February Champions Call

Karuana Gatimu

Hello my Friends... we have dug out of the snow here in Seattle and are looking forward to our Champion's calls today at 8am and 5pm PST.  As always our links for the calls are the same: for the 8am PST call for the 5pm PST call


This month we'll be discussing the new Microsoft 365 Adoption Guide and Planning Workbook which was just published.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Same time with PowerApps community call. :(
Karuana, are there recording of the past calls anywhere..?

Hi, @Karuana Gatimu 

Great revisions on the workbooks. Couple of suggestions:


  • Build a high-level checklist of the different workbooks
  • Add naming prefix for workbooks so that we know the order they are used.
  • Differentiate the following key decision points (governance):
    • Architectural - initial deployment/roll-out
    • Team-to-Team - ongoing
  • Identify the minimum required digital literacy or concepts to understand for a person to use Teams and related Office 365 products. 



Fred Yano

Watched it now, was at the Samsung S10 event in Stockholm when it was live

Is there a calendar of the upcoming events, or a method to be notified in advance of the next call?  I only saw the notice for the February call after it was over.  I will watch the recording when it is available but I was looking forward to joining the live call.

Possibly already been asked (apologies in advance), will the Champion Calls be recorded?  I'm in Australia and factoring in the time difference.


Thank you.

@RichardP the recording is up on the same link: for a month

Thank you for pointing this out. I was wondering why they weren't posting the recordings anymore, but I didn't realize that I could use the same link each time.

Hi new to this community, can you tell me where I find the upcoming dates for these calls?



Thanks @Luna Jernberg !

Hello @Karuana Gatimu ,


Great content on the February call. We are in the middle of a project to roll out Teams to Goodyear and one of the deliverables of the project is to re-introduce the O365 tools. During the call you commented about a free custom learning portal for O365 tenants that will be coming soon. Do you have a timeline on when that will be release? We would much rather leverage the portal as a piece of our training instead of building our own.




-Trevor Kish

Hi @trevor_kish  - I was just sent a notice from one of our project team members that the learning portal is being released this month.  I don't have the link to the source, but here is the message I received:


Custom Learning in Office 365 – a ready-to-go site template full of Office 365 training modules delivered from the cloud in the context of your Office 365 tenant; originally disclosed as Microsoft Training Services at SharePoint Conference 2018.


My project team is looking forward to this as well!

This is very helpful for my rollout planning. Thank you!
I was wondering the same thing, @Trevor.

Hi @trevor_kish - I was notified this morning that the Online Training portal resources have been released.  Our SharePoint Admin is adding them into our sandbox tenant at the moment.  Information can be found at:

@RichardP - Fantastic!!! Thanks for the information. We will start looking at it today.


Have a great weekend!

The March Call is later today 

Slide 12 of the presentation shows how to setup classification but it uses a poor example. The values appear to be the old classification values used by MS which were determined to be difficult for end users to implement. The MS IT and AIP teams have given presentations explaining this and their rationale for moving away from HBI, MBI and LBI. This slide would be better if it showed values that are currently used by MS instead of values that are know to be poor choices.