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In our profiles, we have the Skills and Interests fields, where we can enter things we're skilled in, as well as things we're interested in. When I do a search in Delve however, it only picks up results in our job titles or in our profile text. How do we

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a lot of large companies have a disparate set of systems holding skills and expertise data. Their key driver is to easily find the right SME for a particular job or someo

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a lot of large companies have a disparate set of systems holding skills and expertise data. Their key driver is to easily find the right SME for a particular job or someo

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November 2017 now.. and I have just read this from the Connect And Collaborate in Delve page...

" Find information about - and through - other people

  • Click a person's name

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In my test tenant set to First Release, I see the ability to execute Delve searches for people with specific skills or other things in their profile - which is great!  Ho

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Yes myself and Dean posted about this in the old O365 Network in Yammer. Only way is to use the People Search in SPO which will allow you to search on the majority of fie

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Looking for some advice here on how to promote Delve blog posts: Delve and the Delve blogs are not currently widely used/explored yet in our organization (we are working on that! :)) but we received feedback from those colleagues who are active bloggers t

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I would agree with the thoughts here that the blogs on Delve seem somewhat unloved. My observation is that since the Graph has become more embedded across Office 365 the

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I replied to the original thread, I mentioned perhaps using SharePoint Communication Sites, once available, as a way to showcase blogs or use the news feature instead for

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Maybe I'm missing something, but I feel like I'm blind to everything that is happening in my tenant as it relates to Delve. How can I see who is using the Delve blog feature? How can I see how many blogs are out there? How can I see the top searches on De

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Short answer: currently you cannot see this information in the usage reports or in the Power BI Adoption Pack...It might happen that in the future Microsoft will add also... Read More
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We used to see Sites in Delve Search - but no longer. Does anyone have insight into this change?


I have not been able to find any documentation on where Delve Search is headed.




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Does anyone know of any way to hide the Delve tile on the App Launcher AND on the O365 Home Page without disabling the Microsoft Graph.


I don't think that this is possible, but I need some confirmation for my client.

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Hey Dean, I see you are asking a lot of questions here related to how to disable stuff. What are the typical reasons your customers are asking you to do that? I'm curious... Read More
I don't think this is possible Dean...and you would need to hide from the Launcher and also from the Office 365 Home page
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Within Office 365, Delve is an intelligent service aimed at helping users stay in the know – to discover new, relevant information and people based on who they work with and the content they work on. Delve proactively discovers content across Office 365 a

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Delve just created a bit of shock for us. My contractor called and told me that she can see all documents that she is supposed not to see on her page. That includes HR fo

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Quite a common concern customers have is that they want to enable Graph, but don't want Delve to surface documents others around them are working on.


In Delve, each use

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Here some additional insides also about the myth of the People suggestion in Delve: http://www.sharepointtalk.net/2017/03/delve-and-office-graph-inside-out-part.html 

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Brillian Post Mark, very very informative

My orgs change management board refuses to turn this on without being able to test first. We need a way to turn on for only certain users, even if that is turning on for

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If the Office Graph is disabled in O365 so that users are blocked from using Delve, will this have any impact on the Microsoft Graph APIs that are used by many other services?

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Most likely. Why would you want to block the intelligence of Office 365?

My favourites have disappeared and I get the following message:  We're having trouble getting new content. Please try again later.  

When click Show more I get a Correlation ID and a Client Correlation ID displayed.

How do I get my favourites back?


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My favourites continually dissapear on my android phone app. on my windows phone, not quite so bad, only lose them every now & then. There seems to be something wrong in ... Read More
Workfing fine here!

With all of the improvements in search, i'm suprised to still see Service Accounts showing up in Delve. I can't figure out how to keep this from happening, what am I missing?


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Totally agree and I think this is something Microsoft still needs to fix it

In Ignite video demos, I can see the user's office location in the People card.  In our O365 people cards, I do not see office location on the People card.


What steps do I need to take to get that property to appear on the People card?  There seems to be

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Do you have their office location populated in AD/AAD?

Has/is anyone experiencing their Boards disappearing? This is the 3rd time I have lost my Boards. I use them heavily to organize objects and it is a great way to keep like-minded items together.


I am not sure I am going to be willing to rebujild all my Bo

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I've also noticed my Boards disapear a few weeks ago. Today I create a new Board with a single item and it now appears as two new boards with different names but with the

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Searched when I ran into this today.....I'm now seeing this as well.

Thanks for the updates on this thread.

