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Does anyone know of any way to hide the Delve tile on the App Launcher AND on the O365 Home Page without disabling the Microsoft Graph.


I don't think that this is possible, but I need some confirmation for my client.

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Hey Dean, I see you are asking a lot of questions here related to how to disable stuff. What are the typical reasons your customers are asking you to do that? I'm curious... Read More
I don't think this is possible Dean...and you would need to hide from the Launcher and also from the Office 365 Home page

If the Office Graph is disabled in O365 so that users are blocked from using Delve, will this have any impact on the Microsoft Graph APIs that are used by many other services?

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Most likely. Why would you want to block the intelligence of Office 365?

In the modern look for lists; the user names(modeified by, created by) fields display a Delve widget on hover. I want ot replicate this behavior on my page where i am using rest to display the usernames along with other content.

How do i make those links s

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Indeed this is not something specific from Delve, is the new Contact Card for Office 365...I'm not sure you can use in your custom development

I have changed my manager to mgr1 in AD and mgr2 in user profile under shareoint online admin.


I have tried checking delve could not find any of the names.


Which manager's name would feature in delve and when?



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If using DirSync then your AD should be the source of truth.
Not all services replicate straight away. Give it a day and see if it has updated in Delve.



could you please let me know, if there is a way to embed Delve Organisation Board in  a SharePoint page.


If this is to be achieved by Grap, custom code, is there an example.


Replicating the behavior of delve like organisation board will take time and

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For now, you should have to built your organizational SPFx WebPart / SharePoint AddIn...it might happen that Microsoft will provide a SPFx WebPart doing this in the futur... Read More

Obviously one of the keys to moving to O365 was the integrity of sharing and security. It was brought to my attention that users are able to see three (3) out of hundreds of OneNote notebooks that have not been shared with everyone. The way our notebooks

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Although Delve is accessible for K1 users via About Me it is not on the App Launcher. This would be a small but helpful change.
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Today when opening Delve I'm seeing surfaced in Delve private documents coming from a colleague's OneDrive...anyone else seeing the same? Delve is correct and the problem seems to be in my colleague's ODFB since I can see all his files...just verified wit

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Could it be that he put everything in the old known folder shared with everybody..


I guess not but just a thought

If in go into an Excel file, for example, and select the File menu in Excel 2016 there is a "Properties" section, which has the size, title, tag, and categories. We have put data in the TAG field and want to search by that. is that not supported?

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We are currently testing (so i only have one user and myself) SharePoint Online Plan 1. I really like the capabilities of Delve but in the version we are testing it only has my Profile, About Me, Blog, Today. It does not show any files i have saved to Sha

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It seems like the ability to add search results (files/pages/videos) to boards have been lost in the latest Delve update as results are no longer displayed as cards. Is this intentional? Without the ability to add search results, Boards start becoming obs

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Could you please add a screenshot of what you are not able to do in Delve? AFAIK, Microsoft is not removing these features, while it's true changes around intelligent sea... Read More

Hi all, is there any update on when private group files will be visible in Delve? 


It has been "rolling out" for some time now on the Office 365 Roadmap, and according to UserVoice this capability was expected to be released by end of May. Also I noticed

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I found a bit of a work around to this.


  1. Open the group document
  2. Open "Library Settings" (via gear icon at top)
  3. Open "Permissions for this document library"
  4. Add the users ind
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Just wanted to chime in here for an update as well.  

Hi, anybody provide an update on this issue?

I was hoping  this would get mentioned at Ignite, but it wasn't mentioned in @Mark Kashman session about the Delve Roadmap.


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For me Delve shows two documents from Group Files. Two from ten which we collaborate lately. It is working but very poorly.
This is Standard Release. 

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I kind of have the feeling that Microsoft is intentionally holding back some releases for Ignite, which I would understand if we were talking about new features/products,... Read More

My Delve home page is empty with only a little zone saying something like «Nothing to display» (I am using french UI so this is my own translation).




When the page loads, I briefly see some cards but they are replace with an empty screen.


If I use the mob

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This has been an semi-regular occurrence in our tenant. Occasionally, it is resolved on its own. Generally, I have to put in a Support Ticket to have it resolved.


The ite

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Uppss...It's happening to me too in one of my test tenants cc @Mark Kashman

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Hello people, I need to add a new section, in the part of Update your profile, we know that there is Additional Information but we would like to highlight more the custom property. Is this possible?




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You cannot customize Delve pages for now, what you can do is add your custom properties in the SPO User Profiles so they will be surfaced in Delve

We have a custom user profile property of type number. In the Delve profile this always shows as 0. If I check the value via SPO admin, I see the correct number.


Other fields seem to show correct. The adoption level shown in the image below should show th

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@Bernt Ivar Olsen do you know who to ping on this bug?