Old Office 365 Admin Center being retired January 31st

Cian Allner
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The old Office 365 Admin Center is being retired on January 31st, this was flagged in the message center today: 


"On January 31, we will retire the classic Admin Center experience. This new experience will be the only admin center experience, beginning January 31."


So no more switching back and forth, if that was something you did:


OC.pngYou wont see this button come Feb 1st

The new modern Office 365 Admin Center reached general availability back in September, so this isn't a huge surprise.  Will anyone miss the old admin center?

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Sure some of us we will miss the old admin center since there are some options there that are not in the new one

Hi Juan Carlos,

could you please specify what you're missing in the new admin center?



Hello Anne,
Sure...at least some of the options that I'm missing are the following:
- Access to the Office 365 tools for troubleshooting and other stuff that you can find here: https://portal.office.com/Admin/Default.aspx?switchtoclassic=true#ToolsPage
- The Admin section in the Old Admin Center provice access to the Bing Maps Places service. I don't know where I can find the access to this service in the new Admin Center.

I would have to review more carefully if there are other options in the old admin center that are missing in the new one

Hi Anne,


Could you please let me know whether there is browser used and OS used report available in new admin center.




Hi Shinu,

the browser used and OS used reports got replaced with clients used reports that will be available per product. We have already launched the report for Yammer and Skype and are currently working on additional ones. You can find an overview of all the reports and how they map to the new reports here:




How about the option to change a domains purpose. IE to solve this issue here http://realtimeuc.com/2016/06/federation-fails-with-o365/

Roles (Assign Role) is missing in the new Admin Portal for anyone not Global Admin. For 1,000 staff company we only have 1 staff (On Prem and Cloud) and 1 locked (Cloud) in password vault, as Global Admin. I sometimes need to PIM myself to Global Admin to see who has been assigned a Admin Role. For our Service Desk and Cloud Team, this is frustrating for them, as they can't check the Roles for Admin privilege's, as the first troubleshooting step. I don't believe there is a valid reason why the Roles was not added to new portal GUI, as there is separate Views for Billing admins, Global admins, Password admins, Service admins and User management admins. So the SD/Cloud Team need to check each View to see if the person has that Role, however doesn't show if also Exchange administrator, SharePoint administrator or Skype for Business administrator like Roles in the old Admin Portal

Has the retirement of the Old Office 365 Admin Center been delayed? As we still see the option 'Go to old admin center' in one of tenants, however don't have the option for another tenant which my Admin account is in 'First Release'

Hi David, thanks for the feedback on the roles view. We're currently looking into this and are planning to bring this back shortly.

The retirement of the old admin center has started. As with all features, we're gradually rolling this out to all customers. That's why you might already see the changes in one tenant but not yet in another.



I am having issues in adding users to a group in new admin & in new admin we can't add more then 100+ users whereas old admin can take end number of users. Someone please guide me how to open old admin

@Anne Michels wrote:

Hi Juan Carlos,

could you please specify what you're missing in the new admin center?




You won't be able to open the open old admin center, it's been retired for some time now.  Perhaps raise an Office 365 service request, as this could be by design and see what they say, they may suggest using PowerShell instead.


"Turn off directory synchronization for Office 365" is not available in the new admin experience. There are many troubleshooting scenarios where it is necessary to disable sync and make changes to objects which are locked when sync is enabled. This can still be achieved through PowerShell but having it in the admin experience was easier when, for example, I needed to do this from my mobile device to resolve an immediate issue.

Hi Lec,

I got some good news: the new admin center supports bulk adding of up to 200 users. We're working on bringing this limit up to 250 users shortly, which is the same limit the old admin center had.



I'm just going through exam 70346 and reviewing the testing tools available and had to come to this thread for access to the old admin center link so I could see the tools in the portal. not great bing/google searches for tools came up with diddly squat for a single place to access them bar this.

Are the browser and OS reports available anywhere else now?


The browser report in particular was really important for us, since we are mixed Win/Mac and most definitely have a mix of browsers in use.


I really miss the old Admin Center. I totally hate the way the Message Center message are displayed. You can't see the entire headline. You can't pop each article into it's own browser tab. Really awful.

I am unable to bulk upload user accounts with a CSV file in the new admin center that use double-quotes to delimiate a column. I need this as I am uploading user data that contains commas, so a CSV that doesn't support double quotes won't work as every record is seen as invalid. 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Jared. The team is currently looking into it.

@Jared Pickerell wrote:

I am unable to bulk upload user accounts with a CSV file in the new admin center that use double-quotes to delimiate a column. I need this as I am uploading user data that contains commas, so a CSV that doesn't support double quotes won't work as every record is seen as invalid. 

Hey Jared,


We just tried to repro this issue and cannot. There used to be a bug around this but it was fixed several months ago. Can you share the file you are using, or some example data from it, by chance? You can send me a direct message if you want.


Thanks for the feedback,



Can anyone please let me know where are the following options gone?

1. Change the tenant log and its Url

2. Add Custom Tiles to the Waffle


These options were available in Company/Organization Profile previously.

I'm not sure what the tenant log and its Url is but here is the second option - Add custom tiles to the app launcher.


Custom tiles.png

Yes I need this Tile option, but I don't see it. why ? I only see bing places. Also the Logo which is at center in the top bar, How that can be changed?


Are you a global admin? If your not, that might explain why you don't have the same options.


Check out this for theming options and how to add a custom logo - Customize the Office 365 theme for your organization.




Thank you Cian, You were right I was not global admin. These options are only available to the Global Administrators.

FYI, to let others know. I PM'm Anders and sent a copy of a CSV file that wasn't working, they were able to confirm a problem, and stated a fix should be released to the new admin center in December.

Are we not able to individual mange the license components in the admin center or am I missing something.  For example if I want to enable PowerApps for an individual it seems I can toggle their E3 license, but can't toggle the other individual licenses for PowerApps or other applications.  How do I accomplish that in the new UI.