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Community Mentors Program [Cycle 1] - call for prospective Mentors/Mentees!



Community Mentors Program - Cycle 1 Applications now open!Community Mentors Program - Cycle 1 Applications now open!



Hi everyone,


Many of you have indicated interest in participating in the upcoming Community Mentors Program. T

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Amazing Program! Applied for mentor and mentee, there is always something new to learn :)

This is so exciting ! What an excellent idea to connect people from around the world :)

Great Program. It can make a difference if proper followups are done with mentors/mentees to make further improvement to it.

Thank you for setting up this program, I’ve applied as mentor :)

Great program! I've applied as a mentor for aspiring presenters and diversity champions.


Do you thank those who’ve helped your career? MVP @Becky Benishek calls out a few people who’ve impacted her growth – complete with guinea pig stand-ins. Read her post, and possibly thank your mentors in the comments, here.

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