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  • , 06-01-2017

    The Microsoft Graph Explorer is a tool that lets developers easily experiment with the Microsoft Graph API from their browser. Last month, we announced an update with new features including sample queries, a refreshed user interface, custom permissions an

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    , 06-01-2017

    Nice thanks for shareing!

  •  in Delve
    , 10-13-2016

    Has/is anyone experiencing their Boards disappearing? This is the 3rd time I have lost my Boards. I use them heavily to organize objects and it is a great way to keep like-minded items together.


    I am not sure I am going to be willing to rebujild all my Bo

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    , 06-23-2017

    Hi all,


    Regarding Boards, there have been some changes lately, in order to mitigate the issue with the missing documents from boards. We had to limit the content types that can be added to a board. For the time being, you can add to a board only th

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  •  in Delve
    , 03-17-2017

    I have noticed lately that on our two tenants only a few users have an opportunity to create a post on Blog in Delve. Others don't have even this Blog box on Delve site. This looks a bit like a random experience.

    Delve Blog.png

    Do you see this behavior on your sites?

    Is B

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    , 06-22-2017
    Delve Blog has showed up almost for everyone.
  •  in Delve
    , 06-12-2017

    I have a problem with Delve blogs: for the past few days I have been unable to access any blog posts or the blog hub. I've tried different browsers, cleared cache, tried incognito mode, tried different computers and even asked my colleagues to try it; the

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    , 06-16-2017

    Same here, mostly silly questions. But luckily I have patience for silly questions: I am usually the one who has to ask them as I work in IT support too. You always need to double check everything!


    Knowing roughly how much Sulava's Office365 support

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  •  in Delve
    , 06-12-2017
    There is an issue with Delve not working with DUO Security MFA? This is particularly problematic on Windows 10 Mobile. The second authentication page presented by DUO Security is not rendered. Microsoft staff believe DUO Security is not up to date on... Read more
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