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Hi There
I have issue signing up for developer account on office 365 E3 developer trial
Getting this error message
Sorry, we need additional information to verify your identity. Please contact Office 365 Support.
I tried sending mails 3 days ago to O365dev
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Getting following error message in SharePoint Online while export list data to excel: "you must have a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation-compatible application". Any suggestion on this from microsoft team?

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Try this solution if it will fix your error: When exporting from SharePoint Online, please make sure you are using 32-bit version of Internet Explorer and enable compatib

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I'm working on an application that reads and updates Contacts from Office 365 through Azure Graph API. Reading and deleting works fine, however, when I try to update a contact I receive a Bad Request error with the following message:

Unable to update the s

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Have few questions which are related to office 365 development(outlook)


1. In office 365, for every user is the manage addin option will be enabled by default?
2. Which is the type of office 365 subscription which is required so that all users to have enab

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I am getting error while accessing Office groups data using Microsoft Graph API in outlook-addin. 


Can someone please provide input which permission groups need to be enabled to access Office Groups in Microsoft Graph API?


Pointers to some working example

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Hi there, I am experiencing an issue when running the SPFX Workbench in my SharePoint Online Development Site Collection. Everything opens fine, but when I add the "Hello World" Web Part it just sits there "Loading Hello World" and does not actually inser

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Which browser your are using?
Sometime it happens due to browser incompatibility.

In episode 103 of the Office 365 Developer Podcast, Andrew Coates talks with Ben Parker from Codify about building tools for massive Office 365 tenants. 


Read more and listen on Office Blogs


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The linked blogs.office.com page is a 404 :(

We are using Powershell script for validation O365 credentials (is it global admin O365 user or not). It was working fine for all cases except one. We received an error: 

Connect-MsolService : Exception of type 
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I'm learning on the Graph API as a whole and to access Sharepoint in particular. I figured out how to authenticate with the help of the ADAL library for Python. I can access my sharpeoint site. I can get a list of all the lists of the site. But somehow wh

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It is difficult to help without seeing the code you are running...

Maybe the problems you are having are just because the list access from the Graph is still in beta

I know its a beta api, but i can't seem to find why it stopped returning tha data when i expand columnSet. I've tried it on 4 separate tenants and its the same for all. I've posted a ticket on stackoverflow and one user also reported the same as me. I nee

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I think its kinda incredible that there is a post regarding this on github, techcommunity and stackoverflow and nobody from the graph team has picked it up? nice upgrade

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I'm also experiencing this issue.  My guess is with Build and the SharePoint Virtual Summit around the corner that we're going to see some updates from that team soon.  H

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We would like to user Graph API to create users in Office 365.  We have on-premise AD.  And our Office 365 (Azure) syncs with on-premise AD.  We want our users to visit our signup web application which creates account in on-premise AD.  We would like t

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Based on the requirements you listed, AAD Pass-through Auth would probably be a better solution.



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There is a very usefull `SiteUrl` property at the SharePoint File Operations. It tells us the URL of the site where the file or folder accessed by the user is located. Unfortanitally foe sharing events this property is missed, it could be parsed based on

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I found the sollution. Next request


GET https://graph.microsoft.com/beta/sharepoint/sites/{site-guid}?$select=webUrl

will return the full SiteUrl

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I am trying to use the delve/rest API to get the recently modified documents for a logged in user.  This has worked in the past, but now the results seem to be off.


For my user account, it will only return 1 result no matter what I do.


This is what I have

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This could happen if the only documents that the user is requesting are private documents. We no longer keep private documents in the graph (they have been excluded from

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I've used a background image on one of my sites and  when add web parts it makes the area behind the web parts translucent white as you can see in the screen snip below. 


Does anyone have a code snippet I can use to make it completely transparent?


web part area.PNG

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