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I'm seeking an understanding of the Groups.csv report in the Network Admin Data Export. I was under the impression that it captures all groups; however, I have a group in my Yammer network that does not appear in my report. I've tried searching by ID and name, and the group does not appear. What are the criteria for the groups that are presented in this report? Also, what is the best way to review inactive groups? Please note I do not have access to the O365 Admin Center. Any help or guidance is appreciated!

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What time period are you searching? Is it possible that the group was active outside of the time period and that's causing the discrepancy?

Thank you for suggesting that. I didn't realize the timeframe selected determines what information is captured. I re-ran my export with a date range that would include the last seen activity on this group, and I was able to see it. I still would like to understand what criteria is used to determine what groups show in this report? For instance, the export I re-ran with a date range of 1/1/17 - 1/31/17 provided a groups report that only shows 18 groups. We have well over 500 groups in our network. I can't imagine that out of those 500 groups only 18 had activity within that year. 

I'm not sure how the report is generated, but if it's just for 30 days 1 to 31 January, that may indeed be true.
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