Mobile App for new Office 365 Network

Mobile App for new Office 365 Network
 Jul 15, 2016 11:57:08 AM
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Modern web UI is nice, but at the end of the day when it comes to mobile, apps are still king.


If the purpose of this is to replace the interaction we had on Yammer, a mobile app is a necessity.  Ease of use is critical, and navigating via browser does not give the features and interactivity that the Yammer app does. App specific notifications for replies, quickly navigating to favorite topics/groups.  Just because it can be used in a mobile browser doesnt mean it should.


I see lack of a mobile app as a real barrier to winning user adoption and getting the most participation possible based on the proven success of Yammer Office 365 Network.

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Hi Arunas,


Nope, you are not alone. Similar idea which is somewhere here was introduced at very beginning of TechComm and after that discussed several times. Current answer is

<here are no plans for a mobile app at this time but it is one of the most requested features - we hear the feedback.>


Status changed to: Under Review

And which status was before?

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I was curious about this as well, so I checked and the software that this site is based on (Lithium) doesn't support mobile apps, after focusing on a responsive design instead for the last few years.  However, they have introduced an Android SDK which went GA in May and an iOS SDK is on the cards as well, so mobile apps for the Microsoft Tech Community might be much more likely/practical at that point, wouldn't that be good?

Cian, thank you for the info. Thus no technical limits now, only budgeting and resources. Hope we will have native app one day, responsive design is not very suitable for sites like this

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Hi all,



Building an App for the Microsoft Tech Community is something we certainly want to investigate, however at this time the team are focused on the Microsoft Ignite and Microsoft Tech Summit events that are coming up. We are currently planning to look more seriously at developing a Microsoft Tech Community app before the end of this calendar year.


Once we have an understanding of the work involved we will make a decision on if and when building an app would be feasible and share that with the community as soon as we can.


Please do continue to share your idea's as this will help us make a useful set of requirements for such an app.


Allen, great to know that is not refused at all, thanks for sharing.

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