Build has been released to the Dev channel

David Rubino

Hello insiders! Today we published build to the Dev channel. This build contains a number of fixes and improvements, the most notable of which is a new feature to clear browsing data on exit. You can find this option in settings under "Privacy and services". Some of the other changes are listed below. Please let us know if you experience any issues with the update, and thanks for being an insider!


Fixes and improvements in


  • Fixed an issue which was preventing Hulu playback for some users. Hulu would not play on a supported monitor if there was a second unsupported monitor attached.
  • The user interface now uses Windows system settings and colors for high contrast.
  • When importing your data from other browsers in profile settings, a new option to import cookies is available.
  • Website permissions like access to location and devices are now migrated from the current version of Microsoft Edge when you install an insider channel.
  • When Microsoft Defender SmartScreen identifies a malicious site, if you open the site information flyout from the left side of the address box you will see new options to "Report as safe" and "Show unsafe content". 
  • SmartScreen protection is now built-in on macOS, and the SmartScreen extension has been disabled.
  • The option to disable SmartScreen is no longer available in guest mode.
  • In response to feedback, we increased the width of pinned tabs to make them easier to see and click.
  • The ability to export passwords to a CSV file has been restored.
  • Updated the error messages seen when the PDF reader is disabled in site permissions. Different errors are now shown for local files versus web files, and the messages offer a quick link to the setting.
  • In the download page, canceled downloads are now shown with gray color and strikethrough title.
  • You can now use spacebar to choose items in menus, in addition to the enter key.
  • When opening a menu with the keyboard, the first item in the menu is now selected by default.


Thanks! -David

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Not available yet..

@David Rubino Read Aloud feature still not available neither reading mode nor pdf. Is there any ETA?



@David Rubino 

I have suggestion I hope to find it on edge if there is option to turn any website to black or night mode except ones who has already night mode 
Edge is getting better to better never stop even when you be the best🤩

Still no IE mode?


I sure still do not see/find it; and I even have the flag(s) enabled, too... for all the may matter... doesn't seem to matter, at all.  Old MacDonald :man_farmer: had a browser IE IE Oh No IE IE O 

Hope David, Gabriel or Eric can/will shed some light on it being MIA.


Some feedbacks:
- Add option to import data from Opera browser
- Add option to use mobile user agent on Progressive Web Apps like Instagram or Twitter. (Using mobile user agent unlock the message feature in Instagram.)
- Add compact mode for the UI, to show more view on the website.
- Show "Search" or "Copy" option after selecting a text.

Looking forward for the update. Thank you!

@gabgb @David Rubino 

This is a real asset for those who are illiterate.  (<-- It's a joke, get it?)

Yes & neat coincidental timing to see this mentioned, right now... I think it was, just, yesterday, I mentioned this to Mr. :) Wanted to make sure they know/realise it's missing. I wonder how much longer, too. Things do keep coming, bit by bit (no pun intended).

Wish we knew what is necessary to tell them is (still) missing, at any point in time vs them, already, knowing what's 'missing' and just have not put such & such in, YET.


@David Rubino 

  • In response to feedback, we increased the width of pinned tabs to make them easier to see and click.

Thank you for this feedback, whoever sent it. I didn't know I even wanted this until I had it...definitely easier!


I (just) received a note saying the Team is actively looking into what to do about this missing IE issue.  I'm honestly not certain if this was just the usual form-letter or actually, different & specific, on this occasion.  So, this is FWIW, but, maybe, valid/credible/believable :crossed_fingers:


@David Rubino IE Mode still not work!


We will fix everything, they said... As soon as possible, they said...


Well, explain to me please why you can't do a really important and necessary thing, but find time for any nonsense?

"You can now use spacebar to choose items in menus, in addition to the enter key" - without this we can’t live anymore :(

@GDevYoussef There are already extension for that. Just search for https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/dark%20reader. I used the first one in the list for some time but as website designs are difficult to predict, I ended up adding quite some exceptions, until it wasn't worth it anymore.

@David Rubino What's going on. IE Mode was in build 211, but vanished with 218 and is still gone?!?

@David Rubino 


When opening a tab, the canvase behind it is white for a brief moment. Can this be changed so that it is white in bright mode and dark grey in dark mode? I installed a different new tab page (Initab) so its nice and easy on the eyes, but every time I open a new tab it flashes the white canvas at me for a split second before Initab can take over.

