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Perhaps you can list features that you have discovered and features that are still missing, or not working as they should.


I've just discovered that if I create a new channel, then it automatically has a 'Notes' tab which opens a OneNote Notebook/Section.

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Marius Pretorius wrote:

I've just discovered that if I create a new channel, then it automatically has a 'Notes' tab which opens a OneNote Notebook/Section. What actually

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Wanted to add my Excel Markbook as a tab but it uses UDF (User Defined Functions). Currently this is not supported by Excel Online - and hence, I suppose, not by

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From O365 Admin Messages on May 2nd.... as many had predicted in this community, support will be discontinued.   Not sure of the status of SDS? it would be great to get some input from MS Insiders.


"On January 31, 2018, we’ll discontinue support for the M
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I was lucky to catch a glimpse of “Teams for Edu” at EduTECH_AU in Sydney last week. I can assure you none of the Classroom Preview functionality had been lost; in fact,

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I really like the grading feature in Classroom under Assignments. I hope Teams will have that same feature. If they do not add a simple grading feature, then Teams is jus

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For us, this ends in the middle of our school year (NZ classes end in November/December).  We've spent a considerable amount of time and effort working on training our st

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Just read the announcement regarding Classroom being discontinued and moved to Teams in July.


Great timing seeing as we are (seriously) ten minutes away from presenting t

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Those new to Ms Teams for EDU - long live the brave - should be aware of some caveats!

The first thing that happened when I unleashed Teams on my class was that they discovered they can set up their own "Teams". Now while some may encourage this kind of un

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Classroom is dead. Long live Teams for EDU! Should we have a new space for Teams for EDU?

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I thought the same today Marius. I posted a suggestion in the Ideas section of the Info Center to creat a Space within the TEAMS community called "Teams for Edu"
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Teams for EDU live in South Africa as well.

I have not yet played with all the variations of teams that can be created - but at a glimpse, looking at Teams for Classes, th

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Not fully functional yet (students can't access it yet and ClassNotebook still has issues), but it is looking good.

Five exciting ways to bring the world into your classroom: using Skype

skype five.PNG


Learn all five trainings of skype


Learn Skype in Classroom






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Amplifying Student Voice

Get Trained and earn digital badge and certification on Microsoft Edcuation Community

follow the link to get trained


Amplifying Student Voice Training


Overview and objectives

Welcome to Amplifying Student Voice. In this course you

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I've recently been looking at Teams on a Dev tenant and was impressed how well they integrated the Conversations, Files and notes areas.  By comparision Classroom is quite basic and just opens various new tabs.


They are both based on Groups so can we expe

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I have this feeling that Microsoft may drop Classroom.

Has there been a date announced for Classroom to move out of beta?  I am working with a school district that uses it quite a bit with their Class Notebook integrations.  

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Michael, I would agree with this.


It would seem that Teams is an excellent framework for what they're trying to accomplish in Classroom. Perhaps overkill for some classro

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Is anyone from Microsoft even looking at these community groups anymore? I'm not feeling much love for Classroom from Microsoft.


Hi all,


I recently implemented a Classroom with one of my classes. I set an assignment, and students decided to start writing on the message board. Unfortunately they were not mature with this and started writing millions of pointless messages. I got an e

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While we are happy to let our staff manage each class we also need to allow department heads to see the content. The only way I can see is to set them as a second teacher, but this isn't really desirable. What is the recommendation?


Also as a bit of feedb

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Hi Michael,


What did you decide to do with this? I am asking myself the same question at the moment, and although you didn't get much of a reply from here I wondered if y

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My suggestion to teachers is going to be to manage master content (resources, assignment materials, notebooks etc) in the School SPO site or in a department O365 Group - ... Read More

Does anyone know when office 365 classroom is coming to the UK?


If its already here can you let me know where to enable it?


Many thanks

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We are getting ready to roll out MS Classroom and found there is no language filter for foul language. We tested this in the IT department test "class". When something offensive was posted in Conversations, an email was sent to all active members of the c

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I've had this request from a teacher trialing Classroom for us, they would like to be able to email the students who are a member of her class to notify them that she has added resources to OneDrive, currently if she starts a conversation the students nee

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You should be able to do this with the Yammer group created with Classroom. The students would have to subscribed.
Just an update to say, 6 months on still not possible and not even a reply from Microsoft.
This still doesn't seem to be possible. Even though you can tick the box, when you go to save you get the message that the group cannot be saved at this time.

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In my organization, we are having problems with classes being deactivated daily, and sometimes during the middle of the day. This problem has just recently started this week. we have not changed anything. has anyone had this problem? if so what was this i

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The solution, thanks to @Matt McGinnis, @Ann Hoggarth, and Bill Sluss, is to open the sync profile in SDS, and then save it without making any changes. This was confirmed

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I am sure I have successfully used this feature; however, today, when working with a teacher we were unbale to Update the Class Notebook (created by classroom) via the manage menu.

Classroom does process and reports via the 'green bar' that the Notebook ha

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I am working with a teacher having the same issue.  The student appears in Classroom but does not get a section in the Class Notebook.  I've tried this every way I can th

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Another bit of information.  The teacher also uses the new 'distribution' features on the OneNote Add-Ins via the OneNote Desktop Client.  Could this have 'corrupted' the

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