Dev channel update to is live

David Rubino

Today we delivered build to the Dev channel. This release chiefly contains changes from Chromium 75, but does contain two notable bug fixes as well:


  • Fixed a crash when viewing a security certificate in F12 developer tools
  • Fixed a crash which prevented the browser from shutting down cleanly after the first time it is run


As always, let us know if you encounter any issues with this build. Thanks for being an insider, and see you next week.



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Edge on Android is crashing after trying to sync favourites to edge insider.
I'm using latest dev version

@David Rubino Hi! Does not switch the interface language to Russian, though added. The selection window is inactive (seen in the screenshot). 

And how can I change the default search engine, for example - on Yandex?

@David Rubino It appears that spell check is functional in this build, which wasn't available in the previous dev build...

No, It's not

@Deleted It's definitely working for me and it was not this morning before the update.

@David Rubino
Does not switch the interface language to Russian

You can't change the language at the moment.


@David Rubino
And how can I change the default search engine, for example - on Yandex?

Add it manually following these steps:

@eakart You can change the default search engine by first browsing to Yandex. It may not be necessary but it has been shown to help set things up if you also do a search from Yandex. Then go to edge://settings/search and pick Yandex as your default search engine.

Annotation 2019-05-02 174625.jpg


@NicolSD Thanks, I found it and made it. But the change of the main interface language does not work.

@eakart We're in early days yet. I doubt they are ready to have more than one language for the interface. You might want to use Mr. Smiley to file a report. The folks at MS may have a different answer for you.

@David Rubino If I have IPVanish enabled, I cannot sign in to sync, and if I'm already signed in, sync shows that it's not working.

Is the ability to sort favorites (bookmarks) on the horizon, or did I miss it in this build?


Bill Byrnes

@David Rubino The default search location of Bing switches to German and it stays that way, no matter if I change it to Netherlands or USA in the settings. This happens on multiple computers I use.

@billbyrnes I can drag them around just fine here.

I noticed it this morning too. I'm using the 64-Bit version.

@David Rubino i hope this one is the bomb

@Deleted I think it's being rolled out gradually. I also found that spellcheck was working on mine today. 



For me also Spell Check is not working and my version is: (Canary).

Just upgraded to Dev Version and favourites are still not syncing.

There's a red "not syncing" notification next to my profile picture, and clicking on that reveals a "Syncing is not available right now. Check your settings and try again." message.

When I check settings, it says "Couldn't connect to the sync server. Retrying..."

This is the second week that sync is busted. My MSA is otherwise working perfectly.

I've tried signing out/signing in, doesn't make a difference. Any ideas?

@emrold Are you using a VPN?  I have that problem when I'm connected through IPVanish.  When I disconnect, and do a direct connection, the problem goes away.

YouTube notifications still appear to be on the to fix list. Not working on 1809 nor on 1903 Release Preview. Guess will stick with my default browser for now. MS is not the only Chromium beta/dev Chromium-based browser having these notification issues.

@NicolSD Thanks for that tip.  I was trying to figure out how to do this. Nice to have but it could be more obvious. It seems to me it warrants a separate link for Search Engine rather than being buried under address bar. Maybe not. I guess now that I know where to find it i will probably never change it anyway. :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

No VPN. This is happening on multiple PCs, on multiple networks. I've submitted feedback... will wait & see.

@David Rubino Quando pretendem liberar a sincronização de extensões no navegador?


When did you want to release a sync of extensions in the browser?

The voice search in Google seems to be still unable to work on Edge

@emrold Seeing this issue as well. Submitted feedback for it. 


Bill, it's, already, here.  And you can do it 3 ways, albeit, all using drag & drop. (1) use the Fav Bar within the browser. Grab & move where you want; includes or also, applies to items in 'extended' listings (via >). OR (2) > ... > Favorites and do the grab & move with that list (this one and 3 are good if Favs Bar is off as they don't necessitate turning Favs Bar on). OR (3) is shown below; please, note the highlighted path & K/B shortcut.  Here, again, just grab & move.



@David Rubino 

Hi David,

Certainly, mindful of the 'Rome wasn't built in a day' aspect, but, there sure is a lot missing, still, at this point.  Much of what exists, now, is ok, but, the distraction of all that's missing bothers & concerns Folks.  Easy to see the same few items mentioned & craved repeatedly.  Having the stuff back in is extremely imperative & critical/crucial.

That said, I will take this opportunity to give you a couple of items:

Leaving where you are & being switched to a separate new & different page for things in ... instead of using panels or a fly-out is completely & absolutely, wrong, unacceptable, silly (Read: crazy) as all heck & counter-productive/inefficient; have to stay immersed in & looking at the site you are using!  And, in ... having Pin to Desktop is rather silly.  However, what DOES need/MUST be there is Pin to Taskbar!

