Every update to O365 generates 21 Warnings in 7 registry keys

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Have O365 Home 64-bit on two machines, but the second installation (on a Win 7 Pro 64-bit PC) has an issue.  So I have delayed installing on three other machines until I get help.

Every time O365 updates, it generates 21 Warnings in Event Viewer that 7 registry keys are protected and cannot be modified.

I've tried many, many different things, including UNinstalling and REinstalling O365 (including the strong UNinstall via o15-ctrremove.diagcab) and adding EVERYONE with Full Control to the Permissions for those keys AND giving Full Control to the other accounts in Permissions.  But no luck.

There are always 3 Warnings for each of 7 keys.  Those 7 keys are:


I have posted about this problem in TechNet and Answers, but no solution yet.

1) How can these keys be so protected that EVERYONE-Full Control in Permissions still does not permit them to be modified in the updates?

2) What do those keys do anyway?


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Hey - no ideas?  What is protecting those keys?  Thanks.