Cannot change Word/VBA Code Editor font size from 12pt

Brad Dow
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On my laptop, which has a native display resolution of 2560x1440 (it's a Lenovo X-1), scaled to 200%, the VBA Editor font size cannot be changed from its apparently hard-wired 12pt default. Using Tools > Options > Editor Format, I can select a different size, but attempting to apply the change by pressing OK has no effect; the the font size remains 12pt. If I switch to resolution to 100%, I can change the font size, but as soon as I switch the resolution back to 200%, the font size reverts to 12 pt, a size not unusably small, but smaller than I prefer. I even tried a registry hack, but that had no effect, either. 


Has anyone encountered this behavior and found a workaround?

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Same problem here except it's stuck at 9pt. I've tried changing the registry setting but it gets reset. I'm using a 4k laptop and if I change the scaling back to 100% then the font can be changed, but at proper scaling of 250% it won't let me change it to anything except 8 or 9. 9 pt is at the lower end of usable. Ideally I'd like it at 12pt or bigger.

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