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I am curious about the Collections feature. How do people think this will be useful? 

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I think its going to be one of key differentiates to Chrome. Quite useful feature to quickly make some notes while researching a topic like a coming soon trip. It will likely allow sync between devices.

How could you see it being helpful for planning a trip? What do you normally do when planning a trip? 
I'm wondering what they mean when they describe "using cloud-powered intelligence" too. This all seems like a good idea, but it looks like a simplified version of extensions like OneNote and Evernote.

@ntriulzi  The ability to take a collection and transform/reformat into a word document or Excel spread sheet sets it apart.

Hi @ntriulzi, we use local processing to pull out entities on the websites such as price or ratings. We hope that this will make it easier to compare apples with apples across different sites. The cloud portion is how we train the local processor to know what is what. This allows us to get better over time, and quickly adapt to changes in web pages. You can learn more about our Collections plans by reading the full blog post here. This is just our first peek at the feature, and we are not even close to feature complete. We want to get early feedback, so that we can adapt our plans to make it fit our customers needs most completely. Thanks - Elliot

Hi @Oldmil1165, we only have export to Microsoft Excel today, but we are going to expand this as we go. Beyond Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, what other programs would you feel most strongly about?  What do you use today to gather and track information in this way?