@MikeDiack  I believe it is called A/B testing. This is a dev branch, not even beta yet. We should not let anything weird upset us, because everything could break the next day - likely it won't but in theory :grinning_face_with_sweat:

@Rasshid mobile user agent is already added is developer toolsScreenshot (4)_LI.jpg

@Kevin Cocquyt wrote:

@GDevYoussef There are already extension for that. Just search for https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/dark%20reader. I used the first one in the list for some time but as website designs are difficult to predict, I ended up adding quite some exceptions, until it wasn't worth it anymore.

@Kevin Cocquyt thanks I will try it but I still hope edge team make something like that I think will be more professional

@David Rubino 

  • In response to feedback, we increased the width of pinned tabs to make them easier to see and click.


Would you consider making this optional? I am already unhappy with the amount of space wasted in the title bar. I also submitted this as a feedback, that it would be helpful if we could change the size of the title bar as we can in Firefox. Scaling the whole browser works, but is annoying because it breaks scaling with multiple monitors.




PS: I'm also missing the IE mode in Dev and Canary now after the updates. It already worked before. Strange.

@David Rubino, has this build addressed the extension corruption issues reported?  My main one is Dashlane, but I know there are others.

@David Rubino are you guys planning on changing downloading pop-up window from what it is to something more useful and less annoying like in Firefox or Opera? This Chrome all screen wide pop-up is the most annoying thing for me so far.

There is this annoying issue that needs attention. Whenever I do a search through Cortana or my search window I don't get any information. It just pops up a new tab and sits there. No longer brings up the original Edge like it used to.

@David Rubino I love the new Edgium, really do.  Like the fact that it's backward compatible with IE, good for the enterprise.  Love that fact that it's simple and lightweight too.  A browser should not be bloated with useless features.


Here's the "bloatware" features that I do NOT want in Edgium:

* Reading List (this was always confusing.  when is it a bookmark?  when a reading list item?)

* Set Aside Tabs (if you do this... do it as an Extension that ppl must install and thus opting INTO - can't tell you how many times I accidentally hit this button in the old Edge.)

* Hover over tabs (why? they're just tabs.  no need to waste your time.)

* Books (this should return as a separate app if MS one day returns to books.  Or better yet just work with Amazon to get Kindle on the MS Store.)


There are just 3 things missing before you go prime time:

1) Timeline integration in Windows 10 (this is major league important)


2) Pin to Start (I keep my Taskbar clean... only showing Windows that I am actively using.  This is because I typically have 20 windows open at a time.  So please give me back my Pin to Start.)


3) There should be a back button in the Apps/Install this site as an app wrapper.  Honestly I will probably never use this feature.  Tried is once on Mint.com.  The experience was terrible on Mint.com.  But I can see in the enterprise why one might want to use this button.  In the enterprise there are actually a lot of web apps.  For home use though there just aren't enough true PWAs yet to warrant this button.  Anywho... a back button would at least allow some semblance of usefulness for a site that is close to a PWA, but not quite... like Mint.com.


With these 3 features I think you're ready to go into production with this browser.  


In the future please live by the motto "Keep it Simple Silly".  It's a great motto for a dev to live by.  There may be new features, I'm not saying there won't, but please remember that a browser should be well... just a browser.


@GDevYoussef  I don't think this kind of features should be implemented on browser level, but rather as extensions since a lot of users won't event use it and it will probably just add unnecessary 'bloatware'. 


@David Rubino Loving the work so far, definitely the best browser out there.


There's a mind-numbing bug in the two latest versions, where if I right-click a link to open it in a new tab, or open it in a new tab by holding the Ctrl key, it will create a tab group and put both tabs in it, then eat up space on the tab bar while not actually organizing anythinggroup problem.PNG. There's not even any way to disable this behavior, and the number is seemingly random. In the image above, I was on the reply message screen, and opened the "blogs" link in a new tab. Doing this created Group 3 automatically, and added these two tabs to it, then added an unclickable tab that is highlighted, called "Group 3."

@David Rubino 


I've been using this as my primary browser across my devices since it launched and it's worked great!  Can't wait to for the new Edge to launch so i can roll it out to my org!  Keep up the good work!


Really Lot of improvements..  @David Rubino 

@David Rubino 


There appears to be a bug with UWP web links not opening in this build:


When I click on a web link from say Outlook (UWP), it shows an error for every link about not being to open it.


If I go into Default Apps and change back to old Edge the links open.


Change Default Apps back to latest Dev and they don't.


Links do open correctly from Win32, like Desktop Outlook.


I have reported via Feedback link.


