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I am having great difficulty in figuring out what i am doing wrong. I have to create a Histograms based on the last 60 days of high temperatures for my Stats class. While i understand how to generate the Histogram... it does not generate correctly?

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Kindly send the sample file if you don't mind and state the Excel version you are using as well.

Hi Megan, can you attach an example file, or if not then some screen shots?

I am used to seeing Analysis Toolpak in the top right corner of the Data tab in Excel.  It has disappeared. It is loaded according to the Options section in File.  How can I get it back?

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Hi Steve,

Am assuming you are using Excel 2016.

Anyway, the ATP (Analysis Tool Pack) can be enabled by the following steps:

File>Options>Add-ins........."Manage: Excel Add-i

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I reappeared today.  I do not understand.

I also have the same problem

am used to seeing Analysis Toolpak in the top right corner of the Data tab in Excel.  It has disappeared. It is loaded according to the Options section in File.  How can I get it back?

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It's not in Power Pivot as yet, hopefully soon. Ashvini Sharma Excel
I haven't checked, but it may be in the latest update for Excel. IT's the same engine as the other two products, just a couple of months behind.

Can someone explain the computational formula Excel uses for the two sample mean t-test for samples with unequal variances.  I've attached all I can find from Excel.  In particular what is delta sub o, m and n variables?? Thanks ...Andy


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That's not the question, just to share my experience if it'll be useful for someone.

I had Excel data model published on Power BI with two queries (actually much more, but these two are in questions) -

Q1 which pick-ups data from on-premises SQL server, and

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hi everyone,

i use Excel 2016 and want to connect to a SharePoint list in the cloud, with oData connection.

It works well for some of my lists, but for others lists, i have a error message.

"the following system occured. The type doesn't correspond".

From oth

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A demonstration of how to get started with Power Pivot


This is part 3 of a series:


The first video shows how to import 52 CSV files using Get & Transform (Power Query).

The second video shows how to shape that data and pull it into a standard Pivot Table


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Hi all, 


I have over 6000 rows of customer feedback in a spreadsheet from the first 6 months of the current FY. The data has columns that provide the date, case number and address details, amongst other things. I want to identify the addresses that have m

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Hi Justin


My first thought is to go for a Pivot Table


You could then put Address in the row labels and Count of Address in the Values box,  you could then filter this by

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If your organization enables Excel Services for SharePoint to enable BI, we have some updates on what has changed with SharePoint Server 2016 BI. Updates include architecture changes to the SharePoint-based on-premises Microsoft BI Stack and how you can b

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Hi Olaf, i appreciate for sharing this here, thank you. However, perhaps it'll be better not to copy/paste the content from the other source, but give a link here to the

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I need assistance trying to figure out how to accomplish something.

I have two fields in my data (Billed Hours and Tech Hrs Available).

I am making a calculated field using those fields to come up with what we call "Proficiency" (Billed Hours / Tech Hrs Ava

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Hi Michael


DAX is the way to go if you have PowerPivot



Pivot Averages using DAX.PNG



You create a measure for Billed Hours and one for Available Hours and then a 3rd for Proficiency %


This will the

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If I am in the wrong area/group here, just tell me. Signed up this morning!

I am no 'techy' on computers, so I could do with some assistance.

It is eleven years since I last set worked intensively with MS Excel.

Things have moved on!

Back in 2001, I was able

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Hi Grant, linking between Access and Excel is still possible, as is creating user friendly interfaces in Access to avoid the need to link

Also with the advent of Power Que... Read More


Every Excel user who spends their days re-organising data must learn about Power Query (now called Get & Transform in Excel 2016).


It is so good that not knowing it will soon be career limiting.


Power Query (as I'll continue to call it for now) is the "g

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Hi all,

Is it possble to keep all pssible the row items showing in the pivot table even when no values in some. So I have 4 items in the row area North South East West BUT if only values in North And West then only North & West show in the pivot table. Is

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Hi Bert, a late response I know


Right click on one of the regions displaying, go to field settings > Layout and Print > Show Items with no data



Better off posting querie

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On the office 365 plans page a lot of screen space is taken up highlighting (IMHO) fairly low priorty features for small and medium businesses.


The fact that none of these plans contains Power Pivot is much more significant and should be flagged as such.

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They don't contain some other features as well. More exact comparing is here https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office-applications-service-description.aspx

I gue

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