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Great new feature (preview) is introduced in Apr update of Power BI Desktop. Now we may connect directly to the dataset published in the Power BI service.


Other words – create and support the data model in Excel, and generate visualization in Power BI Des

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Hi Sergei

Interesting approach, any particular reason you wouldn't create the data model in Power BI desktop? Given you have to load it into there anyway in order to publi... Read More

For example,

	// comment
	JustTable[a] // one more comment

doesn't work, only

	/* comment */
	JustTable[a] /* one more comment */


Taking into account you practically always within some function single-line comme

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Received an answer on another forum Microsoft added that as a bug into the system, will fix one day

Just found what announced few months ago Analyzing Data with Power BI and Power Pivot for Excel (Business Skills) is finally published.


So far had no chance to read it all, but on the first glance it will be another must book for everyone who works with D

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Is PowerPivot for Excel 2013 32 bit compatible with SQL Server 2014 SP1 Enterprise 64 bit ?

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Given that you are using Exel 2013, you have access to the PowerQuery addin, which will definately allow you to get the data you need. My advice is to create an ODBC conn

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I have some problem to connect PowerPivot for Excel 2013 32 bit and SQL Server 2014 SP1 Enterprise 64 bit, and I wasn't sure if this configuration is OK, because I find o... Read More
Hi Jean-Claude, in what way do you need it to be compatible?

I need to get external data into Excel from a password protected Access database (of which I know the password) which I would like to run Pivots or Power Pivots from. When I go to "Get External Data" within Excel and select "From Access" and select the db

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Hi Matt,


For my knowledge connection to password protected Access database is not supported by G&T. This link is from Power BI, but they use the same with Excel engine 


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I am working in Power BI Desktop and I need to be able to access files that are stored on a network share. I'd like to be able to just click on the link and get the file.
I have 2 columns named Folder_Location(UNC path - \\Server\Folder\) and FileName.

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Hi Guy,


For my knowledge that doesn't work so far. Power BI Desktop (as well as G&T with Power Pivot, same engine) converts the text into the hyperlink if only your text

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This is only since the most recent Power Query update. I've attached a screenshot of what Power Query displays as well as an attachment of the raw data file being consolidated. Please advise.

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Just a follow up to my earlier response.


It looks like the text file is fixed width.  


I pulled it in using the following steps (See attached image and file)




Fixed Width Text File.PNG

Note: I di

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Hi @Cory Barnes,


I get the same issue as you whether I use the older version of Power Query or the new one.


Can you send a screenshot of the original M code from the Powe

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Using Microsoft EXCEL. I have a question regarding the ANOVA, two-factor  with replication. I have my data set up such that I have three columns with differnent sample types (labeled above) and 8 rows per sample for two sample groups (labeled on left) and

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Hello Community. I have a quick question to ask the community. I have a data set (attached below) I'm trying to answer a few questions. i need to find a way to make a table that counts the number of times each player_name and team_name had an offensive re

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Perhaps easiest way is to use Get&Transform.


If i understood your logic correctly. Name your first column as ID (in A1), when generate the query on your data (stay on

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Is there an easy way, function etc, that will allow me to include as part of my report name, the current visible scenario name. The issue is I run multiple scenarions and have to manually change the report title every time I run a scenario? 


Your help wil

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Hi James


Are you using Scenario Manager?


In which case include a cell reference for your heading for each scenarion.


e.g. in the screen shot I have added a reference to c

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It's not in Power Pivot as yet, hopefully soon. Ashvini Sharma Excel
I haven't checked, but it may be in the latest update for Excel. IT's the same engine as the other two products, just a couple of months behind.


On the office 365 plans page a lot of screen space is taken up highlighting (IMHO) fairly low priorty features for small and medium businesses.


The fact that none of these plans contains Power Pivot is much more significant and should be flagged as such.

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Thank you for letting us know there is some confusion about how to get Power Pivot, and which versions of Office have it. We've put together a help article at https://support.office.com/article/aa64e217-4b6e-410b-8337-20b87e1c2a4b

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Best Response

They don't contain some other features as well. More exact comparing is here https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office-applications-service-description.aspx

I gue

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I am new to using excel and I cannot figure out how to sort this data and I don't really know how to say this. I have 3 column that need sorting from another file. Two at empty and one is full of client names. The other also has client names, but fewer, a... Read More
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Hi @Dagnija Zitmane


Could you send some screen shots or attach the file to help us understand what you are trying to do please.



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I am having great difficulty in figuring out what i am doing wrong. I have to create a Histograms based on the last 60 days of high temperatures for my Stats class. While i understand how to generate the Histogram... it does not generate correctly?

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Kindly send the sample file if you don't mind and state the Excel version you are using as well.

Hi Megan, can you attach an example file, or if not then some screen shots?

I am used to seeing Analysis Toolpak in the top right corner of the Data tab in Excel.  It has disappeared. It is loaded according to the Options section in File.  How can I get it back?

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Hi Steve,

Am assuming you are using Excel 2016.

Anyway, the ATP (Analysis Tool Pack) can be enabled by the following steps:

File>Options>Add-ins........."Manage: Excel Add-i

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I reappeared today.  I do not understand.

I also have the same problem