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Still having the office lens error, which makes it impossible for me to use in the class, as I can't send pictures to specific class notebooks. I'm trying to change the default location to some other notebook.

Android 6.0.1 Office Lens 16.0.7904.3000. I ha

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Since launching the OneNote Class Notebook add-in a year ago, hundreds of thousands of teachers have downloaded and started using the add-in. Teachers all over the world have saved time in distributing assignments, individualizing learning, connecting to their existing systems’ assignments/grades

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I would like to know if (I don't think, but...) it is possible to restrict usage of a certain tab to a group of students in a class notebook collaborative space. What we would like to do is keep a collaborative space private to groups of students wh

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No, I don't think it is but its something I've asked for long ago in feedback.

It would be a good idea in future releases of Classnotebook to have the Teacher Only space as one of the default section groups without having to activate it. I am training staff to use class notebooks at the heart of their 'E' operation in their classes,

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I was wondering whether One note UWP integrates with the class notebook online app? My students use the class notebook online version which does not allow for digital inking. I would love for them to be able to do this. Any information would be greatly ap

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what is UWP?

Hi all,

I have started using MS Classroom, and the Class Notebooks created from within the Clasroom app. When I open the Notebook in OneNote and try using the Class Notebook tools, the classes are not listed and so cannot be used with the add in. I love th

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After a long wait it is now possible to send an office lens picture to a class notebook on an Android phone. The problem I'm having is changing the default location of the target; by default it sends to quicknotes in my @work notebook. When I click on the

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Today’s post was written by Jacqueline Campbell, Computing Science teacher at St Mungo’s RC High School in Falkirk, Scotland.


Our OneNote journey at St Mungo’s RC High School in Scotland started in early 2015 when a few “early adopter” teachers started

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Since the school year started, the OneNote Team has been working on improvements to the Class Notebook add-in for OneNote on the desktop. Here is a summary of the highlights—as well as details for the update releasing today. To update your OneNote Class N

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Today’s post was written by Darren Clay, assistant principal and MIE at Bear Creek Middle School in Fairburn, Georgia.


A Microsoft Showcase School connection call with Mark Sparvell last November forever changed the landscape of Bear Creek Middle School

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On my own computer I can't see co-owned Class Notebooks. But when I log in on computers at school I can see them. What's going on?




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I had posted this in the community forum but I seem to be getting no where.


Does anyone have a best practice approach for using Class Notebooks for in class collaborative tasks?


We use Class Notebooks in every subject at our school and more often that not

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Same problem here. It's because of syncing. 

If you really want real-time collaboration you will have to use word online....



We have exactly the same problems.

Looking forward to an answer.



Mads Villesen

Or integrate http://coggle.it (like existing ability to insert code from http://repl.it) Read More

That would be great!

It looks like that Mind map add-in costs $20. Is that correct?
There is an Add-in from OneNote Gem that you could check out. I just recently downloaded it, but haven't had time to play with it. They do have some other tools as well, ... Read More

Just started getting this error message:

We're sorry something went wrong during sync. We'll try again later. (error code oxE4010649)


I've got final assessments coming up and the students work isnt syncing!


Any ideas?



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Can you add a few more details.



OneNote version (online, app, desktop - 2013 or 2016)

all or some students

all or some of the time

at home or at school or both


Some common

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Recently pages that contain pdf printouts or pictures can't be distributed correctly. 

The pages in the student section don't show the printouts, so they have to be refreshed manually to be visible. 


Is this a known problem? Any fix available?

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