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I have a problem with Delve blogs: for the past few days I have been unable to access any blog posts or the blog hub. I've tried different browsers, cleared cache, tried incognito mode, tried different computers and even asked my colleagues to try it; the

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This issue only affected Finnish language setting and has now been fixed by Microsoft.




Thanks Mika for keeping me up to date! 

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Hello, we have excactly the same problem. No solution yet 😕
I'm not able to replicate this issue myself. I'd suggest logging a Service Request so the support team can do a trace and see where the problem is.

Has/is anyone experiencing their Boards disappearing? This is the 3rd time I have lost my Boards. I use them heavily to organize objects and it is a great way to keep like-minded items together.


I am not sure I am going to be willing to rebujild all my Bo

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Thanks for the updates on this thread.

Am checking in with the product team on this and also looping in @Margrete Sævareid for visibility

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And today (3/20/2017) my boards (favorites) are empty....again.

My Boards exist, as do the tags for the Boards, but all the documents associated with a Board(s) are gone.


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Update: Resolved (no root cause though)


Busy day for me


Apparently the 5 Board Limit is part of the new design. The rest of my Boards are listed in Favorites.


End result

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Using a query against Sharepoint to get a list of all my Board titles, I have recreated my Boards.

By adding one of the Board titles to a new document, the Board is

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I've not experienced any issues with Delve boards recently, but we're not the best tenant to use Delve generally, since Delve is still not showing any documents from priv

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I have noticed lately that on our two tenants only a few users have an opportunity to create a post on Blog in Delve. Others don't have even this Blog box on Delve site. This looks a bit like a random experience.

Delve Blog.png

Do you see this behavior on your sites?

Is B

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@Mark Kashman could you confirm or refer to Delve team if it is a bug or expected behaviour? Does blog feature in Delve is active?

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Very strange this "possible" move of Blogs to Video Portal...specially when we know Office 365 Video is converging to Microsoft Stream
I heard Blogs are moving into Video Portal. Am looking for confirmation.
There is an issue with Delve not working with DUO Security MFA? This is particularly problematic on Windows 10 Mobile. The second authentication page presented by DUO Security is not rendered. Microsoft staff believe DUO Security is not up to date on Mode... Read More
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Webinar: June 14 10:00 AM PT | 1:00 PM ET



What do managers of highly engaged teams do differently every day?

Today, Fortune 100 organizations around the world rely heavily on rich analytics to inform their business decisions about prod

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Thanks for letting us about webinars


We run Exchange on premise now but we are moving some users to the cloud as we prepare to migrate everyone. So far looks like those users cannot see attachments in Delve. We are wondering if we missed some configuration that is required but online all we

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AFAIK, there is not a place where you can configure this...Delve is simply aware of signals sent by EXO...are you talking about seeing attachments of all the users or onl... Read More



We have a couple of accounts in our AD that have msExchHideFromAddressLists set to TRUE so they do not show up in people searches. 

Global Delve search seems to understand this setting as it does not show the accounts in the search results, but it seem

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Been coming across a few things lately that potentially are not respecting the "secret" settings being flipped in Powershell or other places: https://twitter.com/MakeYourselfNrd/status/869267116481888256

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Same here, was wondering if there is any workaround for this till it gets fixed...

Hi Community,


since about 2 Months, we have some users that don't see any docs on the popular document site on Delve. But, if they use Delve App from their mobile phone, they can see many documents on the site.

Do anybody has the same issue?

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Everything working as expected here

It seems like the ability to add search results (files/pages/videos) to boards have been lost in the latest Delve update as results are no longer displayed as cards. Is this intentional? Without the ability to add search results, Boards start becoming obs

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Could you please add a screenshot of what you are not able to do in Delve? AFAIK, Microsoft is not removing these features, while it's true changes around intelligent sea... Read More

Hello, It's been some time now since Delve was released and most recently the UI was changed. The only down side from my experience was how it removed the ability to rename columns used in the User Profile, About me, Skills, interest etc. the only way for

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I agree there is still a great room of improvement at Delve Profile and I hope the team will add features such as the ones you are asking for

We have decided to cancel the ‘Praise’ feature in Delve. The feature initially rolled out to Office 365 First Release customers, but has been pulled back, due to customer feedback and decision to divert engineering resources to other aspects of the produc

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Might be a good idea to update the Blog Post to remove the section on Praise:


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I can't see any reasons for retiring such a well designed and necessary feature. I liked everything about it: simple yet complete, efficient, and most of all useful to gi

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Are there any plans to bring Praise into the overall functionality of Office 365, perhaps through Microsoft Teams which would seem to be the most natural home for this fu... Read More

In the research Microsoft collected last year around IT Pros and their organizations, Delve had lower product familiarity scores than other O365 products. However, the data also showed that usage and adoption of Delve is increasing within high-cloud matur

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This question of disabling Office Graph has come up, to remove Delve, as there are concerns documents are being shown that shouldn't be.   Even after explaining how this works, it's do with underlying permissions etc., it's an option is that's being pursu

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I'm looking for a powershell way to switch off the Delve sharing option that is normally under the options. Anyone can point me in the right direction?

Agree we need option to turn it off. I personally love the feature and understand it is only showing information I shouldn't see because permissions have been set wrong. ... Read More

Yes, it is more far reaching than that.


I recently asked this same question, and have yet to get a complete and comprehensive answer.


In my tests, we learned that the new

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For the Delve blog posts to be useful is the ability to tag them with a category or a keyword so readers could easily find the topic of interest.

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Review User Voice and if this idea is not there, just post it so it can be voted and Delve Team is also aware of it
Although Delve is accessible for K1 users via About Me it is not on the App Launcher. This would be a small but helpful change.
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While waiting for it to be implemented from Microsoft's side you could add it as a custom tile like this:

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Agree on that!!! It could be interested to know what criteria is followed to show or not Delve if you have access to it cc @Anne Michels

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