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Hi guys,


more and more I see an identification issue with Visio 2016 and Project 2016.


Test - Scenario (often a customer szenario): 

Windows 7 VMs, Terminal tenant, Office 365 E3, Office 365 Pro Plus, AD Connect & single-sign-On (SSO), manual sharing of Of

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Great question! We're looking into this and will try to get an answer for you.


Denise Vangel and I have put together and published two new documents in docs.com that provide a visual portal into two bodies of content:

  • The Microsoft Cloud Architecture Series for Enterprise Architects at https://doc.co/sTKtHd
  • The Office 365 and EM
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Hi everyone,

I have installed Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition, it is normal that it takes so long? At the time I'm writing is still doing the installation, started early this morning about 6 hours ago. My notebook is a Lenovo with AMD 10 with 8Gb of R

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Yes it is taking a lot of time, I downloaded the full installation ISO file and the size is  around 3GB and install from the ISO file it is much better than the web in

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We are running AAD. The job is scheduled to run every 3 hours. some times i see that the job is not run. when i go and run get-adsyncsheduler the synccyclenabled is set to false. I then set it to true and let the job run.


How do i monitor to see that the

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Check your version, there is a new one that provides some additional error reporting, see https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/active-directory-aadconnect-health-version-history/... Read More

In the Office 365 Admin dashboard you can see when the last sync happened. If you want to check it programmatically, you can check it by using PowerShell and querying it

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I am looking for a partner #poweshell script that will return all the tenant address and contact details for all of my tenants.. I have one that I can list all licences get-msolpartnercontract | foreach {Get-MsolAccountSku -TenantId $_.'TenantId' } | Expo

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The future of IT has shifted from uncertain to a fast-paced technological bonanza. Jim Adams, a Microsoft IT veteran who once side-stepped skills extinction by embracing digital transformation, talks with IT professionals about the industry’s shifting lan

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like to hear from others on how you educate end users on new products. One Drive, Skype, the new Outlook.

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I'd also recommend you look at the Driving Adoption Community here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Driving-Adoption/ct-p/DrivingAdoption Read More

Sr. Product Manager, Javier Nino from Microsoft, offers a quick overview of the new free Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials program and its benefits including: access to professional training; extended Cloud services trials; free credit for Microsoft Azure

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Just tried to activate the Azure 3 month promo code and the Azure Pass site says the code is expired, even though it should be valid until December 31st..