Preview - Day in the Life Quick Sheets for Adoption & Training

Karuana Gatimu

The preview files for the Day in the Life materials are now ready for our community.  Download the attached ZIP file to get the following Day in the Life quick sheets. 


  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • IT Manager
  • IT Service Engineer
  • Compliance Manager
  • Construction Project Manager
  • Retail Manager
  • Retail Associate

These files are in a non-editable PDF format and are provided in US English at this time.  We are investigating ways to localize the content.  Additional changes may be made between this preview release and our final release documents so please use them with that in mind!  Download the zip file attached to this post to use them in your own organization.  Provide us feedback here as well as suggestions for more quick sheets by persona or scenario.


DitLGraphicCropped.pngDay in the Life Persona Quick Sheets





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Remember to share these with anyone in your organization who may be responsible for training as well as adoption!
Awesome Karuana! If you need help on the localization part, let me know how can I help!

Thanks for sharing, it would be great if you share editable copy so we can localize the contents.

Love these. Such a valuable tool for someone like me, who is responsible for the both the technical and user adoption aspects of a successful Teams roll out.


Thank you so much Karuana!

@Karuana Gatimu Here's a few top of mind suggestions that would work for chemical industries:


  • Plant Operators (their scenario is slightly different than the construction persona.)
  • R&D (scenario for chemists.)
  • Add more Yammer with other scenarios (it will help reinforce the message of how both work better together.) Being the person responsible for both Yammer and Teams its a point that I'm passionate about ;-)

 Thanks for sharing these! They are great and come in at a great time as our department kicks off a technical fair. I can't wait to share these at our Teams booth.

How can I see/download the attachment? I don't see an attachment.
Never mind. Typical. I posted and then saw the attachment! LOL

Thanks for sharing these! Can't wait to start syndicating across Accenture. Any word on when we may see editable versions of these PDFs?

The link for the attachment is not obvious at all!

This is fantastic!  This will help my team as we continue our adoption and engagement roadmap on  Office 365 products next year. 

Agreed! We would like to edit these based based on our context (school/education/non-profit) before sharing. 

These are AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!


@Karuana Gatimu many thanks for sharing all those content :) 

Love it! Thanks for these Day in Life quick sheets.

These are great. Thanks for sharing them. Very visual and will be very useful helping people understand how they can be used in a "typical" day in the life of...

Thank you very much for these. I showed this to my main customers today who actually struggle with adaption communication and they found it very handy and a pleasant concept to adapt it to their roles. Would be nice to have these in German as companies and employees tend to refuse such material in English even if they are mostly able to understand it.

I don't see attachment zip file. Where is it?

@Steve Palmo just under Tags :)


"O365 Day in the Life"



Thanks for sharing, its really helpful!

Great resource.  The Attachment is VERY hidden.


Here's the direct link if you don't want to search for it:


@Karuana Gatimu,
Thanks for the resource. You may want to include one for the C-level Executive that will sponsor the Teams roll-out. 


The day in the life of an IT Service Engineer, 

Only one who wakes up at 3 AM and still ends at 6 PM.  :( 




Thank you. This is very useful.

Just wondering where the content from November's Champion call is.  I would like to share this info with colleagues. Thanks in advance!

Actually, the PDFs aren't locked. So, if you have Acrobat Pro, they are easy to edit. I've been editing for our organization.
In your Teamwork Tools for Teams booklet you feature Day in the Life - Healthcare, but I cant find this. Could you please send me a link to the PDF? Nigel2753
These are great Great. I have added this to to our growing list of resources and shared it on our channel to get my colleagues to provide feedback.!!

@Karuana Gatimu A few more role pertaining to media and advertising orgs would help!

Thank you for sharing!

Thanks @Karuana Gatimu, this will help me in my user adoption program here in our company. I hope you release more of this in the future mainly in topics about collaboration, mobility, customized workspace and security.

I shared one of these with our Team today.  I look forward to their response.  I hope it will help them visualize the potential of Teams.  Thank you! @Karuana Gatimu 

Hello Karauna. So good to get on this community, I look forward to learning a lot. First off, I need help with building a champions program in Nigeria

I'm already thinking about best ways we can show these Day in the Life type of documents to a Compliance officer.


Good way - Send them the pdf through an email newsletter

Better way - Show them the pdf when the next time they come to their Compliance team in Teams


Here's a demo of what I'm thinking:

@Karuana Gatimu I think these are great and I'm starting to share them.  Not sure if it's already been mentioned but I think an evolution of this would be how to position Teams as the hub or platform for the other O365 applications and build scenarios around productivity using those applications - For example, 'How to run productive meetings' which might demonstrate the use of Teams with Planner and OneNote......Anything like that in the pipeline?



Thank you to @Karuana Gatimu for these day in the life sheets, they've been helpful in giving clients a bit more context in how they can fit in to their daily lives.


I've had a bit of fun making up a few of my own, unfortunately for different reasons I can't share them at the moment, but I did make one in celebration of the 4th July that those in the US might like! Feel free to use as you wish.


The file should hopefully be attached below :)