and Favs handling that make it special & cause people to like it & use it.  Set aside, Add notes, Favs et al, Share.  AND ellipsis things opening as fly-out panels NOT, changing to another page. We are given to understand all this IS going to be in Edge C.  Point is, it is easy to see, from threads likes this, the large number of Users who VERY much want these Edge things to continue to be Edge things.  We keep reminding Folks we are in early stages.  But, it is understandable they can be 'nervous' when they are not seeing these items that they feel are absolute parts of Edge.  It must be given attention & respect that there is a liking, a preference for (current) Edge style & approaches to things.  There are Edge Features, that concern people when they seem to left by the wayside.  Stuff not even listed under "Coming soon", makes the concern understandable, also, in regard to this (same) bunch of stuff being mentioned & addressed, again, in yet another thread.  Can improve the under the cover guts, but, having Folks without things they like, use & want is not/would not be an improvement the majority want.

Theses things may well be coming, still, the re-occurring similar comments & sentiments are not surprising (until they are seen).  And it clearly shows MANY are VERY passionate about having what has come to be viewed as "Edge things"... not Edge without them... not the Edge people know, like & want to have consistency of Features & Functionality as we transition to a new version.  As long as this is taken seriously by the Team, Folks should end up with an appealing, exciting product.




I fully agree.


Without those buttons - it's just a chrome lookalike

With them - A better browser that combines a rich pluggin store with the quality of the classic Edge Gui.


Right now I have two things that blocks a switch from classic edge.

* The favorites button

* The ability to block webpages (Youtube) from hijacking the right click menu. For this I have found a dirty workaround - sending IE agent string



A  few users seems to have gotten it in Canary but its not even standard there. We are trying to get MS to understand that they should implement it for both Canary and dev and for all users -  last week





There are a number of "Edge" things which, the Team has been hearing about (from Insiders) for quite a while. The message conveyed has been that it is all coming, though, may come piecemeal.  And, it has been alleged that it will all be there by, actual, release time (non-beta).  Obviously, there are heaps of people hoping this comes to pass.   (Since we keep hearing the same (missing) things mentioned repeatedly.  Reckon the Team surely must be hearing the same things (from us) and are acting on it. (We hope).


No news for the Favorites button ? Apart from the "screen" I posted above
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