Microsoft Teams has been updated

Yoav Rheims

Just got a new version of Microsoft Teams software: "You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 15/01/2017." The changelog is not updated.


1. Okay, the major update is that you can enable Skype for Business integration in the settings (last option):




This option prevents Skype and Teams to open the notification if both softwares are running.


2. In a Teams channel, the PDF tab has been removed. 

3. The software is overall faster and the use smoother. 

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In my case it seems it was update on the 13rd of Jannuary...I'm on version too

Oh, yes! You can import existing Planner to Teams:



That's a really good one :-)...but it seems it only allows to impor planner plans from other teams...no general plans you have in Planner

No, I successfully imported few old plans to Teams. Just check the name of the group and you'll get. i.e. if you have IT Support group, so the plan will be the same.

Note that at this stage, MSTeams integration is with Skype for Business Online. There are a few good FAQs that describe the integration here - https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Frequently-asked-questions-f4644010-d5fa-4055-b42a-6a531731...

Looking at my list of Plans in actual Planner, there are alot missing from the drop down. Seems an odd implementation.

Where is this notifications setting page you are showing? I have Office 365 and iOS and I don't see these settings. TIA
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