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I created a chart with a y-axis that consists of text labels (none >15 words).  When I click to format the axis, I am not provided with any align options (e.g., align top, align center, align bottom).  Currently, the text that occupies only one line, dis

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I'm having problems getting a particular region to display properly in Map Charts. I'm not sure if it's region-specific or a problem with the programme. I'm pulling together a map of Georgia, the country, and a single region, Adjara, is not rendering prop

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I have a similar problem.
I'm trying to create a map of Italy to second-order administrative division.
I added columns (first and second administrative division), I've chan

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I don't know an answer, but it looks like Maps overlaps Guria and Ajaria (by the way, it recognizes that name, as well as Adzharia). If remove ratios here you may see kin

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Hi all,


Windows  10 fr, Excel 2016 fr.


Any location is "not found", whether it's towns, countries, postal codes etc. Has anyone the same problem ?


Thanks in advance.

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For testing purposes, i'm using the same data shown in the example : https://1drv.ms/i/s!AqRP0RQrhNWWyAmsAuMHDG80dP99 I connect to Bing Maps using the Insert, Bing Maps i... Read More
For testing purposes, i'm using the same data shown in the example : https://1drv.ms/i/s!AqRP0RQrhNWWyAmsAuMHDG80dP99 I connect to Bing Maps using the Insert, Bing Maps i... Read More

Can you post how you identify locations? Also, how do you connect your Excel data to Bing maps?


Do you get any errors?



I'm trying to use 3D Maps in Excel 2016 with a Microsoft-supplied sample file (Chicago Narcotics Sample File). When I click Insert -> 3D Map, I get the option to insert Tours, as expected. However, when I click on a tour and the separate 3D Map win

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Great new artical about Maps


You can use a Map Chart to compare values and show categories across geographical regions. Use it when you have geographical regions in your data, like countries/regions, states, counties or postal codes.


Watch Doug from O

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I am a complete newbie and I have been looking up resources to help me create a simple line graph. I have tried Excel exposure, various videos, and yet those didn't help with the problem I am having.


Everytime I highlight the two columns, it puts both of

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a Scatter Chart (XY-Chart) can display your values on the X and Y-Axes. I attached a sample file with two sample scatter charts (variations) in it. This article Present your data in a scatter chart or a line chart

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We are on the current Channel, Version 1611 and Build 7571.2075. I don't see the option to insert a Map Chart. 
What could be the reason that this option is not available?


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Average Cost WA.PNG


So I just installed the latest update to Excel 2016 and now have access to Map Charts.


This is not the same as 3D maps (Which are very cool, see video below then show this to the next person who tells you that Google sheets is as good as Excel...!)




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I tried 3D maps.

Interesting, i can create basic maps starting from my data. Beside this, it is almost impossible to have the complete control of graphic and visualization. Too basic commands and tools to manipulate data/color/ranges do not allow me a refi

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Hi Stefano


You can still do some pretty impressive presentations.


Power BI Companies of the World using 3D Maps

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Is there someone who could help me make nice clustered stacked bar charts such the one below:


I would be willing to have the stacked bars side by side as in the chart above. In addition to this, I would be willing to control the gap width between the clust

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Useful, thanks for sharing

What can I say ? It is just amazing !!! So Thanks for sharing

Excel spreadsheets are all about numbers. But tons of numbers are often not the most effective way to communicate

That’s where charts come in handy. Charts can display numeric data in a graphical format, making it easy to understand large quantities of d

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Your post got cut off. Or by design does it only show the first couple lines? That's annoying.
thanks for the link to the chart-blog. But some pages can't be find (Points 2, 7, 8).
Maybe someone should update the page.
Greetings from Germany
Andreas (YouTube.com/at... Read More

My favorite way to create perfect charts in one keystroke:

1. Create a chart with Alt+F1 and you get a clustered column chart. 

2. Customize that chart to match your preferred chart style.

3. Right-click the chart and Save as Template. Give the template a na

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