Microsoft Tech Community Privacy Guidelines

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When data is collected, we want to make sure it’s the right choice for you. To help you as an end user and a participant of this community to exercise your Data Subject Request (DSRs) rights under General Data Protection Regulation we provide the following functionalities. The below sections explain step by step process on how you can view, edit and delete your personal information (customer data). To learn more about the data collected by Microsoft and it’s use please view the Microsoft Privacy Statement.


View and Export personal data


To view all your data collected by PowerApps Community:

    1. Navigate to Microsoft Tech Community
    2. Sign in by clicking “Sign In” link at the top right.
    3. Once logged in, click on your profile avatar and select “My Profile” link.image.pngMy Profile Link
    4. You can view all information related to your activity with the Microsoft Tech Community.
    5. You can update your profile, view things you have liked recently, your uploaded photos and using the filter in the My Activity tab to view:
      • Conversations you have started
      • Conversations you have replied to
      • Any replies that have been marked as “Best Response”
      • All Conversations you have interacted with.
    6. You may also export their personal data in json format using below steps:
      1. Navigate to "My Settings".

image.pngMy Settings Link

      1. Select “Personal information” from the second level menu.

image.pngPersonal Information

      1. Scroll to bottom of the page and click on the links under Download links:

image.pngPersonal Information

In addition to personal data provided here, we also capture user’s interaction with the service, which includes the following:

  1. Visits
  2. Visits per Geo
  3. Registration Date
  4. Most recent sign in
  5. Total sign ins
  6. Total minutes online
  7. Last visit IP address
  8. Last logged in IP address
  9. Roles
  10. Search Terms
  11. Device Type
  12. OS/Browser config data
  13. Page views
  14. Bulk Data Location
  15. Rank
  16. Badges earned 

Export personal data


We also provide the option to request an export of all the data Microsoft have stored about you. How you request an extract of this will depend on the type of account you use to login.


Microsoft Accounts (i.e outlook.com, live.com and Hotmail.com)


If you login with a personal Microsoft Account then you can request a data extract from the Microsoft Account Privacy Console. You can view your activity summary and download a copy of your activity history from here.


Office 365 Azure Active Directory


If you login with your company email address then you will need to contact your organization administrator who can request a data extract from the Office 365 privacy portal.


Delete personal data


Some data can be deleted from your My Profile / Settings area mentioned above, for others there are two options. You can either:

  • Request for your Microsoft Account / Office 365 Azure Active Directory Account to be closed
  • Request that your Microsoft Tech Community Account be closed only.

Once we receive your request to close your account we will usually action it within 7 days however this can take up to 30 days under some circumstances. For further information please see the Microsoft Privacy statement.


Account Closure


Microsoft Account Closure

From the Microsoft Account Security Console click “more security options” at the bottom of the page. On the next page scroll to the bottom of the page and click “close my account”. This will close your account with all Microsoft Services and it will not be recoverable.

Office 365 Azure Active Directory

If you login with your company email address you will need to contact your Organizational Admin to request your account is deleted. As your data belongs to your Organization they will manage the GDPR Delete process and so all questions should be directed to your Organization Admin.

If your organization admin requests to delete your account this will remove your access to all Microsoft services and once your account has been deleted it will not be possible to recover it.

Tech Community Account Closure

We recognise that on occasion you may only want to close your Microsoft Tech Community Account and not have this affect the rest of the services you use your ID for. In these instances, you can email the Microsoft Tech Community Team.

Important: We will only accept delete requests from the email address registered on the account. Please make sure you include a link to the profile you would like us to be deleted.


Delete your Activity and History


Please note that due to technical limitations if you request to delete your activity and history from Microsoft Apps and services in the Microsoft Privacy Dashboard this will result in your Community Account being closed. You will then bed asked to create a new account the next time you sign in.



Selecting either of the options circled above will result in account closure on the Microsoft Tech Community.


Please note: once an account is closed there is nothing we can do to recover it. 


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