Edge C's behavior when using multiple desktops MUST BE fixed straight-away.  The concept is unworkable w/ Edge C until & unless this is fixed.

The known issue of Edge C not opening to its assigned page after the initial time HOPEFULLY will be corrected, soon.


All the extensions that we, already, use & want, that are familiar & appealing, should be in the Microsoft Store, all of them! (Mouse gestures, Translator, Adblocker Ultimate, Print Friendly & PDF, et al).  "One-stop shopping" is a must.




I have had it, now.  Still, do LOL  See, it made me spell thos right ;)

Actually, thos does have a squiggly red line under it :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Interestingly enough, so does Ecto :thinking_face: Hmmm


Actually mine isn't working

@NicolSD @eakart 

Nicol is correct.

There will not be 'global' regions or languages in beta Builds.  Whether an OS, browser or other, it is something that is added in the latter stages of development.  Some may, even, continue to be added after a release, in some cases.  President suggests all the languages & regions ultimately supported likely will not all be added simultaneously.  It is inappropriate & untimely to submit this as a bug.


@leon_h @NicolSD 

Yes, & then you search somewhere not, even, aware that (that) search engine you happened to be using was added to your list of engines.  I, actually, laughed a bit when I saw something like Twitter listed... what? Huh?  I didn't add that... nano second later, recalled looking for something in Twitter's search box sometime & voila, explained.


@David Rubino eagerly awaiting when I will be able to create a profile with my corporate profile (O365 login). Cheers!


May I bring to your attention, that there are some longstanding issues on the Microsoft Flow editing UI that manifest on Chrome only - that may be a Flow UI bug, or a chrome bug - they are corner cases where in some actions the Flow being edited disapears and the window gets blank (gray), requiring a refresh.


This post has links to several other forum topics on similar occurrences: 





Hi @David Rubino
I cannot find the flag "Save Page as MHTML" in latest dev build I could enable it in the previous build but this option is not available now when saving web pages in this dev build. Where can I enable it again?
I think this is useful so I want to keep it in Edge.

@David Rubino I am unable to log into my account in the settings tab.


The pupup just goes to a all white screen.

I havetried uninstalling and installing a fresh install and still have the same issue.


I have the same issue but I suspect it needs a particular port open which may be commonly blocked.  If you can find out which port(s) are used in sync, I can experiment.  (I'm behind a new DOCSIS modem/router and it may be set too restrictive...)



@eakart Just follow these steps: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Discussions/Search-Engines/m-p/449637

edit: uuups, a bit too late... nevermind! ;)

 @David RubinoBring in built (VPN- support ) to browser so that  we can  browser safer at  public wifi spots, and bring back fluent design to browser and  please dont remove cortana support from browser.  

Built-in VPN would be a nice addition.


Even if it is not a native VPN like Opera offers, a feature to select, activate and deactivate a Windows VPN configuration from within the browser would be useful.

Same here. I updated to today, in the dev channel, but that MHTML flag is still not there.

@David Rubino 

The transition from old to new Edge, is eagerly awaited, and good luck. 

I have experienced 0 % mistakes so far !.

A 100% Edge guy ;).

@David Rubino -- #autoplay policy doesn't seem to be working consistently. I've set it to "Document user activation is required" but still get content playing sound on the page w/o my interaction. It's a mixed bag as some content will play w/o sound but others just crank right through the speakers. Sure will this feature would work as a "mute all;all the time".

@David Rubino 

Recently ran into problem with saved password pulling passwords. Kind think when sight ask to reset  the password when approved etc it wasn't updating existing old file.  I think it was pulling from old Chrome file.  Once I shut it off the password file it corrected the problem.

Edge Devis up to v.152

@David Rubino I've been using Edge Insider (Dev channel) as my daily driver since it went public. I've even disabled Chrome on my Galaxy Note 8 and Tab S2 to allow the syncing between my tablet, phone, Desktop, and Surface Pro.  So far, I haven't run into any issues.  I consider myself, as a the average web browser user.  


Some of the things I've noticed:


Edge seems to start quicker than Chrome

Pages render rather quickly (although I haven't actually timed them).

Edge uses less resources (considerably less), than Chrome, which is one of the more important things, to me at least.

It is stable.  It crashed once or twice when I first started using it, but it's been stable throughout.


Overall, it's been running great and Microsoft is definitely going in the right direction.

Please put in the option to sort favorites by name. I would also like to see the download interface be what it is in IE and Classic Edge and not the one that Chrome has that I have always hated. 

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