Dev channel update to is live


Hello insiders! Today we released build to the Microsoft Edge Dev Channel.  As you can see, we’ve moved on to version 77, and as such, there are some fun new things to try out.  Those new things, as well as the fixes we believe are significant enough to mention this week, include: 


New features and behavior:


  • Added a page in Settings to choose your desired New Tab Page layout.
  • Added an option in the Help and Feedback menu to report an unsafe website.
  • Multiple tabs can now be selected using the keyboard’s ctrl and space keys.
  • Added dark theme to the Send Feedback dialog.
  • Added a separator between the active tab and the rest of the tabs when the color of the tab band makes it difficult to tell the difference between the active tab and the rest of the tabs.
  • Updated the color of windows when they’re inactive.


Fixes for improved reliability:


  • Fixed an issue where opening Settings as a guest crashes the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where opening DevTools in InPrivate sometimes crashes the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where the loading spinner and the tab icon existed at the same time.
  • Fixed a crash when using Read Aloud.
  • Fixed an issue where certain webpages with videos would crash.
  • Fixed an issue where favorites sometimes get deleted if the first run experience is interrupted.
  • Fixed some strings that weren’t translated.
  • Fixed an issue where installed websites can’t be uninstalled from Windows Settings.
  • Fixed an issue where DevTools extensions weren’t appearing in the list of DevTools extensions.
  • Fixed an issue where sync sometimes wouldn’t work when using a VPN.
  • Fixed an issue where files shown on the downloads page used a generic icon instead of the file’s own icon.


Mac-only changes:


  • Fixed an issue where clicking the Restart App button when installing an update doesn’t open the browser again.
  • Fixed an issue where context menus sometimes aren’t shown.
  • Fixed an issue where the text for the keyboard shortcut to open Downloads is different depending on where it is seen.
  • Fixed an issue where the prompt to enter keychain credentials is unexpectedly seen after installing a new build.


As always, thanks for being an insider, and keep sending us all of your valuable feedback and suggestions! 

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awe man, I was hoping you would have included the "show ions only" for the favorites bar with this update.. Ah well, maybe next update.... lol

"Added a page in Settings to choose your desired New Tab Page layout."
Still no option to NOT show news at all.... I think this does need adding....
Other wise I like the updates....




Added a page in Settings to choose your desired New Tab Page layout.

I believe this setting is NOT needed, as its available on the New Tab page. I suggest to combine On Startup and New Tab Page pages in Settings into one with 2 above subsections. In New Tab Page subsection, offer choice:

- User Set Layout

- Empty Tab

- Open a Web Page


Generally, try cutting the list of Settings pages to bare minimum, and make each such page contain many relevant settings, not just left almost empty.

in the inprivate windows, it is still very difficult to distinguish the active tab, it does not differ from the rest

I agree - I'm not sure if it preloads this information, but I rarely ever look at it anymore and just use the "Inspirational" setting. Only when I accidentally scroll do I even occasionally take a peek at what's in there.



允许用户在 设置 中选择他们想要的新标签页布局。

在 帮助和反馈 菜单中添加了一个选项,供用户报告不安全的网站。

现在可以使用键盘的 ctrl 和空格键来选择多个选项卡。

发送反馈对话框增加了 黑暗主题。



提高可靠性: 修复了当用户打开 设置 页时会导致浏览器崩溃的问题。

修复了在 隐私模式 下中打开 开发者工具 时,可能会导致浏览器崩溃的问题。

修复了 加载图标 和 标签图标 同时存在的问题。

修复了使用 语音阅读 时崩溃的问题。

修复了打开某些 带有视频的网页 时可能会崩溃的问题。

修复了 初次运行中断 时收藏夹有时会被删除的问题。


修正了无法从 Windows 设置中卸载已安装网站的问题。

修复了某些需要附加在 开发者工具 上的扩展没有正确加载的问题。

修复了在使用 VPN 时有时无法同步数据的问题。




修复了当安装更新时点击 重启 按钮不能再次打开浏览器的问题。

修复了 右键菜单 有时不显示的问题。

修复了使用 打开下载 快捷键时提示文本显示位置不恰当的问题。




I know that maybe it's a bit to much to ask custom search engine on the new tab.

So, could we, at least, remove the search field?

@orlando2bjr the "new tab URL" chrome extension works in Edge also. It will let you set the new tab page to whatever URL you want.


It would be nice if they added "blank page" and a custom URL to the new tab page.

Thanks, @null_character , but I want to keep the daily image from Bing.
I've tested the extension but if I set it to bing.com it also has no way of hiding the search bar. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.

Oh, I didn't even know it *was* available from the new tab page - thanks for poiting that out (indirectly) ^^

@josh_bodner Can you please include font smoothing/anti-aliasing the way non-chromium Edge has it now?



Can somebody fix the mouse track-pad over sensitivity issue fixed. 



Oh it's so weird talking to people and not by name, geesh.

