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Next week, Microsoft is headed to Consensus 2017 in New York City to meet with blockchain developers and share new additions to our Microsoft Azure Blockchain portfolio. We’re thrilled to sponsor and participate in a forum that brings together businesses,

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Is it possible to donwload/watch the sessions delivered by Microsoft at Consensus 2017?



Microsoft is laser-focused on enabling and accelerating enterprise adoption of blockchain technologies. Our blockchain offerings are well known for providing the ability to rapidly and consistently deploy blockchain infrastructure.


However, as our custo

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We are excited to announce our collaboration with Waves and their support of the blockchain efforts on Microsoft Azure. The Waves Platform is a decentralized platform for crowdfunding and creation of digital tokens. The platform functions primarily to all

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Hi all,


Do you know if there's any experience of using Blockchain&Azure for IP (Intellectual Property) initiatives, such as Digital Art, etc...



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. I'm very interested in understanding about some experiences using Azure in the IP arena, (usually named "digital art"), with initiatives similar to ASCRIBE, COINTEMPORA... Read More
Yes, there are several scenarios we've seen where customers want to use blockchain to track digital rights to content, such as music. Do you have any specific questions?

Syscoin and its parent company, Blockchain Foundry, have recently launched three blockchain products which are now LIVE on Azure.


Developers can now deploy:

A full Syscoin node through Azure.
Stand up and configure customized exchange rates for use in Sy

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I have recently started analysing Blockchain as a service and found it's very interesting. But, I am not able to interconnect these information's.

1) What is difference between Ethereum Consortium Blockchain template and STRATO Blockchain Individual Instan

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Great questions. Here are the answers:

1) What is difference between Ethereum Consortium Blockchain template and STRATO Blockchain Individual Instance template? What are

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We are excited to announce expansion of our blockchain support on Azure to be the first public cloud that enables multi-member consortium blockchain networks addressing enterprise scenarios that require a deployment of a private network across Azure regio

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Exciting news! Thanks for sharing!

Is there an Azure web app for my blockchain, when using Azure blockchain as a service?






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Not currently but there are 3rd party wallets that will work and in the guide we explain how to interact with the Ethereum network via Metamask (https://metamask.io/) in ... Read More

Hi - do we have any examples or SME's of blockchain in Healthcare? looking for a distributed model with the HC devices as end-points

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We have some good use cases in development around allowing the Healthcare consumer to control how their medical records are shared across different health care providers ... Read More

We are very excited to kick of this hour of live Q&A with the Blockchain product team! 


Please submit your questions as a new thread in the Blockchain Group so we can easily identify and answer them. You can identify official Microsoft responders by the

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I'm Claudio from Vivido. I am in Florence (Italy).

Hello Lana,

After reading many posts related to Blockchain, I have one query regarding Blockchain.

Will this Blockchain be applicable to online payement transactions and PO

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Thanks for all the great questions today!
Another quick question, what are the proposed ways to replace "Proof-of-Work" since lots of people argue that wasted lots of energy and eventually leaving the miners to a privileged few.
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There are quite a few different consensus algorithms being discussed. Some are much more geared towards public vs. private consortium networks. If you look at Quorum or E... Read More
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Client Engagement.

DApps HERMES SCL (Smart Contract Learning)


The Blockchain Foundation is committed to providing access to specific information on Blockchain technologies with the overall objective of training, educating and managing de

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Thanks for sharing Juan. Let us know if there is anything we can help with from our side. 

Hi Guys,


I am Karthik. Azure Architect from Cloud Technology Partners. We are interested in latest developments on Private blockchains and Consortium based block chains. I am aware Azure already have R3's Corda. Is there any user stories, references or wh

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Hi Adam, Blockchain has a lot of applications outside of the financial industry. The financial industry right now is the most ripe for distruption which is why you are he... Read More
Take a look at Quorum found here https://www.jpmorgan.com/country/US/en/Quorum. It is based on Ethereum and can handle private transactions within a Consortium Read More
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When looking at most enterprise scenarios, over 90% of the time a private or consortium blockchain network will be needed. There is very much a lot of interest on our sid

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We are working with lots of organizations to help them form consortia. There are great assets in Azure too to support this. With Azure to create secured connections betwe

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What kind of algorithmic/technological developments would have to be made to make the concept of the blockchain as it stands today to become unusable? Are there any safeguards for a situation like this?

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Can you elaborate Jakub?  Certainly blockchain isn't in wide enterprise use in production yet for a variety of technical and business reasons.  Which are top of mind for

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While some application can leverage the benefit of distributed trust that a Blockchain solution inherently offers, they might need certain information visible only to certain participants of the contract. Does the Azure Blockchain team have on their roadm

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This is a great question.


On the public networks, in the absence of fancy crypto like zero-knowledge proofs or homomorphic encryption (both of which incur time and spac

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Confidentiality is definitely a requirement for most consortium scenarios, and is something that we on the BaaS team spend a lot of time thinking about. Quorum is already

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