PnP Site Provisioning and ContentType Workflow

Krunal Patel
Occasional Contributor

We have contenttype with SharePoint 2010 Approval workflow and PnP does not extract it. Is there way we can provision content type with workflow as we need to provision content type via ct hub with workflow?

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Is this content type created as a site collection content type? While your workflow is on a list in a subsite? PnP doesn't extract content types on sub sites/lists.

If the contenttype exists as a site collection workflow then simply extract the template from the root web of the site collection and your content type will be extracted.

Thanks for reply, I have content type at site collection level and also workflow is attached to content type at site collection level, while extraction from root web pnp does not extract workflow

I don't think that content type workflows are supported in PnP (yet).

PnP is only extracting 2013 WF and we've no support to deploy WF at content type level.

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