Undo send in OWA

Vasil Michev

Another feature "borrowed" from gmail, Undo send works by delaying the delivery of messages by up to 30 seconds, giving you the option to stop the sending in the meantime. You can find the relevant settings under OWA -> Options -> Mail -> Automatic processing -> Undo send. Here's a screenshot:



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Nice one!
Is this GA or available only for FR?

Not sure, all my tenants/accoutns are on FR though. Havent seen any announcement for it anyway.

Amazing! Thanks for sharing. Now, looking forward to see in the Mail & Calendar app too.

It should be GA, at least my non-FR users have it also.

That is really cool. Does this transfer over to Outlook 2016 by chance??

I have the option to set it but cannot actually undo a message. How are you supposed to be able to do it?

Right after the email is sent, check the right upper side, under your pic. You'll see a little progress bar you can undo.



Not sure whether orwhen Outlook will get this, we have other ways to delay sending messages there anyway.

Note that if you are undoing the send, a popup open and you lose this ability. But, if you close that popup, your email is still visible in the Draft folder. The good news is you get again this feature :)

Hi @Guy Johnson.

Maybe you will find interesting this article: https://www.msoutlook.info/question/undo-send-for-outlook

I can't see any PowerShell cmdlet that would allow the Undo Send feature to be controlled programitically. Vasil, have you noticed one?

Note that 'undo send' works only if you compose new messages in the reading pane area, not in a new window - in the latter case OWA will send the email immediately, despite of 'undo sending' is enabled in your settings.

I guess the lack of support for Undo Send in the detached window is a small buggette that Microsoft hasn't gotten around to yet...

Can this be set to the whole organization via PowerShell