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We have decided to cancel the ‘Praise’ feature in Delve. The feature initially rolled out to Office 365 First Release customers, but has been pulled back, due to customer feedback and decision to divert engineering resources to other aspects of the produc

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I can't see any reasons for retiring such a well designed and necessary feature. I liked everything about it: simple yet complete, efficient, and most of all useful to gi

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Are there any plans to bring Praise into the overall functionality of Office 365, perhaps through Microsoft Teams which would seem to be the most natural home for this fu... Read More

Hi Guys,

I think some Delve update reached our production tenant and now we can't see SharePoint user profile properties. It is only possible to see the custom profile properties of users who have modified their profile in someway eg: by adding skills.  If

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Interesting...are you in first release? In two of my tenants I don't have this view in the Delve Profile page. In regards of your question, the problem here is that Delve... Read More


I just switched my E3 plan to an E5 and unfortunately my Delve is gone. If I visit the URL manually I can access it but it's empty. Wasn't it supposed to be included in the E5 plan anyway?



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I had this happen once and I removed the license and reassigned it and it all came back

Could be a longshot but was the licence assignment done in one step? Was the E3 removed and the E5 added before saving the change? This may be a temporary issue either wa

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I just tried to link some default user profile properties to term sets on my tenant. its now 12 hours and new Delve-based UI does not handle it. Ie it works in the sense that it refuses to add terms that do not match the term set, but users have no opprtu

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Logging on with a kiosk user (K1 Enterprise) the link to OneDrive for Business is showing up on the Delve profile page. Clicking the link leads to a fully functional OneDrive. Anyone else seeing this behaviour? The K1 subscription does not include a licen

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Is there any option to disable or hide Delve for a group of people so that they should not be able to use Delve search or org unit info or hierarchy or content discovery? I need this feature for internal users which arey synced through on premise AD v

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AFAIK, this is something that's not currently possible...you can only disable Delve for the entire tenant using the setting you have in the SPO Admin Center



I have a client that has a limited rollout of OneDrive on their tenant and the new experience for user profiles now breaks for those users without OneDrive...


If a user clicks "about me" to go to their profile and then clicks the photo button on thei

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Has/is anyone experiencing their Boards disappearing? This is the 3rd time I have lost my Boards. I use them heavily to organize objects and it is a great way to keep like-minded items together.


I am not sure I am going to be willing to rebujild all my Bo

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Update: Resolved (no root cause though)


Busy day for me


Apparently the 5 Board Limit is part of the new design. The rest of my Boards are listed in Favorites.


End result

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Using a query against Sharepoint to get a list of all my Board titles, I have recreated my Boards.

By adding one of the Board titles to a new document, the Board is

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I've not experienced any issues with Delve boards recently, but we're not the best tenant to use Delve generally, since Delve is still not showing any documents from priv

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This morning several of my Boards reappeared (with the associated documents).

I am still missing 75% of my boards and my Favorites.


Based on a query performed agai

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I came here looking for a post like this (or I would've made one myself). Yesterday we had a big issue with Search/Delve going down for about 15 minutes. Then not too lon

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Starting to get the following error when I try to access Delve.


Bad Request - Request Too Long

HTTP Error 400. The size of the request headers is too long.


Anyone have any ideas???

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Over the past few months, I have seen that same error in a variety of sites. I don't recall seeing it during the previous 25 years of browsing the webs. I think that it i... Read More
Did you try to open an InPrivate session?



we have some crazy issues using the new https://eur.delve.office.com. We have users with exchange online mailboxes and users without mailboxes in the cloud. Users without mailbox have no popular documents displayed on https://eur.delve.office.com, but

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there is another thread already going on about the new Delve entry point: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Delve/Delve-is-now-showing-under-eur-delve-office-com/m-p/41087#M248

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Noticed the same issue do not know what it is.

What happened to the timeline that used to be in Delve??


Did I miss something that removed it??

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Did we ever find out where the timeline went to?? I still don't have mine.


I looked around on my desk and couldn't find it - just in case it fell off the computer :-)

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Yes it's also missing for me too. We have an issue since the next week on Delve. All data visualization was lost on the home page, some users get Delve pages in french, o

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Yes, this is missing for me too. I have seen no notification regarding it's removal. This timeline is the user's meeting schedule foe the day. What's happening here pleas... Read More
i dont remember any timeline in Delve. Do you have an old Screenshot?
Just noticed that Delve Praise is now cancelled according to the Office 365 Roadmap. A pity, because, compliance issues understood, this has real potential within the People profile. Are there other plans in the works to surface this functionality within ... Read More
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What was the issue that some tenants were having with it? It seemed awfully similar to Yammer Praise, so I'm assuming those tenants don't use Yammer either for the same r... Read More
Hi John, sad to here this. Delve Praise was really looking good and it would certainly help to engage the community on O365. Can you share a link of the article where you... Read More
Yeap, I noticed this too some days ago.


The ***blinking*** problem that causes "app@sharepoint" to show up in Delve as the author of documents appeared in November, went away in early December, and has now reappeared. What's going on?

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I've created a (regular) ticket in Office 365, and this is the response I got:


The Account app@sharepoint is related to the SharePoint Applications (Auditing logs/Virus),

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Adding @Nick Robinson for visability. 

The same problem at our site.. Started appearing in Desember





Yeah, I already posted a message about this "problem". According to @Mark Kashman the team is aware of the issue and working on a fix

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In the last week or so our users have noticed what appears to be a major interface change to Delve Search Returns.


Delve Content Cards are no longer returned following a Delve Search, instead, a tabular display of documents and icons.

Unfortunately this li

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Hi, I don't have the same experience.

Out of curiosity, could you post a screenshot?

Also, check out if you get the same results in


  • App Launcher - Delve Tile
  • manually visiti
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Could you please post a screenshot? I'm not seeing this on my tenants

In the old SharePoint profile, if you would fill in an assistant, they would have delegate access to the profile and because of that the assistant would be able to edit your profile as well.


If I try to do this in the new Delve profile, I get very strange

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Hi Joost, did you ever receive any feedback on your question?

Today we notice that the new Delve profile doesn't even show anymore who the assistant is.

Besides the fact th

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