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I recently read this Tweet, and wanted to hear from someone at Microsoft about this blatant violation of privacy. Even in a beta phase, this is absolutely unacceptable. This is upsetting for me, as I've been loving the new version of Edge. In the mean time, I've switched back to Vivaldi.

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That tweet has a lot of flaws, i suggest not to believe anything you find on the internet if there is some codes attached to it it doesn't make it legit.

Here's why:
1. i went over my edge canary privacy settings and there are quite a few options that let edge send visited websites urls to the microsoft. those options are Not related to smart screen that the twitter guy is talking about. microsoft is not hiding the fact that they send urls. they are doing it in a justified manner using the built in settings.

2. also there are options inside windows that can send visited websites to microsoft.
3. since the new edge is considered an insider software then it can probably override windows' privacy settings to enable full send of data. windows insider does this, so it wouldn't be surprising if the edge insider does the same once installed.
4. I STRONGLY disagree with the saying that all other browsers are angels and they never call home and only microsoft edge does this. that's the biggest lie lol. if anything, Google's chrome browser is the mastermind of all these. they have data about you that you can't even possible imagine. the same applies to apple safari and the rest. these kinds of accusations and only emphasizing on one piece of software and filter out the rest of the companies is both shady and fishy.

5. other browsers definitely do the same, they can do it in an encrypted way so that man in the middle attacks like that can't reveal anything.

6. using Vivaldi or any other browser doesn't mean you are safe or your privacy is..i dont know...intact?

when you are on the internet, you hand over the control of your data to someone else. that someone can be an individual or an agency.


it's true, for microsoft (send url to microsoft mean history to google), so what's so different ?
please dont present assumptions about topics/technologies you arent an expert on as facts

the tweets definitely lack context but the issues presented are genuine


I could say the same about you actually.

I didn't deny the part where they send URLs to the Microsoft servers. read my first paragraph carefully.

all the 6 sections i wrote above are facts and ture. denying them is like saying the sun doesn't exist lol.

the issue is that smartscreen isnt sending just the hashed SNI as intended
it has nothing to do with edge insider or its privacy settings


it's not about smart screen. that twitter guy think that way but there are a lot more options that can send urls to microsoft that are not part of the smart screen. i didn't realize it was such a hard matter to understand. the fact that you're thinking that random guy is an expert explain everything.

yes and those options do so in a way that is secure, documented, explicit, intentional

matt is a well known metasploit hacker, he's not some random guy


talk is cheap. a few screenshots is not gonna fool anyone. i can say whatever i want as well.

@Deleted your super turbo popular hacker got only 5k followers, i have more than that and im not a known hacker. 

by the way

"SID is only local to the PC in question. Its an unique ID for an account (Microsoft or offline-account). What I can see, the account itself is not sent to Microsoft, thus the statistics ARE anonymous."

honestly, it's a random guy probably paid up and he gathered all Microsoft haters around him to post deceptive stuff like that. pretty obvious by reading the tweet replies, which means mixing up truth and false information together to preset their own agenda.

I suggest you don't fall for things like this again



the authority argument "he's a known hacker" to me it's direct trash.

Even nobel prizes can say fake socks.

The comments above by @Deleted and @HotCakeX are absolutely right. In a nutshell, @Anonymous you have plenty of controls in your hand, that justify the sending of such data, you absolutely have control over them. Plus, this is an insider software, wherein your usage is sent to Microsoft to improve the products. And most of the other browsers also do it, right? Microsoft does tells you in Privacy and Services very clear if you use the browser...



That tweet has to do with the old Edge, not with the new Edge.



@Poyen_Lin1285 yes but, a middle man interception we can't realy tell if it's realy the work of the history or not, for instance, if i launch microsoft.com. it will send it to my history, but what if microsoft want to check my history BEFORE writing it in my account ?

for optimizing my connection they maybe decide to launch it on smartscreen with my id, so the server side smartscreen would add it in my account.

It's possible so juste tell "tey lie to us" just with thats it's an intellectual sham

@Poyen_Lin1285 Wow, it's an amazing discovery, I missed it literally...:grinning_face_with_sweat:


There we have it folks, it's the old Edge, not the new Edge...

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