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We pushed through several major updates with the June 9 release of the Microsoft Tech Community.  Here is a summary of all the changes we made, with some additional comments on fixes we deployed this week and planned updates for future sprints.

  • Community
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@Anna Chu,


Apologies for the noticeable silance on our updates, we have been working on a bi-weekly sprint of updates since the beginning of the year. Some of the updates

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@Anna Chu, another topic


  • Top Contributor leaderboard: When in a community, you can see at a glance who the Top Contributors are (calculated by most liked received). You c
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@Anna Chu, do i understood correctly the key words here


improved @mention functionality: When creating an original post or a reply, typing the ‘@’ character will activate

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Hi @Anna Chu,


I try to play with updates one by one. First here is

  • Community feed: When viewing a specific community, you now have ‘Latest’ and ‘Popular’ tabs to help you
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We've made some changes to the header today - we now have a home for all Blog articles across the Microsoft Tech Community, and a new home for your favourites.



Click on 'Blogs' in the navigation header to find all the blogs we've published in the

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Hi @Anna Chu,


Thank you for the update. As for me it's better to have My Home on top level (that's from what i usually start), not in some submenu.


Small comment about th

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Hello! As a long-time social media marketer, I am thrilled to be a part of the Microsoft Tech Community. Prior to joining the Tech Community team, I came from the ad agency world, working with Microsoft previously and other clients such as Amazon and Dell

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I'm so excited to be a part of this vibrant corner of the Internet :)

Hi Shannon!

Also ... I must have to say that this is one of the best community regards to the technology field.
Hi Shannon

Hi Shannon, Welcome

Hey all, 


This week we've released some updates to the community that might change some of the things that you see when you are clicking around. The most prominent update was aimed at streamlining the registration process and onboarding process. The new

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I am still waiting for the ability to easily find the items that i have not read. Will this functionality ever be added?

Hi Michael,


Thank you for the update. If except newcomers any info what exactly was fixed what directly affects end users?

When will the Purple bar go away? Hopefully soon, as I've been a member for 9 months and have no intention of completing my profile.

Starting in May, the Microsoft Tech Community will be putting the focus on Defining What’s Next for Your Cloud. Each cloud journey is unique but for all organizations, there’s a ‘what’s next’ moment. This month, we want to hear how you think about next st

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In the begning of March we announced the March Member Madness Contest to give community members a shot at wining one of our 15 Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones.


We are excited to announce the winners!


Most Posts
@Juan Carlos González Martín

@Vasil Michev

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Finally got a spare few minutes on a Friday to really give my new headphones a shot. These are amazing! Sounds like someone hit mute on the world, and the sound quality i

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Thanks for the wonderful prize. I used the headphones on a flight last night and they are great. It was very relaxing to watch a video without hearing jet engines :)

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing.

Super cool, guess it pays to be liked!    :)  

I can't believe I'm on a "Most Liked" list with @Darrell Webster!! That's prize enough. ;) Much appreciated, Microsoft Tech Community.

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We are just over six months since this community launched and delighted to announce that we have crossed 50k registered members! The past few months have been dedicated to design improvements, Tech Summits, AMAs, and sharing news, and we are excited for t

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Congrats team.


This is where I really started to cut my teeth (as they say) in a widespread external community.


To the Community Managers and all 49,000 something other m

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Congratulations to the Microsoft Tech Community for reaching this milestone. It's been awesome being part of such a great community!


Microsoft Tech Community 50K Members.jpg


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Announcing the March Member Madness Contest!


Let's amp-up the Microsoft Tech Community during the month of March! We're giving away 15 Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones to the top 5 members in the community in three categories: Most Posts, Most Likes Giv

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It's a tight race! We just published the standings with one week left in the competition!



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Hey Lana, the link in the post is to the "edit page" URL, we cannot open that. The attached one at the bottom works fine :)

Hello again! It’s mid month which means the latest installment of our continuing efforts to update the look, feel, and functionality of this community. As noted last week, we are focusing a lot on the overall experience and design of the site, and today w

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Did something happen to the date field on some threads?  I seem to have difficulty finding it lately on some.  But I can't pinpoint what's causing it.

Did i miss something? - when i open the space i can't see how many unread posts are here, i even don't ask how to find them. I only have this information on community lev

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Dear @Anna Chu

I like the cleaner design and the sticky navigation on mobile and many other visual improvements, but you've really botched up the navigation of spaces even

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There is a lot to take in with this update but it looks really nice.  Thanks for the openness, it's great to see the work being put in to make the Microsoft Tech Communit

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The Microsoft Tech Community team is proud to launch our new community YouTube Channel with a series of videos featuring interviews with community members and MVPs. These videos, filmed at Microsoft Ignite 2016, highlight tips and tricks for getting inv

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very valuable content, it has come out very well

Enjoyed being part of the video shoot. Learned so much from the process.


We'll worth watching even if you think you know everything there is about communities.

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Fantastic Videos. Great tips to participate and ask questions. I have already started following some of the tips from these champs :)

Well done pulling these together

@Lana OBrien Outstanding! All of the videos play nicely. Valuable content inside them, I hope everyone takes a moment to watch them.

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You may have noticed a few changes we released at 9am PST this morning.  Here is a summary of some of the changes you have seen:

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Just read this on mobile (Android coming from Jeff Medford's tweet), and I'll say nice improvements, and mobile experience is getting better #smileemoji

I Like this and would Like the Like icon/button to be larger. I tend to bump the "who liked this" button beside the icon more often than I'd like. Especially on the mobil

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Love the notifcations drop down. Not sure if this is just the current development state or a bug, but clicking on a notification does not mark it read.

Great new features! thanks for the update

Microsoft Ignite is going strong here in Atlanta! If you've just joined this community, here are some great resources to help you get up and running. 


Read our Getting Started Guide


Check out the Microsoft Tech Community Guidelines


Feel free to share this on social!Feel free to

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Hi Michael,


I can't seem to change my last name... It is currently set to "null" but every time I change it to "Mota" it gets changed back to null... Thank you so much!



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New here, looking to follow on this site! New site, so let's get some good things :-)
Question: I am using my personal account and Microsoft Tech Community asked for my Office 365 and Azure email addresses. These are different from each other, how do I ent... Read More


Are you head over heels for Microsoft products? In the name of Valentine's Day, you can show your love on the Microsoft Tech Community by favoriting a space. Simply click the heart icon on the space to add it to your list of favorites. This will ensure t

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On Wednesday morning 9am PST (UTC-8) you will notice a number of changes to the Tech Community:

  • When logged in, you will see two notifications.  One for Community Alerts, a second one for your Private Inbox.  Community alerts will include notifications w
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Decided to check how the update looks in IE, have no idea why. Looks bad (IE11 latest update)





As i remember simular behaviour was a while ago

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On January 20th, you told @Sergei Baklan that the next update would have some improvements for Unread items. I don't see any mention of those improvements. When can we ex

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Please let the team know your feedback either through our Idea Exchange, or message us with bug reports. Thank you!

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Starting February 1, the Microsoft Tech Community will be discussing IT Organizational Transformation.  We wanted the community to share their observations, perspectives and predictions for IT Organizations and their transformation.  In our research of sm

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