SharePoint Graph API stopped returning expanded columnSet

Ole Bergtun

I know its a beta api, but i can't seem to find why it stopped returning tha data when i expand columnSet. I've tried it on 4 separate tenants and its the same for all. I've posted a ticket on stackoverflow and one user also reported the same as me. I need to know if this is a bug or what? The beta api documentation has not changed so i'm leaning towards that this is something bug-like...


I'm in the dark and need some light on this. Can someone please assist me in either explain why this is happening or to where i can turn to for help on this matter...




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I'm also experiencing this issue.  My guess is with Build and the SharePoint Virtual Summit around the corner that we're going to see some updates from that team soon.  Hopefully this will be addressed very soon, becuase although yes it is beta it would be really nice if that started working again.

Thanks Julie:) My guess is as good as yours and yes it would be great i it started working again because it would make my customer demos great again:)


I think its kinda incredible that there is a post regarding this on github, techcommunity and stackoverflow and nobody from the graph team has picked it up? nice upgrade of the Graph Exporer, but still nothing on the sharepoint beta api and expanded columnsets???

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