Microsoft Teams now part of Office 365 ProPlus

Cian Allner
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This caught my attention, Microsoft Teams is joining Office 365 ProPlus as a regular app like Word and Excel. Starting with the February monthly channel, then the March Semi-Annual Channel Targeted and July Semi-Annual Channel, Teams will be installed automatically on PC and Mac for new installs.


Teams ProPlus.jpg


If this is correct, it will be interesting to see if this is just bootstrapping the Teams installation in or if it's truly a native C2R install.  How existing Teams clients might eventually be handled and when existing ProPlus installs will get Teams, if not already installed could be interesting too.  Finally, will this be the start of the Skype for Business app depreciation? 

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Yeah, it joins the family as "regular" electron app :) Though I do hope Microsoft surprises me and we get  a proper version.

Good point, we have the answer now "Teams will be installed with Office 365 ProPlus in the same manner Teams is currently installed if you had used the existing Teams MSI installer. For each new user that signs into the device, the Teams installer will launch and the Teams application will be installed in the user's appdata folder."


Disappointing I suppose but not surprising.  Seems like an opportunity wasted to match cadence and velocity with Teams and the rest of Office 365, as Teams will continue to receive updates separately.

More details have been released in the Message center and the related resource below provides timescales and additional information.


Deploy Microsoft Teams with Office 365 ProPlus

Right, another update driven by the "we need better numbers in our metrics" reason...

Could be but also I suppose it's one step closer to deprecating Skype for Business for Office 365 customers.

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