Anyway, > Chrome store and grab this extension (see below).  I did heaps of looking & experimenting... and, it will do exactly what you want... although, maybe not using the Bing Daily picture, but, you will, still, probably love what all there is available (for background).  Trust me, from 1st hand use, this is perfect.  And look what one of the options is :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:
This is it installed
Just go grab it HERE & there you go :thumbs_up::thumbs_up::ok_hand:

And see, no search bar
In fact, the search bar is not needed since the address/search box is (always) at the top of the page, anyway; one hardly needs 2 search boxes on the same page, good point.


Using the dark theme, the active tab is nearly impossible to guess. Here it is slightly lighter due to the clipping tool, but not when viewed on the monitor:



@Gustav Brock 

The solution is to use an OS Accent colour that affords a certain amount of contrast.  And have checked ✔ Show accent colour on Title bars & window borders.

I run Dark & have no trouble seeing the tabs.  I found out it depends on the OS Accent colour used how easy or hard it is to see the tabs.




Excellent recommendation was excellent. Many thanks - just what I was looking for! Have just signed up to the forum to thank you. Don't seem to be able to like your post but consider yourself morally liked.


Meanwhile - seriously, Microsoft, let us change the search provider on the new tab screen. I can't imagine this is any more than a few lines of code. It comes across as a deliberate choice of a dark pattern.


Nope. That works for, say, Windows Explorer, but for Edge Dev is has the reverse effect. When Edge Dev looses focus, it is displayed as you mention, but as soon as it gets focus, the setting has no effect.


@Gustav Brock 

Are you sure about that?



Funnily enough, the all dark is how I'd prefer it to be for Edge.... Swap title bars?


You are most welcome :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: And, thanks for the 'Like' ;) Yes, in that NTP you can, indeed, pick a search engine, so true. Although, with this one can, also, not even have the Search bar showing (btw).  We are talking about Infinite Dashboard (extension) from the Chrome store.  The videos for backgrounds are neat, too.

Subject change:

Here is an example of tabs being easy to see whilst using Dark Mode





This is about problem I had with either one version of edge dev before this one (xx.2) or ahci intel driver.

I don't know is it edge dev problem but maybe it is (I don't even know if edge can do that, what was the problem)

My computer would start blu ray (seek noise, led on) while there is no disk present.

This behaviour happened few times a day.

After I unintalled edge dev and switched intel ahci for ms ahci it stopped.

Its hard to say that it is either edge dev or intel ahci related but it is possible.


I now reinstalled edge dev but left ms ahci.

So far so good.

Best regards.

@josh_bodner Hi

Do anyone have any estimate on when AAD signin and the full sync experience will come?

Nice work, this is already the best browser on the marked!

Regards Lars

@josh_bodner Seems as though the LastPass plugn in still is not working.  As it has in the past, authentication fails on a Windows 10 1809 machine whereas on a Mac, it works fine.

Oh, something new this morning, that was "not" there yesterday....  

@josh_bodner 189.3 build.jpg


189.3 build 2.jpg

Also, Edge CAN now has all of them that were available once again...


Thanks for the update! Are there any plans to implement the Books feature? @josh_bodner 


Just wanted to point out some issues I've been experiencing. I've been having recurring issues on video playing sites mainly Netflix. Generally, it would run and load significantly slower than usual comparing to old Edge. 

Video playback would freeze after pause/play. (doesn't feel as snappy as old edge)

The page would crash when loading video.


Everyone knows that the canary channel is available to Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 now, but I'm using the latest Dev build on Windows 8.1! It's working without any problem! I think it's about time to put the Dev channel on Windows 8.1, because it's working perfectly on my Windows 8.1 device. 

Hi @josh_bodner , I have noticed that Read Aloud isn't working on Reading Mode, is that an expected behavior?

Just as an aside, would suggest updating the 1809 to 1903.

No. The understanding is that, although, RV is bare-bones now, its Features and Tools are coming. And they may not show up all at once. But, in theory, all will be in by the time Edge C is GA.

Dev can always be expected to be the more stable, refined and polished of the 2 branches.


@josh_bodner Crashing after launch after this update.


- <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
- <System>
  <Provider Name="Windows Error Reporting" />
  <EventID Qualifiers="0">1001</EventID>
  <TimeCreated SystemTime="2019-06-20T16:36:46.583212100Z" />
  <Security />

- <EventData>
  <Data />
  <Data>Není k dispozici.</Data>
  <Data />
  <Data />
  <Data>\\?\C:\Users\vlast\AppData\Local\Temp\2a64c358-2865-4b89-81a6-27babc447402_crashinfo.txt \\?\C:\Users\vlast\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge Dev\User Data\Crashpad\reports\2a64c358-2865-4b89-81a6-27babc447402.dmp</Data>
  <Data />
  <Data />
  <Data />


Hi @josh_bodner Could you please consider adding a second row to the "frequent visited pages" in the empty tab? I do really use that a lot in firefox.



I'd just like to compliment you and your team on one aspect of your Dark Mode that I don't think I've seen any other browser get right before: skinning the page loading screen! Every other browser I've seen has a bright white page loading screen, even in dark mode, but this one has a gray to match the rest of the theme!