Kind Regards


Hi Mike,

The Team knows about this issue & say they are working on it.  A resolution ETA, I have not heard.



When not using the default NTP, I have sometimes noticed this same event.  It is extremely brief!; such that I just let it go from my mind.  Anyway, you nailed it with, "before Initab can take over"... it's that instant that it flips to, redirects to the NTP that is being used.  It's that shade because the default NTP (with no image) is that colour; light/dark doesn't come into play with this.


@Rahsna Asurac 

It can be thought of as an A/B comparison IF, it is viewed as Edge C vs Edge.  But, properly speaking, it's beta testing. Actually, personally, I find the terminology confusing to people... Canary & Dev are, certainly, beta Builds as, the forthcoming Beta track will be, also.  The only differences are frequency of updates & how likely flaws & instability are; 3 degrees of magnitude.

Perfection or any notion of being a finished project is never part of beta Builds.  It's the very point of beta Builds & beta testing... find what works & what's broken or not built quite right, yet; ie, has flaws & needs reworking.  Find what (MOST) people like or dislike.  Learn what (MOST) people want or do not want to see which, gives the build Team direction.  And/or lets them know what needs fixing or tweaking.



@poyi Hong wrote:

@Rasshid mobile user agent is already added is developer toolsScreenshot (4)_LI.jpg

@poyi Hong 

Yes, but you can't access the developer option directly from the web app itself.



And, the user agent set will be gone once I refreshed the page.



That's strange, tab groups is not even available for me.


No tab groups options in edge://flags/ either.

I checked that I have version

@David Rubino I am using Edge Dev for the Mac, and after upgrading to, I cannot open the browser at all. It crashes on launch. I am an insider fast track user and am running the latest Mac OS (10.14.5). Any thoughts?

@David Rubino Using the "Install this site as an app" feature for Word online it works pretty good... actually pretty "app" like.  However when you click the File menu and open up another recent document it frustratingly kicks out Edgium itself, rather than opening it up in the "app" window or another "instance" of an "app" window.  If you were to fix this... I could see myself using the "install this site as an app feature" for Office web.

This build is completely unusable for me :(
Uncaught DOMException: Failed to read the 'sessionStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document
Salesforce web site became completely unusable, some issues with cookies access.
And the settings to “Always allow” cookies get completely ignored.
Please fix… I’ve also reported an issue…
Thank you for making the browser more stable.
Do you schedule to add window ink and pdf bookmark features in the pdf reading function? Those are the great features in the original EDGE.
I have not ever seen or found any 'group' anything, either. One person had Group button on a HP laptop, but, no idea its origin or how to get rid of it.

Myself, I don't believe there is any kind of group tab(s) anything.


Sent from my Windows Phone
It is our understanding that all the, current, Features, Add notes et al which, we have come to view as both special and as standard equipment in Edge, will be in NEW Edge, by the time one replaces the other. :crossed_fingers:


Sent from my Windows Phone
try user agent switcher in chrome web store

@David Rubino 


Experimental AAD login support is not working.

Currently on a O365 domain-joined Windows 10 Pro with a Microsoft 365 Business account. 

It correctly identifies my account and oferrs me to sync the profile to that account, but when I try to do it it gives me an error: 


We can't sign you in right now
The Microsoft Edge team has been notified of this issue. Please try again later. Error code: -2147024540

Am using some internal services that use kerberos for auth. Can't access them through this version, although it works in safari and chrome @David Rubino 

@David RubinoThis one might be a bit difficult for you to replicate.

If you spin up an instance of a Genymotion Cloud Virtual Android and try to use the device, nothing will happen. It's just frozen.


I've tested the same via Google Chrome and it works fine. I'm not sure what technology displayes the virtual device in the browser, but it looks like MS Edge does not support it.


I've attached here a screenshot showing what the virtual Android device looks like.

@David Rubino New version runs an Adobe Flash site that I frequent much smoother than the previous version. 

@David Rubino Please put the possibility of changing the page of '' new tab ''



It can be done, now, via THIS Extension.


@David Rubino 


Problems with Netflix. I can't set the subtitles (edge Dev The window appears in the second floor "under" the video.

twitter videos are broken

This version completely broke Hulu playback for me.

Huh. I was just checking Hulu to see if it was bugged like Twitter, but Hulu on my end was actually OK. This x64 build, Windows 10 Pro x64 1803 (17134.885), and I just have the cheapest Hulu account (the one that comes w/ Spotify).
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