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Apprantly, Microsoft Edge (old one) was my pdf reader/editor. It had great features such as adding notes, drawing on it. However, this chronium version do not have those. I really hope Microsoft adds these features back. Also, I wish you can add text boxes on pdf. 


(P.S scrolling on chronium edge is laggy and not smooth at all!) 

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I have this problem too @DPSSalphav.


legit 5 fps when scrolling

@felipecarboneri wrote:
I have this problem too @DPSSalphav.


Thank you @DPSalphav for your feedback.  We are looking at what features are most popular for our PDF support.  We are also getting feedback on the usability of our controls.  Can you tell me more about the problems that you are seeing with scrolling?




@Elliot Kirk 

Basically, the scrolling (regardless of mouse scroll, touchpad and touch) is choppy, only when reading pdf files 


I've also attached a demonstration video. Have a look


It has partly got to do with how EdgeHTML/Spartan draws executes pdf/websites in one go vs how EdgeChromium views documents/html.

There has also always been a rather large problem with Chromium with the lack of utilisation of GPU acceleration for mobile devices with switchable graphics . i.e. iGPU (Intel HD 3000/4xxx) + dGPU (ATI/AMD 5xxx /6xxx etc).

Chromium keeps a "blacklist" of a lot of devices and automatically switches GPU acceleration off.

Whilst Chromium does indeed see that a switchable graphics solution is being used it however is not able to utilise the dGPU at all. via edge://gpu

If reports are needed I would be happy to assist.

@DPSalphav  yes your observation is right. PDF scrolling is not as great as it is on current Microsoft Edge. We are working on making the PDF experience more fluid. 

@Elliot Kirk As a heavy user of pdf/epub reader mode of current branch of Edge, I'm not very happy that the insider build released can only do just a few tings. It can't take notes on PDF, it can't highlight selected words, it even can't open epub files anymore without using extensions. Although I know native chrome behaves just like this, I want to say what we are building is EDGE but not another chrome, if it can't do something chrome is unable to do, few people will like it.

@Elliot Kirk Highlighting was a great feature in this too, but I always wished it had a "free-hand" option for documents that were older/scanned for highlighting. Text-select highlighting was great. And I second the epub function (I'll harp on this anywhere I can).

Another feature that was important was in-line definitions. The old functionality of these features was perfect and a direct port of sorts would be super useful.

@Deleted Thank you for your feedback. 


Thank you @rsfarris for this feedback. I will let the PDF team know. @vygadeka, you are still following this thread, right?
PDF editing was one of the cool features in the original Edge...this feature needs to arrive in Edge chromium

Thanks everyone for the feedback. We are working on making the PDF scrolling experience as snappy as it is in current version and also on getting some of the cool editing features back. Please stay tuned. Till then current version of Microsoft Edge on your machine can be your go-to PDF reader. 

Low prio for me.
PDF Editing mode pls
Same problem here. No Markup tools, and jerky scrolling on Canary 134

@DPSalphav +1 from me on the PDF editing tools. I love this feature in the current Edge browser!

@DPSalphav I'm with you and the others on this one. In my view, the current Edge is boss over any PDF tool in my arsenal! Combined with OneNote and the reading 'voice/speech' ability nothing is more useful for real productivity on a browser. I use it for my varsity work as I'm an online student, marking up PDFs, eBooks, and capturing progress for weekly journals, it's so incredible and invaluable for my business-work and for research, that is when the speech functions just make it a Swiss-army knife for consuming digital data. This time though I wish Microsoft would fuse OneNote and Edge so that there is no switching of modes and multiple actions before one can save the notes and when switching back to browsing, the markup would disappear!? Ideally it should be fluid and should associate with the link automatically so that I don't really need to save anything, the metadata for the markup can sync to OneDrive, and at the flick of one button I'd be able to turn off the markup or bring it back and continue scrolling the document or open other tabs without switching between 'browser' and 'notepad' modes... well, that's how'd imagine this better or easier to use and implement.

+1 for the PDF editing tools. Edge has always been my go to PDF editor. This would be a deal breaker without these tools.

@DPSalphav I thought since I had bought a new mouse that it was defective. I scroll up it scrolls down, I scroll down it scrolls up, recently, one left click equals about ten clicks and opens multiple windows. Some clicks just highlight everything on the screen and I'd need to click with my body and soul to get it to be precise. Even highlighting text is affected. It takes maybe about five attempts or so to highlight a portion of text correctly. There is something in the update that messed up the mouse's smoothness or fine control. My build remained the same despite the looping seemingly successful updates. I currently stopped the updates by setting my LAN to 'Set as metered' or it would have gone on and on till my data was depleted again. So now am waiting for a working solution to avail from Microsoft. Poor Manhattan mouse manufacturer cause I had to rant the way my mouse just started to misbehave recently, they promised to replace the mouse, but I now think that maybe it's actually the updates... will test tomorrow on another stable PC later and confirm. 

@davequail I am not too sure of the cause of mouse jerkiness, but if you're a Windows 10 OS Insider too, I think its emanating from the recent Windows build updates. My reasoning is based on the fact that I experience this behavior across all applications, not only the Edge preview application... I can bet five bucks its the Windows OS (Insider builds) updates.

@DPSalphav wrote:

Apprantly, Microsoft Edge (old one) was my pdf reader/editor. It had great features such as adding notes, drawing on it. However, this chronium version do not have those. I really hope Microsoft adds these features back. Also, I wish you can add text boxes on pdf. 


(P.S scrolling on chronium edge is laggy and not smooth at all!) 


I concur, Microsoft, please add in an updated version if you could in the next following Edge updates

- perhaps call it Markup, and please be sure to include the following

  • PDF editing/viewing
  • PPT editing/viewing
  • MSOffice docs editing/viewing
  • Surface Stylus Support
  • Surface Dial Support
  • Page Indexing
  • and obviously, quick-save for exporting/sharing

Yes I am a Windows Insider as well. You could very well be correct.

PDF markup is the only reason I use the old Edge browser. Looking forward to it being added to Chrome Edge.

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