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Drew I read your comment and find it condesending mate, some of us are not able to accept change for accessability reasons. Constantly changing this just because it looks pretty or stop people from using something that they have got used to is a harrowing consept for some, I have Malacular Degeneration and am slowly going blind, I paid good money to buy Windows 10 Pro, times 5 and Office 365. through PC World.  Even the slightest change to an operating system is hard to accept but we do try to adapt ie changing things to make them cosmetically nice without warning, and then make it very hard to get it back the way you wanted it in the first place, it should be left to the customer to decide we should have the right to say through an option within the software, whether we want to change the look of it or not, not be told thats the way it has to be.


I woke up one morning and Microsoft had changed my desktop layout through an update and I spent hours on the phone just trying to get help to get my desktop back to some form of normality because all the colours were completely changed, no would you like to download this update it just did it itself.


But the fact is with Microsoft you do not get a choice even though we are the customer, its their way or the highway, we do not even have the choice anymore, of being able to not download updates. We must do it, we can defer them, but we are still forced to download them. Thankfully there are other operating systems out there and I for one am looking now to switch to another, all because my choice has been taken away from me.

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