Failed to run Office add-in on Excel for Mac due to lack of supported API

Ram Tagher
New Contributor


We are developing an Office add-in and face some issues when testing it on Excel for Mac.

We've added the following requirements to the manifest:

       <Sets DefaultMinVersion="1.1">
           <Set Name="File"/>
           <Set Name="CompressedFile"/>
           <Set Name="AddinCommands" />


From what we see, all the above requirement sets exist (e.g. The add-in commands are visible in the Excel ribbon), but when trying to call Office.context.document.getFileAsync we get an 'undefined'.

According to this https://dev.office.com/reference/add-ins/shared/document.getfileasync the Document.getFileAsync method is part of the File requirement set, which is not supported in Excel for Mac.




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The root cause has been identified and a patch is scheduled to be applied to JS library on 9/14. I can update this thread once it is rolled out. Thanks

On a side note, please post technical questions/issues on StackOverflow with office-js tag. The community response will ensure you get quicker response there. Thanks.

This is now fixed and is working for Mac platform. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you Sudhi!
We've tested the fix and it is working, thanks again.
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