Display multiple pages in built-in PDF reader

Kamil Zmeškal
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Hello, I have a one suggestion. Can you add option (button on toolbar) for display multiple pages in PDF reader please? It is good view type for Widescreen monitors.

Thank you.


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@Kamil Zmeškal 

Definitely agree, one of the (surprising) limitations of many pdf readers is the inability to do this. If Edge is to become the default pdf reader it needs to.

Yes, there are so many basic things which are missing from edge....even classic edge have more features. But it seems like we can't complain coz it's just in early stages and is much better than I expected in some areas....But it will definitely improve....For now, I will ask for these features via suggestion to microsoft.

@Deleted  "For now, I will ask for these features via suggestion to microsoft."


That's what I've been doing, too -- requesting things through the smiley face.  It gets the suggestion into the database, anyway, and that can't hurt.  If I think that a suggestion might be something worth a broader discussion, I post something here, as well.


The bottom line is that Edge Chromium should have, at a bare minimum, the functionality of Edge Classic.  I assume that Microsoft understands this and is at work on bringing Edge Chromium up to speed in that regard.

Edge is not released yet as a stable release in public....Microsoft is working on it as I'm noticing it....

@Deleted "Edge is not released yet as a stable release in public."


Of course not.  We are probably at least six months away from that point.   Nonetheless, part of our job as testers is to keep after Microsoft on the essentials, such as ensuring that Edge Chromium, at a minimum, is as functional as Edge Classic.  That's my view, anyway, so I report differences/deficiencies through the smiley face as I use the browser.

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