Am checking in with the product team on this and also looping in @Margrete Sævareid for visibility

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And today (3/20/2017) my boards (favorites) are empty....again.

My Boards exist, as do the tags for the Boards, but all the documents associated with a Board(s) are gone.


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Update: Resolved (no root cause though)


Busy day for me


Apparently the 5 Board Limit is part of the new design. The rest of my Boards are listed in Favorites.


End result

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Customer O365 Production is configured to disable Office Graph, hence Delve is not available.


However in recent days we are seeing content, that was not showing up for the users on desktop browsers and mobile apps.


In browser we can see

  1. News from sites on
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My understanding is that if the Graph is disabled in the tenant, what you are seeing should not happen...I advice you to open a ticket and report the problem

We have a customized version of SharePoint profiles along with the OOTB Delve profiles. Doing a comparison, this is what we don't find in the Delve profiles:


1. Skype for Business - possibility to initiate a call (you can initiate a chat but not a call).

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What you can do is add custom properties in SPO User Profiles and yes, you will be able to have them in Delve: http://www.learningsharepoint.com/2016/03/08/office-365-working-with-new-delve-profile-page-top-features/ Read More



We recently updated our AD to include all of the necessary job information. Everything works great but we're seeing duplicates of this information in Delve. I've attached a photo. 


It looks fine in all the other profile pages like SharePoint and o

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Just to give further info on our problem - from what I've read, it appears that the page pulls the properties based on the Sharepoint Online profile properties.  When we

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Good morning from Montreal!
For the past 5 days ( at least ), my 365 Sharepoint's users aren't able to open a Delve profile.
They're able to use the Sharepoint search feature to find the profile of user under the "people" tabs.
However, when they click on th

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Delve profile is working fine for me!

We are consistantly seeing a less than complete set of search results within Delve. I had a further instance today with a search which produced 3 results via SharePoint search brought back only 1 result via Delve. This is a common experience gathered over

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Unfortunately I believe there is not yet full parity between search results in SPO search and what you see in Delve
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Hi All,


I am trying to help my user have a one click experience in getting to their Recent Document page in Delve. For example, if I want to go to my favorites, https://eur.delve.office.com/?v=favorites gets me there. But to see my recent documents the us

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Got a client where they were using Delve and not paying much attention, then one day noticed users could see content not shared with them when browing to other users Delve pages.  They see a card for a document, but when they click it, they get access den

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What you are seeing is totally unexpected...the user should not see any documents he/she does not have permissions to see. If you need to disable the Graph, you have to g... Read More
We are experience problems with some documents that continuously disappears from boards. Is this this a know problem or is it something we can/should do?
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I have not seen this problem...have you raised a support ticket?

Starting to get the following error when I try to access Delve.


Bad Request - Request Too Long

HTTP Error 400. The size of the request headers is too long.


Anyone have any ideas???

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I tried it using chrome as well as IE and I am getting the same error. I have gotten it a few times today and bunch of times last week.

Over the past few months, I have seen that same error in a variety of sites. I don't recall seeing it during the previous 25 years of browsing the webs. I think that it i... Read More
Did you try to open an InPrivate session?

I'm not sure whether to post this question here or in a different community for Communication sites but here goes...


I love the new Communication sites and I've always loved the Delve blogs. However, wouldn't the Communication sites be so much better if w

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Well, while I see what you need, it really depends on the team to take into consideration so the options you have here are the following:
(1) Request this feature in userv... Read More

I am not able to paste content from my clipboard into the Text region of a Delve blog post. When I try this nothing happens. 


Do other people have the same problem?

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have you tried it in different browsers?

Working fine for me!

Hi all, is there any update on when private group files will be visible in Delve? 


It has been "rolling out" for some time now on the Office 365 Roadmap, and according to UserVoice this capability was expected to be released by end of May. Also I noticed

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I found a bit of a work around to this.


  1. Open the group document
  2. Open "Library Settings" (via gear icon at top)
  3. Open "Permissions for this document library"
  4. Add the users ind
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Just wanted to chime in here for an update as well.  

Hi, anybody provide an update on this issue?

I was hoping  this would get mentioned at Ignite, but it wasn't mentioned in @Mark Kashman session about the Delve Roadmap.


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For me Delve shows two documents from Group Files. Two from ten which we collaborate lately. It is working but very poorly.
This is Standard Release. 

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I kind of have the feeling that Microsoft is intentionally holding back some releases for Ignite, which I would understand if we were talking about new features/products,... Read More