Add a button to Snip & Sketch


Add a button that launches Snip & Sketch from within Edge. I know it's super easy to launch Snip & Sketch with keyboard shortcuts but taking a screenshot is one of most basic things that many users still don't know how to do but would probably want to do if they knew how. "How to take a screenshot" is one of the most popular Windows topics in Google Trends. Just for grins and giggles, I dare you to put the screenshot button in the URL box, next to favorites and reading view and see how many people use it. :smirking_face:

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Thank you for the suggestion @Scotty808. Just one question is that a dare or a dog-dare? I will let the team know about this ask.

Oh, it's a double dog dare, @Elliot Kirk!  :dog_face::dog_face: Edge currently has a notetaking section which has capabilities similar to Snip & Sketch but I almost never think of using it. I think part of the reason is that it has a pen icon and I think that's for people who want to handwrite with a Surface pen and I don't have a pen. It has some pretty nifty feature that I wish they will build into the new Edge as well but they need to change that icon. Taking screenshots are one of the most requested how-to topics. Making the icon prominant and easy to get to would be pretty handy. I can share some of my examples if you wish, but A/B testing it in the UI is the best way to see if I'm just blowing smoke. :no_smoking:

@Elliot Kirk Scotty808 is right. A built-in screen or webpage capture tool would be a stand-out feature (Chrome does not have this) that I think a lot of people would love. This is why it's such a popular feature of Firefox.

@Elliot Kirk I just wanted to add that I think the "Add notes" feature in the current version of Edge is very cool and I wish it would be basically ported over to the new Edge, but maybe with the icon and other suggestions Scotty mentioned.

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