New SharePoint Admin Center

Cian Allner
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The new SharePoint Admin Center has been in preview since being announced at Ignite 2017.  Now we have a date for wider release! From the Office 365 Roadmap, we have details with the Targeted release rollout:


"The new SharePoint Admin Center experience is rolling out to First Release customers beginning on January 22, 2018."


SharePoint Admin Center.png


Here is the roadmap link for reference and the announcement from last year - Introducing the new SharePoint Admin Center. Great news, I have been using the preview version and it has been coming along nicely.

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Considering its current state, I fail to see the point in that... Anyway, we'll talk more once it's publicly available :)

Agreed it needs more work still but presumably this will be opt-in rather than replacing anything until it's way more complete.


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I expect a long, long co-existence between the old and new SPO Admin Center due to the lack of features and functionality the new SPO Admin Center has

Yes, I think you are right.  Hopefully, though, we get some sort of timeline when it hits TR, so it's not so much up in the air. For stuff like user profiles and search management, currently not part of the new SPO Admin Center experience yet.

Both settings (search and user profiles) are very important but also many of the settings we have for SPO Today such as Enabling / Disabling Delve, Enabling / Disabling self service site creation, etc

can anyone confirm im the new admin center allows for creation of a communication as the root site collection?

Quick update, the new SharePoint Admin Center is now at 100% in Targeted Release as reported here, though I have seen a few reports saying it hadn't reached them yet in TR.

You should test with large tenants. We have 20k sites and filtering for sharing or o365groups=Yes is horror