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    , 03-17-2017

    I have noticed lately that on our two tenants only a few users have an opportunity to create a post on Blog in Delve. Others don't have even this Blog box on Delve site. This looks a bit like a random experience.

    Delve Blog.png

    Do you see this behavior on your sites?

    Is B

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    , 03-22-2017

    @Mark Kashman could you confirm or refer to Delve team if it is a bug or expected behaviour? Does blog feature in Delve is active?

  • , 03-21-2017

    I just enabled an E5 license on myself the other day and I was trying to take a look at MyAnalytics but everytime I go to it, I get the welcome slide show but when I get the last slide nothing happens and there is no button to continue. I can't find anywa

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    , 03-21-2017
    It takes a few days to analyse your existing data and start to build out the dashboard, so perhaps leave it until early next week and see if it's working then.
    (FYI this is better than when it was initially released as the wait time was 6+ weeks)
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    , 03-08-2017

    We have a custom user profile property of type number. In the Delve profile this always shows as 0. If I check the value via SPO admin, I see the correct number.


    Other fields seem to show correct. The adoption level shown in the image below should show th

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    , 03-21-2017

    @Bernt Ivar Olsen do you know who to ping on this bug?

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    , 10-28-2016

    Good afternoon,


    I was excited to see my calendar on Delve along with the ability to click contact information to be taken to the new edit experience. I think this is indeed a step up but seems things are still missing, i.e how do I add a PA, this takes yo

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    , 03-21-2017
    I might be wrong, I usually am, but I get the impression a lot of work around this has shifted to the new extended Profile Card rolling out from yesterday as a cross suite tool. Delve seems to be repositioned with some features such as Search radically improving, and others such as Profile and Blog stagnating and the upcoming repositioning of My Analytics. Objectively Delve, in many ways, was a gateway to the Microsoft Graph and the weaving of the Graph across the suite has diminished this app. I'd love the team to give us the refreshed strategy for Delve in light of the major updates we're seeing across the major and new products and services in Office 365. Just my tuppence. Regards.
  •  in Delve
    , 10-24-2016

    In our profiles, we have the Skills and Interests fields, where we can enter things we're skilled in, as well as things we're interested in. When I do a search in Delve however, it only picks up results in our job titles or in our profile text. How do we

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    , 03-21-2017

    Hi @Craig Stanley,

    I think the issue here is that Delve only lifts certain profile fields from SPO User profile service. We can obviously make some fields in the UPS Indexed but what affect that has I can't be sure for Delve. I find Delve useful but annoying when trying to get it to work in a more tailored way for the end user, the other issue is that MS stand point is this whole solution is in constant development so changes can happen at any point meaning, planning to use it for a specific busiuness case is almost imposbbile. My example was I had custom properties and also Out of the box ones with custome names (Something that the Business could relate to). When the update happened to the modern look that was all lost, this created a large number of calls in tot he Service desk and a comms had to be sent out, guidance had to be given, in all it was a mess.


    My opinion for what you have descibed is to not try rely on delve for your solution, use it as it's currently intended by MS and hopefully they'll have a solution that we can rely on, has a proper update lifecycle so we can manage communications to the business etc.

    This was helpful when it first started out, but of course things have changed -


    Many thanks



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