First published on MSDN on Feb 23, 2009

Authored by Stuart Ozer

I’m happy to announce availability of an updated version of the SQL Server Partition Management tool – now offering full support for SQL Server 2008 as well as improvements in handling SQL Server 2005.  The tool is available along with source code at http://www.codeplex.com/SQLPartitionMgmt . If you’re not already familiar with the tool, it provides a set of commands (at the Command Line or via Powershell) to create a staging table on-demand (including all appropriate indexes and constraints)  based on a specific partitioned table and particular partition of interest.

By calling this executable, with parameters, from maintenance scripts or SSIS packages, DBAs can avoid having to ‘hard code’ table and index definition scripts for staging tables.  The tool eliminates the challenge of keeping such scripts in synch with changes to partition tables’ columns or indexes.  It also provides a fast, single-command shortcut for the operation of quickly deleting all data from a partition.

The latest version supports new features in SQL Server 2008 such as filtered indexes, new data types, and partition-aligned indexed views.  Enjoy!

-- Stuart Ozer / SQLCAT