@josh_bodner I am LOVING this EDGE CHROMIUM browser, however I am still waiting for that Active X integration so I dont have to use the old explorer just for some SharePoint functions. How about it guys can you integrate it or maybe change the SharePoint features to use some JS or HTML 5 magic to get us on track?

Still no "Share this page" icon.
Is this impossible in Edge Dev? It was very useful in traditional Edge

I've uninstalled the Edge Chromuim because, My favorites pages were not fully imported and I hated that.
Please Fix it in the next update@josh_bodner 



"awe man, I was hoping you would have included the "show ions only" for the favorites bar with this update.. Ah well, maybe next update..."

I really, really want this too. The sooner, the better. 



I don`t really that it is a feature or not but whenever i open a web page in new tab either by using scroll button or open in a new tab option, a tab group group is being automatically created irrespective of my consent. I would really hope if this changes in future builds. It is rather annoying for me this whole tab group thing.

And really loving to the edge`s team effort to bring the best of web experience to us. Would love to see fluent design elements in future builds. and the new PDF reader does n`t abide by theme settings of Edge. It is still white irrespective of theme


@Paul Demmitt @josh_bodner 

Show icons only DOES, now, exist. Does each Fav individually. Rt Clk on each & ✔ or un✔; some may have similar icons & the tag will be wanted.


@lovelotey1600 @josh_bodner 

Silly me, I can't decipher which of you has the New tab issue 🤨:thinking_face:  Whoever it is, please, provide a snip of what you are seeing with New tab.  Thanks. Whether New tab is opening a new browser window OR being opened in an existing window of tabs, all you should have is that ONE page.  What you are describing doesn't sound like any "Feature" you should have.  Anxious to see snip.  Anxious to know which of you is the OP, lol. 

Please, keep reporting the PDF behavior to Feedback.  This may be similar to Reading view... having things, but, (as yet) without their Features & Tools 🤷‍:male_sign:.



So I'm not sure what you're referring to, but attached is a screen snip of my tabs bar with 2 Group tabs, one purple and one orange. I don't know how they got created. At one time the purple one was the first tab on the left side, but while moving another tab, it got moved. I can't remove it, move it or open it. It's just there taking up space. 

How do I get rid of these?

Also, I'd like to see the arrow at the end of the displayed tabs indicating there are more. I can't get to ones that aren't shown. It's frustrating to have a payment tab, for instance, open at the right side, then have to get some information to fill in from another tab. I can't get to the last tab on the right. There used to be (in old Edge) the arrow, Most helpful. Please bring it back.



@Paul Demmitt 


I'll deal with your 2nd query first. You are referring to individual tab Thumbnails and the :downwards_button: that shows historical ones.  The current lack of this has been brought to the Edge C Team's attention.  It would be good if you, also, submitted it to Feedback.  We are in the early stages & it is one a few things, missing, right now.

Now, those 'group' things.  Sounds like I misunderstood... Thought you were saying this had something to do with opening New tab page.  Anyway, moving on... Neither do I know what they are or their origin.  Have to admit they are not familiar to me.  But, that said, I see you have a lot of added stuff to the right of the address bar & some I don't recognize. Maybe, you have added something that has produced these things.  If you close the browser completely and re-open, what tabs show?

And, btw, Dev is now  Please, update & then, continue our discussion.  Thanks.





Yes, so the lack of being able to see tabs to the right is very frustrating. There can be many more tabs open that I can't see or close or get to.

As for the "Group" tabs, this has not occurred on my Asus desktop, only my HP Spectre 13 from 2017.
I do have the latest build on both machines and have re-started the browser.
The icons to the right of the address bar are for installed extensions-LastPass, Ublock, NoSquint, Ghostery and a few others. I have the same extensions on my desktop too.
Thanks for addressing this.

@Paul Demmitt 

Paul, I had a wee chuckle reading this, "not occurred on my Asus desktop, only my HP", because, for years I have been a fan of ASUS and not, of HP.  Yes, I know those are extensions... it crossed my mind about toolbars, but, no there isn't any of that or those (browser toolbars not, taskbar toolbars).  Could it, actually, be an HP thing?  Those buttons are unfamiliar to me.  But, I'm going to try a visual search, just have to find your snip, again.  Well, that didn't help.

I have to remember I have a Bing Insider meeting in a couple of hours.

BTW, if you Rt Clk on those extension icons there is Move to menu instead, of them all showing on the toolbar all the time. The reverse is Move to toolbar when they are in the menu.


@Drew1903 I did know about putting extensions in the menu. I've done that with some.

I can't imagine that those color "Group" tabs are an HP thing. 

Thanks for checking.


@Paul Demmitt 

You're welcome, Paul.  Wish I could say something insightful about those Group buttons.  I've never seen them before & can't guess, successfully, at their origin; nor could I find out anything about them. Quite the mystery.  Surely, someone (else) can shed some light on this one :crossed_fingers:.  You don't have them on Edge, correct? (Just on Dev & Canary)



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