List of First Release users

Tim Crean

Does anyone know if it is possible to export a list of First Release users in Office 365?  It does not seem possible within the O365 Admin portal, so I am wondering if it can be done with Powershell?

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Get-MsolUser |Where-Object {$_.ReleaseTrack -like "StagedRolloutOne"}|select Displayname,UserPrincipalName|Export-csv -Path C:\users.csv -NoTypeInformation


Hi Santhosh,


I tried that, but it does not return any results even though we have 200+ users in First Release.  I do not see the ReleaseTrack object for any of the users who I know are set for First Release.  Did Microsoft update the object name? Does that Powershell work in your tenant?


thank you!


Hi Tim, I have tried in couple of tenants again and it worked. I have tried this in Microsoft Azure Active Directory PowerShell Module Version and Version 1.0.0 and both worked.



Thank you!  Upgrading Azure AD module worked for me.



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