If Esle in VBA

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Below is my what I have coded in VBA.  I keep getting error message "Block If without End If"

Seems like this should be very simple but I'm having a problem.

Can someone help me resolve?


If ActiveCell = OptBtn_Q111 Then
Sheets("Audit").Range("Data_Start").Offset(TargetRow, 7).Value = "Yes"
If ActiveCell = OptBtn_Q112 Then
Sheets("Audit").Range("Data_Start").Offset(TargetRow, 7).Value = "No"
Sheets("Audit").Range("Data_Start").Offset(TargetRow, 7).Value = "N/A"

End If

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To give a little more clarity, I'm using option buttons to answer questions with Yes, No, & Not Applicable,.
I've found the solution to my issue. Thanks you.
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