Progress of Site Provisioning

Sultan AlSharfi

What is the best way to get progress information regarding site provisioning done using ApplyProvisioningTemplate extension method, I looked at ProvisioningTemplateApplyingInformation.ProgressDelegate as a possible solution but don't understand the values resturned (message, step, total) what is the possible values and what do they mean. What I want to achieve something like a status page where I display progress information i.e. # of lists provisioned so far, pages, etc...





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Using ProvisioningTemplateApplyingInformation.ProgressDelegate I was able to get highlevel progress information (See below)

1, 7, Regional Settings

2, 7, Supported UI Languages

3, 7, Features

4, 7, List instances

But I am interested in a more detailed level i.e. what lists are being provisioned, I was able to see this information in the debug output window but have no idea how to access it and display it in a progress page.





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