Office 365 User's email not synchronized in SharePoint user profile

Mohemmad Kalva
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I configured some users in one of the clients' tenant. I have setup the SharePoint site to use as their intranet site. For one of the list I have configured a SharePoint designer workflow to send notifications to the user. 


After creating workflow, I got saw in the workflow history list that it was showing an error like the user's email is not configured. So, from SharePoint admin site, in user profiles I saw that the Work Email property was not set to the user's email of the tenant.


What should I do to synchronize the emails to the SharePoint user profiles automatically?

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Do those users have an EXO mailbox? If so, the e-mail address should appear there quick...if not: how are you adding the e-mail to those users?

Hello Juan Carlos González Martín,


Thanks for your reply.


Actually, I don't get about EXO mailbox? Can you please let me know what is it? I added users from the Office 365 admin center. And then I created one SharePoint site to build it as intranet. And after configuring the workflow I came to know that the user profile does not show the WorkEMail user profile property value filled with the email address which should be there from the user created in admin center.


Let me know if I am missing any step to auto synchronize the user profile values from the admin center to SharePoint.



What I mean is if your user has an Office 365 license assigned (once with e-mail), then the WorkEmail property should be populated with the same e-mail they are using in Office 365

The user has been assigned license with the email address. Actually the user is one of the tenant administrators. But still I am not able to see the user's WorkEmail property is set in the SharePoint.

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