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Hi All,

im trying to run the HCW and i have the below error when it reach the mail flow configuration.


HCW0000 PowerShell failed to invoke 'New-InboundConnector': Parameter count mismatch. An unexpected error has occurred and a Watson dump is being generat

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Hi Friends,

Today May 22, at 20 hours UTC Mexico City, I had the same error in HCW over Exchange Server 2013 CU16, its today


Now, i checked two thisng:

1. Create a inbound

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I was finishing the migration of about 460 users to Office 365 this weekend, and they have a Barracuda archiver, so when I went to create a connector to the archiver, I a

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Looks like we have a winner, I was able to create a connector...

I hope everyones issue with this is fixed...


We are experiencing the same issue. You can connect through Azure AD shell and run the Get-HybridMailflowDatacenterIPs command and you receive the same "Parameter count m

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Same issue here. Support did not seem aware of any issues. Received the 'wait 2 hours and try it again' response.
Any update regarding this error when try to Get-HybridMailFlowDatacenterIPs? Entire migration standstill!
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It was a MS bug seems to be fixed now.



Yesterday i migrated my testtenant from Syndication to CSP through a Office 365 to Office 365 migration just to try it between the platforms. I made this test because I have a customer that wants to change his standarddomain so a O365->O365 migration

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If i am right it is possible that the CSP takes over the tenant into there CSP environment (in the Netherlands it is possible). If this is not possible what is the migrat

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Hi Martin, T2T migrations are very common, and they should work if you follow a process with the correct tasks. You said you did a test migration, was that keeping the sa

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Getting error while running Hybrid setup.


HWC0 - Powershell failed to invoke 'Get-HybridMailflowDatacenterIPs': Parameter count mismatch. An unexpected error has occurred and a Watson dump is being generated: Parameter count mismatch.




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Hi All,

we have alicense for antispam solution, can we install it on an Azure VM and use it with Office 365.

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Hi All,

i have a hybrid deployment with Exchange 2013, can i use a wild card certificate with the hybrid server for the autodiscover and hybrid records?

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Hi Teka,


Yes, you can use it for all Hybrid deployment.

Morning all


Quick question (which will probably turn into a long drawn out one).


I have multiple domains, lets call them;



We have a trust between, CompanyA and CompanyB, and CompanyA and CompanyC.


We are migrating

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Hi Nuno Currently we have a single ADConnect server synchronising both the Domains to Office 365. Even though the UPN suffix is added to 1 domain, can I add the same upn ... Read More
Yes you can do that, but you must have only one ADConnect per tenant.

I'm looking to enable the following scenario :


 - transitioning users from Google to an already existing office365 tenant

 - we want users coming from google to have O365 account to use Sharepoint + Onedrive + SfB, etc. ... but to have mail directed to the

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Hi @Sean McHugh. Did you solve this issue?

I have a similar challenge I believe. Customer wants to keep using Google Apps email for now but is using O365 SharePoint. How d

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I have a hybrid environment setup between Exchange 2016 & Office365. The mailflow between on-premises users and Office365 users is working fine. Even in Exchange Admin centrer, I can see Office365 mailboxes in Mailbox tab.


When I try to configure forwardi

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Hi Muhammad,


Hi, how are you trying to do that configuration ?


You can use the proxy address to that user like email@tenant.onmicrosoft.com to do a forward to that user.

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Can anyone point me to documentation on upgrading a hybrid environment from 2010 to 2016? I would also welcome a discussion on the benefits of performing this type of upgrade. All of our Mailboxes are hosted in the cloud, but we keep 1 on prem exchange se

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Hi Robert,


You have to prepare the Exchange 2016, configure it, paths, autenthication, certificate, etc. migrate system mailboxes to 2016 after that just run Hybrid Confi

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I want to install 2nd hybrid server on different physical (site) country


what are the requirement ( certificate will be shared ) and migration end point will of different names etc?

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Hi Adnan,


To install a 2ns hybrid or aditional server the requirements are the same on terms of Configurations of Exchange, Virtual Directories, Certificates, Path's, Aut

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Last week at Microsoft Ignite the Office 365 ProPlus deployment team released a brand new guide focused on making your organization's Office 365 ProPlus deployment a success.


This guide has been created by a team of subject matter experts from the Offic

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Hello Chris,
That look good. But I am looking for information and expierence from someone who installtied ProPlus (Office 2016) on a Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop.
I a... Read More

If you have to write a massive document like this about deploying a single software package, you've designed a really inefficient deployment system.


The team that built t

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Nice to see a rich OneNote document instead of the usual .pptx!

One piece of feedback: the notebook mentions usingt the OffScrub script for removal of previous versions, but the page on OffScrub doesn't tell you where to get it or how

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This is fantastic.

The deployment 'how to' technet articles were functional, but a best practice guide is just what we needed.

Thank you!!

Best Response

Hi Everyone,


I'm fairly familiar with the office 2016 deployment toolkit and the config file syntax but I'm just wondering about the best practice for downloading the actual bits.  At the moment we have seperate folders for office, project and visio with

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Hello together,


When I tried to install the WAP in a ADFS environment (fresh install), I get the following error message:


"An error occurred when attempting to establish a trust relationship with the federation service. Error: The underlying connection wa

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Hi guys,


i know that it isn't possible to verifiy one external domin to more than one tenant. But i have the problem, that my customer need to use his own tenant (legal thinks), but need to communicate with the mailaddress from the other tenant. Mail redi

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you can achieve this by routing all email traffic through your on-premises infrastructure. There you can place a mailgateway which performs email address rewrite.

If you d

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Maybe you could look into Azure B2B i do not know if it works.

Within Office365 it is not possible